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Bernie Sanders is in trouble. 700+ super delegates of the Democratic Party Wall Street establishment, who arbitrarily give their votes to whomever, and which Hillary Clinton has many personal relationships with, represent nearly 30 percent of the delegates necessary to win the Democratic nomination for president. So far some 300+ have pledged their support to Clinton, even though she is way behind in the popular vote.

Although the game is rigged against Bernie with the super delegates, he may still triumph because, if he fails to get the nomination when he wins the popular vote, this will almost certainly weaken, and perhaps even kill, an already badly weakened Democratic party that is largely controlled by Wall Street investment banks. Hillary is their candidate. But what’s the use of being the Democratic candidate for president if grassroots Democrats feel cheated and stay home in the general election?

New polls show Donald Trump essentially nearly neck and neck with Hillary in the general election, but Bernie trounces Trump in the polls. If the Democratic party super delegates rip Bernie off, then Hillary will likely lose overwhelmingly to Trump because the Democratic grassroots will likely stay home if the DNC/Wall Street/Clinton alliance rips Sanders off.

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