I’m sorry that you didn’t get to grow up watching movies with surround sound and comfy movie theater chairs and had to watch them like the peasants do.
I’m sorry it’s more expensive for you to get wasted off your parents money in California while other people have the privilege of buying a drink at half the price from the $50,000 they worked for.
I’m sorry the kids with all the $3 million dollar homes laughed at you from their 2nd floor while you and all the other $2 million dollar home kids had to play in the dirt.
I’m sorry you didn’t have the means of knowing other cold weather brands besides North Face back in California in case you got hit by a cold front of 60 degrees.
I’m sorry that you most likely have only one BMW and no Teslas.
I’m sorry that others cannot understand your enlightened stance on spending habits because they’re too busy staring at a wall while wearing Versace while you’re off at these musical festivals (keeping it kosher I assume) and exotic destinations opening your mind to so many experiences and ideas and, therefore, have absolutely no ignorance whatsoever. At all. No ignorance. So aware…
I feel so sorry for you.”
So what’s going on here? Is Jesse upper middle class, or is she a member of the lower rich class? She does seem to be a little out of touch with the hard scrabble life most middle income people live. On the other hand, is somebody who earns $35,000 to $50,000 a year middle class?