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This morning two protestors, John Hively and Ross Wrede, greeted President Obama when he arrived at Nike headquarters to drum up support for his job killing income and political redistribution scam called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is falsely marketed as a free trade agreement. Within a few minutes, another two hundred protestors showed up.

The president, and his Wall Street henchmen like Ron Wyden and Mitch McConnell, are trying to push Fast Track Authority through congress. Fast track will limit debate on the TPP, not allow any amendments, and no filibuster will be allowed.

It appears the president doesn’t have enough support for fast track to pass through congress, and, for some reason, he and his aides thought it would be a good idea to drum up support for his jobs killing scam by visiting Nike, a notorious exporter of American jobs.

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President Obama is visiting Oregon to push Fast Track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. This morning, May 8, he’ll be at Nike headquarters to discuss how the TPP will benefit rich shareholders and CEO’s of huge job exporters like Nike, but he won’t mention how many hundreds of thousands of jobs will be exported via the TPP in order to achieve this, at least not to the public.

Nike is exemplary of the race-to-the-bottom globalization that has plagued American manufacturing jobs and fostered the sweatshop labor industry abroad. In fact, Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, even wrote his graduate school thesis on a business model based on low-wage foreign labor.

Nike is a perfect example of America’s lost jobs and low-wage future under the TPP. Join us at Nike to tell Obama, #JustDon’tDoit! Stop Fast Track and the TPP!

So join us either at the church listed above, or in front of Nike headquarters on Friday May 8, 2014

On the way back we’ll stop by Rep. Bonamici’s Beaverton office (12725 SW Millikan Way) to tell her: Don’t Walk Away From Jobs & the Environment! If you can, bring a pair of old shoes to leave at her office as a reminder! We’ll be back by 11:30am.

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