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Honest Gil Fulbright For President: Eight Candidates Rolled Up Into One

With the exception of Donald Trump and US Senator Bernie Sanders, all of the presidential candidates pretty much are backed by the same corporations, whether it’s big oil, or Wall Street. That’s why they all all kind of sound the same. There is virtually no difference in what they support between Hillary and Jeb, although the Bush man did oppose border fences. With exception of the deep pockets of Trump, and the massive grassroots network being developed by Sanders, the other candidates are toadies to big business, of one kind or another. This suggests that Trump and Sanders are the only two candidates with any independence from the big money boys. Stunningly, both Sanders and Trump support raising taxes on the rich, and for Trump, that means raising his own taxes. Hillary and Jeb are part of presidential dynasties and are worth millions. Bernie, by comparison, is a pauper whose total net work is close to the average citizen. Trump’s billions allow him to say anything to anybody since he is the principal financier of his campaign. Everybody else needs to be careful about who they offend.

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Bernie Sanders beats them all in general election polls released yesterday. If the general election were held today, Clinton would lose to every Republican candidate, except Donald Trump. A Fox News poll shows Clinton defeating Trump by five points. Sander’s on the other hand, wipes Trump out by fifteen points, and defeats every Republican candidate.

Hillary’s financial ties to Wall Street, and her bad habit of habitually lying, most likely account for her poor showing. Trump has made some outrageous claims, such as being able to force the government of Mexico to pay for the building of a border Wall. Feuding with Pope Francis perhaps hasn’t helped him either. Perhaps that is why he polls so badly, compared to the other Republican candidates. On the other hand, Trump is not so far in the polls behind Clinton. He’s almost within any margin of error.

No doubt, the voters of both major political parties aren’t happy with the direction of the nation, and the corruption at the top of both parties. That’s probably why Sanders is catching up to Clinton in a few national polls, and why Trump is leading the Republican pack.

Yesterday’s general election poll numbers are below.

Trump vs. Clinton FOX News Clinton 47, Trump 42 Clinton +5

Cruz vs. Clinton FOX News Cruz 46, Clinton 45 Cruz +1

Rubio vs. Clinton FOX News Rubio 48, Clinton 44 Rubio +4

Bush vs. Clinton FOX News Clinton 45, Bush 46 Bush +1

Kasich vs. Clinton FOX News Kasich 47, Clinton 44 Kasich +3

Trump vs. Sanders FOX News Sanders 53, Trump 38 Sanders +15

Trump vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Clinton 44, Trump 43 Clinton +1

Cruz vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Cruz 46, Clinton 43 Cruz +3

Rubio vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Rubio 48, Clinton 41 Rubio +7

Kasich vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Kasich 47, Clinton 39 Kasich +8

Bush vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Clinton 43, Bush 44 Bush +1

Trump vs. Sanders Quinnipiac Sanders 48, Trump 42 Sanders +6

Cruz vs. Sanders Quinnipiac Sanders 49, Cruz 39 Sanders+10

Rubio vs. Sanders Quinnipiac Sanders 47, Rubio 41 Sanders +6

Kasich vs. Sanders Quinnipiac Sanders 45, Kasich 41 Sanders +4


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