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Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden has introduced Fast Track Autority legislation to the US Senate. Fast track will limit congressional debate on trade treaties, not allow for congressional amendments, and eliminate the senate filibuster for any trade agreement.

Wyden claims his verison of Fast Track will not allow secret tribunals to exist in any trade treaty, which is hog wash.

One is that the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) includes this in its provisions. So if the TPP makes it through congress, the secret tribunals will still be there in the agreement. So even if Fast track disallows this, the establishment of these secret tribunals will still be in the treaty.

If fast track disallows these tribunals, which will override a variety of US laws, as explained by Congressman Grayson in the video above, why is it still in the wording of the TPP?

Whay trickery is Wyden up to on behalf of the Wall Street billionaires he represents?

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