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Amanda Fritz for Portland City Commissioner

For the last four years, Mayor Sam Adams has refused to give City Commissioner Amanda Fritz a significant city bureau to manage, most likely because he is a puppet of wealthy special interests and she is not. That is something that rich developers, otherwise known as the powers behind the throne, cannot tolerate. They want her isolated and rendered irrelevant. That means she is focused on delivering city services to the people, rather than opening up the city coffers to developers in the form of profitable boondoggle projects that don’t do much good. Fritz’s opponent, Mary Nolan, is a well heeled lap dog of developers, so if she is elected we can expect business as usual with the developers in control of city hall. It’s strange. The developers love and trust Adams, but I wouldn’t trust him in the city bathroom with my teenage son, especially on city time. So vote for Fritz for good government; vote for the developers and boondoggle projects by voting for “Boondoggle” Mary Nolan.

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Video of Amanda Fritz for City Council!

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