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If Internet neutrality is eliminated, you could wind up paying more money for less speed, or paying more money for the same Internet speed you already have.

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Al Franken ran a populist campaign for re-election. His ads were direct, and their messages were impressively disciplined. See the ad above. During his six years in the US senate, Franken has fought for the middle class, unlike say, Wall Street Democratic Senator Ron Wyden and Wall Street President Barack Obama, both of whom work for Wall Street in its war against the middle class. That’s why Franken won, and the rest of the Democrats lost. When Democrats like Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren run a populist campaign, they win big because most voters have an idea these people are working for them, and not for Big Money. Franken has a record to show exactly whose side he’s on. So does Merkley and Warren.

Wall Street Democrats, such as Wyden, seem to forget what the Democratic Party should stand for, and that’s what President Harry Truman said below. So Wyden has to lie to get reelected, and the corporate news media does its share of the lying on his behalf.

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