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There is a straight forward relationship between tax cuts for the rich and growing income and wealth inequality. The conduit for financial inequality is the political markets. Tax cuts for the rich allowed them to corrupt the federal and state governments to the core. The rich used their ill gotten gains from Reagan’s tax cuts to purchase legislation in the political markets that redistribute income and wealth from people like you and me and “Aunt Millie” to the CEO’s and shareholders of corporations, namely the 1 percent. This legislation included free trade treaties that shipped jobs overseas, reducing labor costs while increasing profits. The legislation included privatization scams, deregulation schemes, and actions toward war, such as in Iraq, and Afghanistan, both of which are extremely profitable to the one percent. The rich also purchased the No Child Left Behind Act, which benefited only the major publishing corporations of educational books and tests, such as McGraw-Hil, and the McGraws have been neighbors and best friends of the Bush’s since the Great Depression. Yes, that’s precisely how corrupt President George W. Bush was. There are a ton more legislation that has been purchased by the one percent to redistribute income and wealth to themselves from the 99 percent, but I don’t have that much space. That’s why the economic and political markets are a rigged game.

The press has been a tool of the 1 percent, used to mislead and lie us into wars, deregulation, free trade agreements, privatization, anti-labor union tirades, as well as poisoning ourselves with GMOs by claiming they’re harmless, regardless of what all independent studies show. Yes, they lie to us a lot.

All of this corruption has sent the Dow Jones higher, as well as the NASDAQ and other financial markets. All of which benefits the 1 percent.

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We have been mislead and lied to by the US government and the corporate press for a long time. They’ve lied to us about the health hazards of GMOs, (See https://johnhively.wordpress.com/2014/06/08/why-are-the-frogs-dying-and-why-did-the-story-disappear-from-the-corporate-news-hint-gmos-have-cause-the-demise-of-the-frogs/ .

This type of information you can get from from foreign news outlets, such as the Guardian of the UK. But the American press is corrupt to the core. That’s why it helped to lie us into a war in Iraq, and they’ve lied to us about public education reform for over thirty years.

It’s all because of the need to generate ever increasing profits for the 1 percent, and all at the expense of the 99 percent, either in terms of health, money, or education. In other words, due to a news media cartel, the information we’ve been fed and not fed has been carefully cultivated to reflect a world view that best allows the 1 percent and Wall Street to redistribute our money, our wealth, our tax dollars, our jobs, and our health to the 1 percent.

Blame it on President Bill Clinton. He signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which allowed the consolidation of major media outlets so that 5 corporations now successfully collude to determine what we are allowed to see on roughly 90 percent of all media outlets.  That’s right. Five corporations now own 90 percent of all news outlets.

That’s precisely how the massive income and wealth inequality has been covered up, and, in the case of public schools, how we’ve been kept ignorant about how our schools and children have been used as conduits toward enhancing the corporate profits of the testing industry via the testing craze, and how our schools have been become nothing more than laboratories for keeping students focused only on testing, rather than on things more important, such as critical thinking, art, shop, and basic living skills. Rhetoric to the side, this is precisely what education reform is all about.

Most people don’t know that the No Child Left Behind Act was the business plan of McGraw-Hill, and that the McGraws had been long-time friends of the Bush family. And this is precisely why President Bush pushed the act through congress and signed it into law. It was a convenient piece of legislation that redistributed income, tax dollars, and wealth to his personal friends, while leaving our schools wrecked. The corporate press wasn’t going to ever tell you that, thanks to the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

This is called market manipulation via legislation.

Check out the links below for more on this.

They Myth Behind Public School Failure–Yes! Magazine

why-corporations-want-our-public-schools–Yes! Magazine

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Where do you stand in the world?

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Senator Elizabeth Warren’s “Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act” bill is up for a vote before the Senate this week. Thirty-five senators endorse the bill. The Wall Street Republican Party will, no doubt, vote as a block against the middle class on this issue. Wall Street and investors of the 1 percent hold billions of dollars of bonds backed by student loans. Lowering student loan interest rates will reduce the value of the bonds, as well as the return on interest paid to the bondholders. In addition, lowering student loan rates on existing loans will also quash the desire to purchase student loan backed bonds, so the best thing for Wall Street and the rich is to artificially keep student loan interest rates higher than would otherwise be the case. Let’s be clear to one thing. Some Democrats will likely vote against the bill. It would be a shock if Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden voted for it.

Check out Senator Warren’s senate floor speech on the Act below.


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Executives at the testing giant corporation known as Pearson want to increase their profits by testing student teachers, which is utterly stupid since student teachers already need to pass a battery of education classes, a three month or longer apprenticeship as a student teacher under the guidance of at least one experienced teacher. In addition, to obtain their teacher’s licenses, they already need to pass at least two national examinations. One education professor had enough of Pearson’s garbage.

Labor Notes now reports, “The new statewide president of the 110,000-member Massachusetts teachers’ union made her name leading a boycott of standardized tests.

She’s calling for a three-year moratorium on high-stakes testing, meaning tests that carry heavy consequences under the guise of “accountability”—for instance, holding students’ graduation, school funding, or teachers’ compensation for ransom.

Barbara Madeloni was running the teacher education program at the University of Massachusetts in 2012 when she led her student teachers to boycott a pilot standardized assessment for teachers-in-training. The boycotters opposed outsourcing teacher evaluation to the testing giant Pearson, preferring that experienced educators observe student teachers.

The current mania to test, test and more test students is driven by the need to redistribute income from taxpayers to the rich shareholders of such testing giants as Pearson and McGraw-Hill. It’s all about profits, and has nothing to do with education reform or improving the the education of students. In fact, it was McGraw-Hills business plan that was adopted by the Bush administration, and became No Child Left Behind. This was the result of over 70 years of friendship between the Bush and McGraw families, and had nothing to do with improving education. It seems the testing mania has ruined public education.

Check out the complete story below.

Teachers Elect Foes of Corporate Reform in Massachusetts and L.A. – See more at: http://www.labornotes.org/2014/05/teachers-elect-foes-corporate-reform-massachusetts-and-Los Angeles–Labor Notes

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Norway is one of the most prosperous nations in the world; its citizens enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world, and it is one of the most highly taxed nations in the world. Those high taxes mean the rich don’t have enough money to purchase enough politicians to redistribute the income and wealth of the 99 percent to the 1 percent in Norway, like they do in the United States, using both political parties.

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The problem with the US educational system is as Mr. Tyson suggests, but that only hits the surface of the problem. Here’s the real problem; the US public educational system is not for profit, and despite that, the US public educational systems produce hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of dollars, of profits every year, but only for the CEO’s and shareholders of publishers McGraw-Hill, Pearson, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and other producers of educational materials and educational reform. In other words, what is best for their profits determines what educational reform is and will become, and what is good for children is the last thing on the minds of these corporate CEOs.

That’s right. That’s why the educational reform that school districts are forced to accept are all about students taking tests and nothing more. Guess who produces the tests for profits, and who fight in the halls of the US congress, the white house, state legislatures, and school districts for more testing and educational programs that are often ineffective, and simply place more pressure on teachers and administrators.

These publishers are also aligned with conservative politicians who demand teacher accountability based on the success or failures students have on these tests. This public relations campaign is one way to put pressure on teachers, but it also takes the attention of most citizens off of why these tests are so important; these tests produce very important profits by redistributing tax dollars to the corporations mentioned above.

McGraw-Hill and Pearson are publicly traded limited liability corporations whose shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is also a publicly, traded limited liability corporation whose stock is traded on NASDAQ.

The direction of profits and share prices are the only way for a board of directors of any major corporation to know how well the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are doing their jobs. When profits are going up, especially at a steady, well regulated, rate, dividends rise, and investors are enticed to purchase shares. This pushes share prices up, and makes CEOs look like they’re doing a swell job. However, if profits are declining, typically share prices follow, and CEOs in these situations are at risk of losing their jobs.

That’s why the CEO’s of the above mentioned corporations push for more and more student testing.

In reality, these tests have nothing to do with measuring student achievement or improving public education. They’re all about improving corporate profits and share prices. Otherwise, educational reform would be something more than students taking test after test.

Finland has the highest rated public educational system in the world. They also have the least tested students in the world, while the US has the most tested students. That’s because Wall Street and the testing corporations run the show in the US and they don’t in Finland.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is correct that adults write the legislation impacting education in the USA, but I don’t think he understands why they do what they do in the halls of power. Educational reform in the USA is all about money and redistributing it from the taxpayers footing the bill for public education (mostly the 99 percent), to the 1 percent who are the CEOs and shareholders (mostly the 1 percent) of the publishing corporations.

Educational reform is simply a big con job perpetrated by the 1 percent on the 99 percent. That’s one of the ways the political and economic games in the US are rigged against the 99 percent.

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