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By Scott Galindez of Readersupportednews.org

It was the 2nd day of a three-day trip to Iowa for Senator Bernie Sanders. A student at Drake University asked Bernie, during a Town Hall meeting, “Are you going to run for President?” Bernie started out with his usual response. “I love Iowa, but not enough to just visit and give a bunch of speeches in the middle of winter. I’m considering running for president …” Then came one of those moments that might be the turning point in the senator’s possible campaign.

“Let me throw that back to you, do you think there is the support in this country?” Person after person rose and said the support was there. Bernie said he needed an unprecedented grass-roots movement to do it right. Bernie continued to ask the crowd if the American people were ready to take on the billionaire class.

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Bernie Sanders: “I’m Prepared to Take On the Billionaire Class”–Readersupportednews.org

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