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Last week, seven US marshals, in full combat gear, arrested Paul Acre at his home in Houston Texas over a 29-year-old unpaid $1500 student loan. Reports are coming in that other people have been arrested for the same thing, as well.

The Obama administration clearly has its priorities straight. Arrest student loan defaulters, who clearly cannot make significant campaign contributions, take them to the judge, and force them into a legally binding repayment contracts. That’s what happened to Acre.

On the other hand, the Obama justice department has been careful not to investigate or charge with any crime a single Wall Street banker, or any of their underlings. You know those people even if you don’t know their names. These are the folks at Citigroup, JP Morgan/Chase, Goldman Sachs, a variety of hedge funds, and others who can and do make significant campaign contributions. They get the cash to do so through illegal activities, such as laundering Mexican drug cartel drug money, committing fraud, ripping off billions from consumers and investors, tanking the economy with illegal actions, and corrupting the US government completely.

Wall Street investment corporations have been caught doing all of this illegal stuff, and more, and have been fined by the US government, but not a single person has been charged with a crime, or arrested.

We clearly have a duel system of justice; one for the rich and powerful, and one for the rest of us.

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Police in West Palm Beach have arrested four members of the Occupy Wall Street movement for trespassing after several protesters allegedly chained themselves to City Hall.

West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio last week notified about 20 activists that they had until Thursday to leave protest site, according to The Palm Beach Post.

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Woman Arrested After Closing Citibank Account Files Suit Against NYC and NYPD

The City of New York and the NYPD are engaging in a deliberate campaign of “mass arrests, illegally arresting protesters, including bank customers, and needlessly detaining them for excessively long periods…in order to facilitate and promote the CITY OF NEW YORK’s desired reputation as corporate friendly and pro-bank.”

So says a federal complaint filed by a woman and her fiancée who allege that they were inappropriately detained by New York City police last month inside a branch of Citibank in downtown Manhattan. [Video of the extraordinary arrest is posted at the end of this article.]

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30 to 40 police officers arrest woman at Occupy Seattle

About 40 police officers were needed to arrest a single woman who sat down and opened an umbrella in a Seattle park this morning, according to local media.

Amid the ongoing “Occupy Seattle” protest, city officials decided to ban sitting down with umbrellas in public spaces, ostensibly because they become “makeshift structures,” which are forbidden.

In a scene from earlier today, a single woman, who identified herself as Debra Lynn Peardon, put that law to the test, opening an umbrella and sitting down on the ground.

That’s when, according to Seattle blog The Slog, “40 police officers surrounded” the woman. With her hands bound, at least four officers then carried her out by her arms and legs, with protesters all the while chanting, “Show me what oppression looks like? This is what oppression looks like!”

Video of the arrest also appeared to show an officer ramming a bicycle into an individual who filmed the arrest, sparking a confrontation.

In all, at least seven people were arrested in Seattle on Monday morning as police moved in to evict protesters from Westlake Park, according to the Seattle Police Department. Although they’re only allowed to stand, protesters have vowed to keep a constant presence at the site.

Seattle police last week were also seen giving tickets to drivers who honked in support of “Occupy” protesters.

Apart from Seattle, “Occupy” protests have also sprung up all across Washington state, in Vancouver, Tacoma, Olympia, Yakima and Spokane, according to CBS News.

The video below was published to YouTube on Monday, Oct. 17, 2011.

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