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One of the main components of Nazi Germany was the collusion between industry and government against the interests of the German public. Historians have long noted that the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany could not have occurred without the consent of Germany’s rich folks and powerful corporations.

The rise of Ronald Reagan to the US presidency marked the most important inroad into political power by the rich in the USA since the 1920s. By the 1990s, the rich controlled both major political parties. Since then, we’ve had nothing but bubbles fueling US economic expansions. So in this corruption and collusion, we clearly have a fascist government of the rich, with spokespeople whose jobs are to divide us along a large number of lines, including race, ethnicity, guns, abortion, transgender bathrooms, etc….

One of the best examples of the power of this corruption is with Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs). They have been linked to tumors, asthma, obesity, liver damage, cancer, and other health issues since they entered the US food chain during President Bill Clinton’s reign of error; Clinton, many Republicans, and Democrats such as Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden, obviously considered corporate profits more important than the health of the US people.

Our health is a product to be redistributed to major corporations, such as Monsanto (now owned by Bayer),  and morphed into corporate profits, higher share prices and surging dividends.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved placing GMO foods into the US food chain despite limited testing, and the only testing that was accepted by the FDA was provided by the GMO corporations, like Monsanto. Needless to say, the CEO and rich shareholders at Monsanto had wonderful incentives to limit testing and any scientists whose research showed the harm of GMOs would be smeared with GMO corporate lies.

A recent posting on GMO Free USA (Facebook) recounts one of the victims of corporate smears and lies.

“1998: The year Biotech launched its war on science. Arpad Pusztai, an impeccably qualified scientist, received a grant to develop standard animal feeding trial testing methods to assess possible toxicological effects arising from the GMO plant transformation process. The rats fed the GMO potatoes in his feeding study developed organ damage, immune defects, and other health problems. Dr. Pusztai’s response to the study finding was to say… “If I had the choice, I would certainly not eat it. I find it’s very unfair to use our fellow citizens as guinea pigs.”

Dr. Pusztai was humiliated, discredited, fired and legally silenced. Biotech’s anti-science campaign continues to this day. Feel like eating one of those Simplot GMO potatoes? Or how about some GMO Arctic apple slices?”

READ: http://www.psrast.org/pusztai.htm
READ: http://www.theguardian.com/…/academicexperts.highereducatio…
READ: http://gmofreeusa.org/research/gmo-science-research/


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Two academic studies have been made about the effect of Seattle’s minimum wage increase from $9.47 to $15 an hour on food service workers. The increase is taking place over seven years.

A study from Jacob Vigdor of the University of Washington (UW) showed the minimum wage increase was bad for everybody in just about every way. Vigdor, of course, has a clear right-wing political ax to grind. Besides the UW, Vigdor is also a scholar with the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), an institute funded by the Koch brothers and other billionaires opposed to the minimum wage in general. The principal purpose of AEI is to influence public opinion in favor of the billionaires with lies and distortions, as well as truths if possible, disguised as scholarly research papers. It’s all patently propaganda coming from this think tank.

Vigdor has also been a contributing scholar with the Manhatten Institute, another right-wing billionaire-funded so-called think tank, whose principal purpose is the same as the right-wingers at AEI. The sponsors are also opposed to the minimum wage in general.

Quite naturally, the corporate media, both liberal and conservative, reported Vigdor’s negative findings on Seattle’s minimum wage rise as a fact when, in reality, they were fiction. This is how corrupt academia and the corporate news media have become with the influence of billionaire dollars into those fields.

Another, almost completely unreported study of the effects of Seattle’s minimum wage increase from the University of California-Berkeley (UC) showed the exact opposite of Vigdor’s lying propaganda on behalf of Wall Street and other billionaires. Note that the last thing most editors of conservative and liberal news sources, as well as fake news sources such as Fox News, want you to know is that the increase in minimum wages is good for the nation’s economy because it raises the demand for goods and services, rather than provide rising dividends and share prices for billionaire shareholders, which sucks the power out of the economy. That’s why the result of the UC study is unmentionable in the propaganda news media.

According to Michael Reich, lead researcher on the UC team, Vigdor’s research made certain to carefully gerrymander the statistics by omitting nearly half of Seattle’s low paid workers, “by omitting franchises and other businesses with more than one establishment. Seattle’s ordinance is aimed at low-wage, multistate companies, requiring the fastest wage increase to be paid by firms with more than 500 employees worldwide that do not provide health insurance.” In addition, Vigdor’s lying propaganda included only those jobs paying $19 an hour or less in food service, but job gains in higher paid positions in food service far outnumbered job losses in lower paid positions.

What happened? Seattle’s lowest-paid workers began spending their newly raised wages and local businesses began to thrive. When low-wage workers earn more they spend more.

Last February, Marketplace reported that Bill Phelps, CEO of Wetzel’s Pretzels, which grossed $165 million in 2016 from over 300 stores, had opposed minimum wage increases because he feared it would hurt profits, and that sales would fall if he needed to raise prices to compensate. Both times California raised its minimum wage, sales at his California stores immediately shot up. “I was stunned by the business,” Phelps told Marketplace.

This is precisely why all Americans, including wealthy shareholders, have a stake in raising the minimum wage above $15 an hour.

Watch out for the conservative propaganda in which its sole propose is to persuade you of something that benefits the billionaires only and at your expense.

Author of minimum-wage-study-has alarming-alliances–The Progressive

Letter to Seattle mayor from Michael Reich of the University of California-Berkeley

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President Donald Trump has proposed tax cuts for the rich and corporations, which is another way of saying Trump wants tax cuts for the rich and then more tax cuts for the rich. In other words, the person who will most likely benefit from the Donald Trump tax cuts is billionaire Donald Trump. The 99 percent will get virtually nothing. In other words, Trump’s tax plan is designed to create greater income and wealth inequality in a nation that already has the most income and wealth inequality among the industrialized nations.

You will note in the video above, while they make some good points about Trump’s tax cuts for the rich, the folks at MSNBC fail to mention growing income and wealth inequality because the Wall Street controlled Democratic leadership doesn’t want its station MSNBC to mention it any more than the billionaires who control the Republican Party want their news outlets to mention it. Currently, the rich steal anywhere from 24 to 38 percent of all income produced in the United States, compared to 8 percent in 1980. In addition, the richest 10 percent of Americans own more wealth than the bottom 90 percent, a historic and still growing record.

As corporations get tax cuts, much of those tax savings will go to the rich via higher corporate profits, rising dividends, and surging stock prices. The rest of us will suffer the consequences. In addition, of course, corporations will have more money to invest, supposedly to create jobs, as if giving corporations tax cuts will magically increase consumer demand. That’s not likely. So what will they invest in?

Historically, US corporations buy other corporations, especially rivals, when they receive tax cuts or higher profits. This, of course, creates redundancies in a variety of job areas, such as accounting and computer technicians. When mergers occur, employees are the first thing to go in order to eliminate those redundancies. Of course, to help pay for these mergers, jobs will be exported to low-wage nations and the difference between the higher paying US jobs and the new lower wage jobs in China, India and elsewhere will fuel corporate profits, and push up dividends and share prices. That’s what those free trade treaties have been negotiated to do, and Democrats, like Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden, are not stupid little boys and girls who are ignorant of this fact.

This is one of the reasons why there is not a shred of evidence that supply-side economics, otherwise known as tax cuts for the rich, has ever created a single job, but there is plenty of evidence tax cuts for the rich and corporations have destroyed US jobs. Under President George W. Bush, tax cuts were enacted for the rich, making certain that the growth in jobs and real wages were negative, the only time in US history that has occurred under a single president since Republican Herbert Hoover.

Naturally, there are other things the Republicans are refusing to mention.

Gary Markstein / Creators Syndicate

There will be an increased federal deficit of $2.5 trillion, which is typical under irresponsible Republican administrations and Congress, just like the Reagan years, and the other twelve years under the Bush presidents. Naturally, cutbacks in federal spending will be proposed.

Republicans and some Democrats will insist the US is not spending a sufficient number of dollars on its military, so that will not be subject to reductions. The US spends more on the military than the next 25 nations combined, 24 of whom are US allies, but clearly, that’s insufficient because US military spending is quite profitable. However, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other less profitable programs that help the politically powerless will be on the table for cuts if Trump’s tax cuts for the rich sails through Congress.

The rich, of course, have stolen just about all real income and wealth increases over the last thirty-five years, thanks to their financial abilities to corrupt both major political parties and the federal government in the process. Naturally, their dirty money has also corrupted most state and city governments. So, obviously, the financial and political deck is completely stacked against the 99 percent.

Luckily, the Democrats in the US Senate will object to this irresponsible behavior because the billionaires of Wall Street who control the party will object to it. That’s the only reason why Democratic senators like Ron Wyden will likely oppose the legislation. Even some Republicans may oppose Trump’s tax plan because it is completely against the national interest, that is if one assumes the citizens of the United States who make up 99 percent of the population are a part of that national interest.

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