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One of those older folks on Facebook, who calls himself Jimmy Rat, ridiculed Bernie Sanders supporters for wanting free college education on one of his posts. That guy got schooled.

Rat showed a photo of a military recruiting station, and called upon Sanders supporters to sign up and get their free education there. Then somebody pointed out that he wasn’t looking for a free education, but an affordable one, like Rat’s generation had. Then Jimmy Rat retorted with some ultra bull shit, and that triggered an interesting and well thought out response from the other guy, who only wants the same deal that Jimmy Rat and his generation had back in the day.

That guy buried Jimmy Rat with an avalanche of statistics and facts. He showed the annual tuition for Yale in 1970 was $2500, compared to $45,000 nowadays. He also showed the minimum wage in 1970 could purchase many more things than the minimum wage can today. There are a few things this person didn’t mention.

In 1970, 61 percent of US adults were located right there in the middle class. Nowadays, less than 50 percent of adults are in the middle class. In 1970, the 1 percent took home only 8 percent of the total annual income produced in the United States compared to 37 percent today. Those figures are intertwined with each other, because the rich have used the federal government to redistribute income and wealth from the 99 to the 1 percent. So those two figures are the primary reasons why Jimmy Rat’s generation had it so much better than today.

Then Jimmy’s generation made all the wrong choices, according to the respondent, and the result is the sole reason why US higher education costs so much more today than in 1970, why the social security trust fund will lose its surplus by 2041, why corruption is rampant in both major political parties, and so much more.

Check out the entire exchange on Facebook below.


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