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The near miss of Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary this year against the Wall Street Establishment candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, should’ve sent a clear message to the Democratic Party Establishment, but it didn’t.

It’s business as usual in the white house, and business as usual within the US House and Senate. President Obama and Wall Street’s favorite senator, Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden (sometimes known as US Nike Senator Ron Wyden), are plotting to fool the grassroots of the Democratic Party by waiting until the election is over before throwing all of their energies into passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) through congress. Obama has already signed it.


The TPP is a massive income and political power redistribution scam promoted by Obama, Wyden, a few other Democrats, and most of the Republican Party, and, of course, Wall Street investment firms, hedge funds and major corporations. The TPP will redistribute trillions of dollars and large chunks of political power from the 99 to the 1 percent. The TPP will also steal many of your voting rights.

In a recent Harvard/Politico poll 54 percent of Democrats, compared to 85 of Republicans, believe trade scams such as the TPP have cost the USA more jobs than they create. A quick look at the US trade deficit bears this out. Millions of jobs are being exported from the USA every year, which is why Obama, Wyden, Wall Street and the Republican Party want to pass this scam.

When US jobs are exported to low wage nations, the difference between the old higher US wages and the new lower third world nations goes straight into the already fat wallets of the superwealthy via higher corporate profits, rising share prices, and surging dividends. Wyden and Obama know this. They’re not the dummies they’re pretending to be on this issue. That’s why we have record share prices along with an historically weak economic expansion.

Had 85 percent of Democrats believed trade scams like the TPP cost more jobs than they create, Bernie Sanders would likely be the Democratic Party nominee rather than the Wall Street jobs-exporter Hillary Clinton. Likewise, if 54 percent of Republicans believed trade scams exported more US jobs than they created here, Donald Trump would likely not be the Republican Party nominee.

The day of reckoning within the ranks of the Democratic Party is coming sooner than later. The next recession is already on its way in, and the tepid economic expansion of 2009-17 is nearly over. If I am correct, and this recession will be the worst since the Great Depression, the result of the destructive economic policy of redistributing income and wealth from the 99 to the 1 percent by the Wall Street supported Democratic Establishment and the Republican Party is almost at an end. The coming of this recession may bring about the end of Wall Street’s control of the Democratic Party. For more on this coming recession, click  The New Recession is Knocking at the Door–JohnHively.Wordpress.com

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The rise of Donald Trump is a clear sign that the Republican Establishment is out of touch with the Republican base. The base can no longer be fooled. The Republican Establishment represents Wall Street, Big Oil, and corporate leaders who benefit from international income redistribution scams, falsely marketed as trade agreements, as well as open borders, are completely at odds with the base. The last people to figure that out was the establishment.

A recent Harvard/Politico poll showed 85 percent of Republicans believe international trade scams cost the US more jobs than it creates. Yet the establishment, along with President Obama and Democratic henchmen, such as Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden, continue to push the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the largest income and political power redistribution scam in US history.

During the presidential primaries, poll after poll showed Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders with much wider leads over Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton. This suggests that many Republicans are ready for change, and many of them were not happy with Trump. But Trump was their only choice.

The Republican Establishment was often battling it out with the Koch Brothers and their Tea Party wing of the Republican Party. The Koch’s also want trade scams and open borders in opposition to the base.

All of this suggests the Republican Party may be on the verge of a long-term splintering, especially since a large chunk of the base preferred Sanders, a New Deal Democrat disguised as a Democratic Socialist.

This also suggests why in 2015 Republican Wall Street US Senate Leader Mitch McConnell insisted to President Obama that a Democrat had to introduce Fast Track legislation into the senate. Wall Street’s choice to do this was Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden, a man whose votes in congress on behalf of Wall Street had cost his state a minimum of a hundred thousand jobs in the last ten years. No Republican senator dared to introduce the legislation in the senate. So the establishment clearly knew it was out of touch with its base.


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Comedian John Oliver mocked Jill Stein’s idea that the US Federal Reserve Bank could free student’s from student loan debt by buying up all the student loans and forgiving the debts.

In fact, the Federal Reserve could do exactly that. The Federal Reserve engaged in quantitative easing a few years ago. Quantitative easing was a Fed determined policy in which the Fed purchased trillions of dollars of completely valueless mortgage backed bonds (along with treasury bills) from rich folks at face value.

In other words, if the rich folks bought bonds valued at $100 which had since become valueless, then the Fed bought the bonds at $100. Nice scam huh? But only if you’re rich, and student borrowers are not, so don’t expect the Fed to do anything about their plight.

It’s true as Oliver pointed out, not even the US president can tell the Fed chief what to do. but the US president recommends and appoints the Federal Reserve chief, and negotiations between the two could convince the Fed to purchase all student loan debt, including the student loan backed bonds the rich folks enslave the borrowers with.

Let’s face it, the folks running the Federal Reserve can do anything they like because nobody is in position to hold them responsible for their actions (See video above). In that respect, the Fed is just like any Wall Street bank. So, during the economic meltdown of 2007-12, the Fed mysteriously lost $9 trillion (See The Fed Lost $9 Trillion! Not Likely! JohnHively.Wordpress.com), gave away $26 trillion to the rich folks (Breakdown of the $26 trillion Bailout-JohnHively.wordpress.com), and they created trillions of dollars out of air in order to buy worthless bonds from rich people; but the Fed cannot do the same with student loan borrowers? Nonsense!

We need a central bank of all the people, not just the rich ones, and this can be accomplished through legislation.

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This election is about nationalism vs. internationalism. Getting away from all the email and sex scandals which has made this election a larger version of the Jerry Springer show, it all boils down to Hillary’s internationalism and Trump’s nationalism. That’s at least from the point-of-view of what they say, and we certainly can’t be sure what they’re saying is really what they mean since they’ve both lied so much. But that’s what it boils down to.

Internationalism vs. Nationalism.

Closing the border or keeping it open? Build a fifty foot fence made of cement and re-bar, or a virtual fence? Tell me which one Donald! Again!
Reducing immigration or keeping it going strong?
Negotiate more jobs-exporting trade treaties or fewer?

After that, we really can’t tell exactly what the candidates might do or not do. Okay, we know they’ll both lie to us. Trump will buy steel and cement made in China to build a virtual wall along the Mexican border, while Clinton will push the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a massive jobs exporter that will redistribute trillions of dollars from the 99 percent to her Wall Street cronies. Of course, Clinton was for the treaty before she was against it.  I’m sure she’ll be for it after she was against it, as well as for it, but only after the election.

What a choice we have! This election could only be made in America!

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According to US Uncut, “…a likely Hillary Clinton victory means her intent to defund Social Security may come to fruition.

The Democratic nominee recently came under fire in revealing articles by Naked Capitalism’s Yves Smith and International Business Times’ David Sirota, for her potential plans to introduce mandatory retirement savings accounts set up to enrich Wall Street — rather than expanding Social Security.

Under the new mandatory accounts, Americans would pay a 1.5 percent payroll tax to go directly into retirement accounts managed by Wall Street banks that would invest in private equity, hedge funds, and other investments that would come with hefty fees for fund managers, all courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. One of the biggest proponents of mandatory retirement savings accounts is Blackstone CEO Tony James — one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest campaign donors — who is a possible pick for Treasury Secretary in a Clinton administration.”

Leaked emails also show Clinton is in favor of a hemispheric free trade zone for North and South America and open borders. Free trade is code for “exporting jobs from the USA,” while “open borders” is code for lowering wages and benefits in the USA. Like her supposed proposal on Social Security, Wall Street and major corporate investors would benefit from Clinton’s proposal.

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How Brazilian Bank Workers Learn to Dream Bigger, And You Can Too!

Steve Payne reported at Labornotes.org, “Bernie Sanders’ campaign this year got many union members excited about transforming our economy and fighting for a “political revolution.” How can unions continue that conversation?

Last year in Brazil, I got to see an interesting example firsthand. The bank workers union there has developed a weekend training on how members’ workplace fights connect to a bigger picture.

While the content is important, even more significant is how it’s taught. The method is popular education—a democratic approach that values the knowledge students already hold and tries to break down the hierarchies between teachers and students. (See box.)

I spent a few months in São Paulo as part of an exchange between the bank workers union, SEEB-SP, and my union, Service Employees Local 26 in Minnesota, which is also working to develop popular education programs with its local allies. I left inspired by how the bank workers are teaching themselves to dream bigger.”

To read more of Payne’s story, click the following link. How Brazilian Bank Workers Learned to Dream Bigger–Labornotes.org

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In an economy dominated by the financial desires of the 1 percent, why has educational services experienced the most job growth over the last twenty-five years?

Look at the list below. Scroll down toward the bottom. There you have manufacturing, in negative job growth, and once the biggest employer in the United States a scant sixty years ago. Those jobs have experienced negative growth. That’s because US corporations have exported tens of millions of them over the course of the last thirty-five years, forcing more and more people to seek training in other occupations.


As the economy has redistributed trillions upon trillions of dollars to the super wealthy via the exporting of jobs, the demand for goods and services has declined per capita. The result is a lack of job growth, sending more and more students into the university systems. That’s because the US population continues to grow.

80-90 percent of all US population growth over the last thirty or so years has been driven by immigration. This has kept the demand for K-12 teachers higher than it would with no or little immigration, thus fueling educational services.

Notice the top six places in US job growth is in services. This says a lot, and none of it is good. Services are the top employers, but all rest on construction, mining, farming and manufacturing since the wealth of all nations is the things created by their people.

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