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At a recent protest in front of Democratic Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden’s Portland Oregon office, a gentleman from the Tea Party clapped his hands and cheered with the rest of us as the speaker from Black Lives Matter said, “We’ve got to stop President Obama and Senator Wyden from pushing through Fast Track Authority and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.” These two issues embody what’s wrong with our political system and major political parties, and what’s right about them.

What’s right with one of the most corrupt political systems in the world in the USA?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Fast Track Authority (FTA) have united much of the grassroots of both parties against the leadership of both parties: Tea Party Republicans, right wing Christian groups, anti-abortion groups, National Rifle Association members, and John Birch Society associates are teaming up with progressive Democrats, labor union leaders and members, Sierra Club members, left wing Christian groups, gay rights organizations, and Black Lives Matter to stop Fast Track and the TPP.

Unfortunately, a large segment of the grass roots of both parties are behind the eight ball on these issues, and that’s one of the things that embodies what’s wrong with our political system, and what’s rotten to the core about the Democratic and Republican parties, especially on the national level.

There are the people who remain ignorant of the issues. They vote Democratic or Republican via name recognition and party affiliation mostly, but these people can be educated to understand the political duopoly controlled by Wall Street currently ruling the USA. Unfortunately, there are the political party patriots.

For example, Josh Winter Bookseller lives somewhere in Illinois. He has a Facebook page and enjoys writing that Tea Party members are stupid, are racists, and vote against their interests. Bookseller would never in his right mind be seen hobnobbing with Ben Carson, although a lot of Tea Party members would love to shake Carson’s hand, but Josh doesn’t consider himself racist. Josh also posts news about the evils of right to work for less laws, and the evil that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker embodies.

No doubt Josh is correct about some members of the Tea Party, but those certainly are not the Tea Party people who were cheering on the speaker from Black Lives Matter.

Josh also likes to post things about the evils of only white racism, the great wonderful Democratic Party, the awesomeness of labor unions, and he will never say a bad word about President Obama.

Because of these emotional predilections, or you could say pig-headiness, Josh will not mention on Facebook the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Fast Track, or the fact that labor union leaders are livid over President Obama about the TPP and Fast Track. Josh doesn’t want his Facebook followers to know this stuff. In fact, Josh can’t believe the lies of the right-wing media that Obama would do such a thing via the treaty as;

1. Take away his right to vote on state and local levels when it comes to health, food and safety laws.
2. Ship away hundreds of thousands of jobs, perhaps millions, many of them labor union jobs.
3. Raise the prices of pharmaceutical medicine.
4. And a myriad of other negative things.

In other words, Josh is the mirror image of the stereotypical Tea Party members he rants against on Facebook because he votes and posts against his own interests, making himself look stupid, by his own definition. He’s not only supporting President Obama on the TPP and Fast Track, he’s also siding with arch Republicans such as Wall Street Senators Orrin Hatch and Mitch McConnell. Josh must be confused and can’t figure out life.

Josh is neither a Democrat nor a Republican. He’s a cheerleader, “Go Democrats! Go! Get them Republicans!” Or more simply put, based on his Facebook timeline going back a few years, his attitude is simple; Democrats good, Republican’s bad.

There are plenty of Republicans who have the same attitude; Republicans good, Democrats bad.

Josh insults anybody who tries to entice him to see beyond the false labels of Democrat and Republican, and to write something about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. “You’re stupid,” he’ll tell you.

Republican and Democratic Party? Those labels are meaningless because Wall Street investment banks and other rich businesses and individuals control the leadership and most of the representatives and senators of both parties in Washington D.C., and increasingly so on state and local levels.

Like some Republicans, Mr. Bookseller worships an empty shell of a political party, as well as the leader of that party, even as his team pushes the TPP.

Still, there is hope. Despite Josh and his kind, Americans are coming together as US citizens and in sizeable numbers for the first time since 9-11. I’ve been standing with it all around me at protests against the TPP and Fast Track. Dividers and haters like Josh Bookseller on both sides of the political aisles will always exist, but they will be overcome.

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