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A new Marquette Law School poll released yesterday shows that Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin by 49-45, raising the possibility that Sanders will win there. However, as Sanders continues to develop his message and grassroots support, it is likely he will defeat Hillary by a larger margin. Many months ago, Hillary was beating Bernie by 50 points in Wisconsin.

In addition, a new LA Times poll shows Sanders beating Clinton 45 to 37 percent. Sanders came from way back. And just like in Wisconsin, Bernie’s lead is likely to grow.

In my lifetime, we’ve seen the 1 percent go from getting 8 percent of the total income produced in the United States to 37 percent. I’ve seen tens of millions of jobs exported overseas, and the difference between the old higher US pay and the new lower overseas pay goes straight into the pockets of the 1 percent via higher corporate earnings, rising dividends, and surging share prices. I’ve seen a government and both its major political parties become intensely corrupted by that money. Bernie says enough is enough. I agree, and so do a lot of other people. The more his message gets out, the more people flock to him.

As for Hillary. It becomes difficult to like Clinton as more people get to know about her ties to Wall Street, her support for exporting jobs overseas, her support for deregulating Wall Street way back when, and her strong backing for legislation making it more difficult for people to go bankrupt, which helps the big banks who support her. And that’s just a few of the things people don’t like about her.

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According to Jerry Peacemaker, “Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell was married to Phoenix City Attorney (and late) Joe R. Purcell, not the late Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas Joe Purcell. The coincidence was amazing, but they are not the same woman. My apology.”

But that was an amazing coincidence; Voter fraud on a grand scale in the form of voter suppression, and a woman named Helen Purcell. What a coincidence!

Purcell closed 140 of the 200 polling places in Maricopa County, despite an increase of anticipated voters from 300,000 in 2012 to 800,000 in 2016.

By the way, although Hillary won the Democratic Primary in Arizona, she did so on the basis of mailed in ballots. Bernie won 52 percent of the vote of those who showed up to vote, compared to 48 percent for Hillary. This massive voter suppression thus benefited Hillary. The fewer people who showed up to vote, the greater was Hillary’s lead.

By the way, notice in the video above that Purcell blames voters for the long lines because they had the audacity to show up and exercise their constitutional right to vote.

Purcell is a registered Republican.

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The GMO corporations are following the same practice of deceit as the tobacco industry did for decades when it came to the relationship of cancer and tobacco products, as well as the oil industry in its denial of the relationship of oil products and global warming. Exxon spent hundreds of millions of dollars denying this relationship, and now it has come clean, and told us the truth its management has known for over forty years.

According to extensive Food and Drug Administration (FDA) memos made public through a lawsuit, and which can be found on the web, the overwhelming consensus of the agency’s own scientists was that genetically engineered foods pose abnormal and unique risks including new toxins, allergens and nutritional problems. The scientists called for rigorous safety tests to protect our health. Tragically, a political appointee at the FDA covered up the warnings and allowed genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on the market without requiring any testing. That official in charge of GMO policy was formerly an attorney representing the GMO giant, Monsanto. He later became Monsanto’s Vice President and is now back at the FDA as the “US Food Czar.”

Monsanto claimed its GMO products had no unhealthy impacts of rats, yet the studies we were told about only tested the rats for two months. A few years ago, a French scientist discovered that horrible tumors began to develop on rats fed a diet of GMO beginning at three months. One has to wonder if Monsanto’s experiment’s on rats went up to three months or more, but having discovered GMOs caused tumors at three months, the company only reported its findings on rats for up to two months. Cover-ups and lies are not new to this and other industries.

Syngenta is the second largest GMO producer in the world. After claiming its GMO poison’s did no harm, one of Syngenta’s own studies leaked to the public showed that its GMO milk cow feed killed cows, and it was still selling the poison throughout the world. See https://johnhively.wordpress.com/2013/06/23/gmo-corn-killing-the-cows-whose-milk-we-drink/

Over 90% of US GMOs are engineered to withstand being sprayed with Monsanto’s glyphosate-based herbicide, Roundup. Glyphosate and glyphosate herbicides are classified by the World Health Organization as “probable” human carcinogens. Glyphosate is a powerful synthetic antibiotic and blocks mineral absorption. Glyphosate herbicides are endocrine disruptors and mitochondrial toxins, and have been linked to birth defects. In other words, when your eating GMO tainted food, you are eating poison.

Monsanto and others have been caught designing their research on GMOs and Roundup to hide problems, and they distort or deny adverse findings when they do arise. In truth, numerous animal feeding studies show evidence of harm, including cancer, organ damage, accelerated signs of aging, immune system problems, hormone imbalance, tumors, reproductive and developmental problems, premature death, and more.

“The results of most studies with GM foods indicate that they may cause some common toxic effects such as hepatic, pancreatic, renal, or reproductive effects…”
– Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition (A. Dona and I.S. Arvanitoyannis)

Although the industry claims that no humans have been hurt by consuming GMOs, there has been no scientific monitoring of human health reactions. Furthermore, thousands of healthcare practitioners advise their patients to stop eating GMOs, and many report that doing so has resulted in significant improvements in digestive disorders, obesity, diabetes, allergies, kidney disease, infertility, fatigue, chronic pain, inflammation, and autism.

“Over half of American children now have a chronic health disorder and this number is likely to rise. Intestinal dysfunction is evident in nearly all patients seen in my clinic. A significant number of them get better simply by switching to an organic diet. It’s that simple.”
– Michelle Perro, MD, Pediatrician

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Bernie Victory Speech last night!

Bernie Sanders swept the Washington, Alaska and Hawaii Democratic Caucuses by overwhelming margins yesterday. He defeated Hillary in Washington with 72.7 percent of the votes. Although all of Washington’s pledged delegates haven’t pledged yet, they’re usually divvied up based on the voting outcome. So Bernie likely will take 73 pledged delegates to Hillary’s 28. So far 55 delegates in Washington have come out for Bernie, while 20 have sided with Hillary.

Bernie also stormed past Hillary in Alaska with 81.6 percent of the vote. He took 13 of the state’s 16 delegates. He also wiped out Hillary in Hawaii with 70 percent. Sanders took 17 of Hawaii’s 26 delegates.

That means Bernie will likely haul in 103 delegates to Hillary’s 44 for the day.

This gave Bernie a 59 delegate lead between the three states, and eliminated approximately 1/6th of Hillary’s slightly more than 300 pledged delegate lead. That brings the pledged delegate count to 1,243 to Clinton and 975 for Sanders, not counting those delegates who have not pledged yet in Washington.

Hillary also has over 400 Super Delegates pledged to her, but those are not binding. Those folks can change their mind should Bernie end up with more delegates given based on the actual voting, and they likely will.

If the Super-delegates don’t alter their minds if Sanders gets more delegates via the voters than Hillary, the democratic process within the Democratic Party will have proven to be a joke cruelly played upon grassroots Democrats by the Wall Street Establishment that currently controls the party. Hillary is their candidate.

The corporate news media often tells us that Hillary has a massive, insurmountable lead because of those Super-delegates, which are not bound to Hillary at the Democratic Presidential Convention. Yet, the establishment and the propaganda machine want us to believe otherwise.

Therefore, it seems that the only purpose of the super-delegates is to discourage candidates, such as Bernie, and their supporters, from continuing their campaign to overthrow the Wall Street Democratic Establishment and their presidential candidate.

The lesson to be learned is simple; don’t believe the propaganda of the establishment. Bernie can still beat Hillary quite handily, and the super delegates will not be a factor unless they are used to overthrow democracy within the Democratic Party.

If that’s the case, the Party will be ripped apart. Will the establishment risk this? Not likely. Otherwise, there won’t be a Democratic Party, or a Democratic Party Establishment anymore. Certainly, half of Democratic Party voters will leave the party behind.

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Over 100,000 Arizonans sent a clear message to the White House this week with a petition regarding the obvious and massive voter fraud committed by the Wall Street Democratic Establishment allowing Hillary Clinton to defeat Bernie Sanders.

Reader Jerry Peacemaker sent me a tip, which I’ve doubled checked. Jerry accurately wrote, “The late Joe Purcell (1923-1987) was Arkansas’s Lieutenant Governor from 1975-81, during the time Bill Clinton was the state’s governor. Joe Purcell was married to Helen (Hale) Purcell. Helen Purcell as Recorder of Maricopa County in Arizona was responsible for reducing the number of polling places in the state’s most highly-populated county from over 200 to 60, resulting in hours-long waiting in lines for Arizonans wishing to exercise their democratic rights.

Purcell, however, may not be the same person as the former wife of Joe Purcell. So there may not be a Clinton connection. However, voter suppression did take place in
Arizona March 22.

Lines were so long people literally spent an entire work day waiting to vote. In 2012, Maricopa County, which is the most populous county in Arizona, had over 200 polling locations open on primary day. In 2016, that number was reduced to just 60. This amounted to over 20,000 voters for every polling location, meaning voters had to stand in line for hours to cast their ballots.

As it turns out, elections in Arizona are governed by the county recorder, who determines how many polling places are actually open on Election Day. The recorder in Pima County, which houses Tucson, had twice as many polling locations open than in Maricopa County. And Pima County is roughly one-third the size of Maricopa County.

In Maricopa County, Purcell was responsible for the reduction in polling places in 2016, justifying it by saying turnout was traditionally low, so the solution was to reduce the number of places where citizens could cast their vote. She also blamed voters for the problem, because they showed up.

Purcell is incompetent or corrupt. In 2012 there were 200 polling places for an estimated 300,000 voters. In 2016, Purcell made certain there were 60 polling places for an expected turnout of 800,000 voters, according to news reporter Joe Dana.

According to one source, “As election day began, it was learned that 1.3 million voters, most of who reportedly would have voted for Sanders, were disenfranchised from voting in the Democratic primary. Additionally, significant numbers of registered Democratic voters who were told they were not on the Democratic voting lists included long-time Democrats who had voted in the Democratic primaries before without any problem. Others who properly switched their party were told they were also not on the list. At best, these Democratic voters were told, they could vote a provisional ballot which would not be counted today.”

Polling places in Latino neighborhoods were even scarcer than in Maricopa County. Many voters in Maricopa were given provisional ballots, which were not counted as votes. And the list of corruption goes on and on. Helen Purcell should be fired immediately, and her actions investigated. Criminal charges should be brought against her if needed. With 1 percent of the vote counted, the national corporate propaganda machine did their part; they announced Clinton the winner, perhaps discouraging thousands of people from voting.

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GMO labeling

Four major food companies – ConAgra Foods, Kellogg’s, General Mills and Mars, Inc. – announced earlier this week that they will label food products that contain genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. These companies join Campbell’s Soup, which declared its intent to do likewise back in January.

A week ago, GMO labeling supporters in the US Senate defeated the Deny Americans the Right to Know Act, or DARK Act. That bill would have prohibited states from requiring GMO labeling. Vermont, however, had passed a mandatory labeling law a year ago, which is scheduled to go into effect July 1.

Why have five of the largest food companies in the world made public commitments to print clear GMO labels on food packages? The answer is that the writing was on the wall with the defeat of the DARK Act.

The other answer is that voluntary GMO labeling most likely means printing not overly clear GMO warning labels. On top of that, the industry has spent hundreds of millions of dollars during the last four years lying to the public about the cost of labeling in successfully defeating state and local campaigns to bring about labeling. Editorials have appeared in the corporate propaganda machine, such as the Oregonian newspaper, moaning the terrible cost to these companies, which would be passed on to citizens. However, the cost is negligible, and definitely less than hundreds of millions of dollars every four years.

The defeat of the DARK Act gives Congress the opportunity to craft a national mandatory GMO labeling compromise that works for Americans and the food industry. In the interim, the question is, which company will be next to provide clear GMO labeling right on its packages, where shoppers want to see it?

Hundreds of independent studies show that GMO’s cause numerous maladies, such as tumors, and they’ve been linked to allergies, autism, cancers and more.

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bernie sanders beating Clinton nationally

A new Bloomberg poll shows Bernie Sanders has a slight national edge over Hillary Clinton, earning 49 percent of support to Clinton’s 48. This is only the second poll ever to show Sanders with a lead of any sort, and is at odds with other recent polls showing Clinton with a double-digit lead. But it’s clear that it accurately reflects one facet of the Democratic race: Clinton had massive leads over Sanders in every poll a year ago, as much as 54 percent. This lead has continually narrowed until today, it no longer exists.

This suggests that Sanders grows stronger with every passing day, while Wall Street’s candidate grows weaker.

The Bloomberg poll asked Democrats who they thought would be better at handling a number of issues that will face the next president. Clinton came out on top on issues of foreign policy; Sanders on economic issues.

Hillary’s tight relationship with the parasites of Wall Street is a consistent liability, and she isn’t considered trustworthy because she lies a lot, such as her support, and then nonsupport, of the Trans Pacific Partnership, a scam which will enrich Hillary’s Wall Street cronies by shipping millions of jobs overseas and redistributing trillions of dollars of income from working people in the USA to the 1 percent in the process.

In another poll, Sanders came out on top in trustworthiness by a wide margin over all the other candidates for president regardless of party affiliation. Hillary was near the bottom.

The federal government, and to a lesser extent state governments, have been using legislation to redistribute income from working Americans to the 1 percent for 35 years. Hillary supports this, while Bernie is against it.

Currently, the 1 percent steal 37 percent of all income produced in the United States compared to 8 percent in 1980. Bernie has said “enough is enough.” Hillary shows through her action that “enough isn’t enough.”

One thing is made obvious by these poll numbers. Bernie may be behind in the delegate count, but he can still win. It isn’t over until it’s over.

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