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The number of arrests on the fifth day of civil disobedience protests known as Democracy Spring exceeded 800 yesterday when another 100 were arrested. This was the fifth day of sit-ins outside the U.S. Capitol in a continuing series of the eight days of protests. Activists are confronting Congress over the influence of corporate lobbying and special interests in politics.

Actress Rosario Dawson joined the protesters at the sit-in, along with Harvard professor Dr. Lawrence Lessig and author Chris Hedges. All three were arrested.

“By being here and making history you are making yourself known,” Dawson told the protesters, before walking with them to the East side of the Capitol. She said that their actions were forcing Congressional leaders to step forward on getting money out of politics.

Dr. Lawrence Lessig also spoke to the youth explaining he chose this day to get arrested with them because he believed in what they were doing. “I’m gonna march around this Capitol and get arrested with you,” said Lessig.

Chris Hedges, author of Wages of Rebellion, said, “Any society that does not grasp that life has an intrinsic value beyond a monetary value kills itself.” He said that he was proud to be with youth organizing for change, but the movement for change must be sustained.

Lessig, Dawson, and Hedges were charged along with over 100 students and youth with “obstruction” of the driveway on the east side of the Capitol. They were later released and given fourteen days to pay a $50 fine.


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Saturday, December 18, 2011

More than 50 anti-Wall Street protesters have been arrested after they tried to climb over a fence around a church car park to establish a new encampment. Five to ten members of the clergy were among those arrested.

The demonstrators used a wooden ladder to scale the chain-link fence and enter the car park owned by Trinity Church, an Occupy Wall Street spokesman said.

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Arrests as police clear Occupy Boston camp

BOSTON (Reuters) – Police made dozens of arrests early Saturday as they cleared away the remaining Occupy Boston encampment in the city’s financial district in a mostly peaceful action.

Authorities, including more than 100 police officers, swept into the area before sunrise, when many of the campers were asleep, and sealed off the streets. Some 32 men and 14 women, were arrested, mostly for trespassing.

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Video of Occupy Wall Protesters Being Arrested

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In what was an otherwise calm night across the country, one Occupy Oklahoma City protester was found dead and nine Occupy Portland protesters were arrested.

In a press advisory Monday, Occupy Oklahoma City organizers expressed their sadness at the passing of a homeless protester who went by the name “Street Poet.”

“The Poet was found dead in his tent at Kerr Park earlier this afternoon by other participants,” they wrote. “Police and emergency personnel were immediately contacted. Occupy OKC is withholding information concerning The Poet’s identity pending notification of his family by authorities.”

Oklahoma City police Capt. Dexter Nelson said that although the man appeared to be in his 20s, the death was not suspicious.

In a video posted to Facebook, Street Poet explained that he had been “traveling the road on foot doing poetry” since his dad kicked him out at the age of 16 or 17. Another video posted to Google Plus shows the man performing poetry.

“I’ll tell you right now, unless you crawl under that bridge and huddle up against the wall, take off them busted-ass shoes then you don’t know what I’ve been through or where I’ve been,” he said. “Knowing tomorrow, I’ll be in the same place again, drying my tears in the wind. You save me from my pain, but you don’t even know what pain is.”

Early Tuesday morning, police cleared an encampment of Occupy Portland protesters from Terry Schrunk Plaza. Nine protesters who refused to leave will face federal charges.

Officers with helmets and nightsticks surrounded the plaza to make sure protesters didn’t return as the camp was dismantled.

Protesters shouted “The whole world is watching” and “”The tents will go back” as they looked on.

“It definitely got a little tense, maybe heated,” Portland police spokesman Lt. Robert King told The Oregonian.

Other protest sites around the country were largely quiet.

The roommate of Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen, who was wounded during clashes with police in Oakland, said the former Marine “seems to be doing well” after a hospital visit yesterday. Keith Shannon told The Associated Press that Olsen still can’t speak but doctors expected him to make a full recovery. He is still suffering from a fractured skull caused by a police projectile.

Occupy Wall Street protester Felix Rivera-Pitre, who was videotaped being hit by New York Police Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona, met with the District Attorney yesterday in hopes that assault charges will be filed.

“Had it been any regular white guy, instead of any angry white shirt, had committed that attack, that person at best would be able to plead out to assault,” attorney Ron Kuby said after meeting with the DA. “Three years’ probation and some serious court-ordered anger manager.”

Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings is still refusing to push law enforcement to arrest peaceful protesters camped out across from City Hall.

“If people don’t like it, they can vote me out,” Jennings said on his Talk 1300 radio show. “That’s the way it goes.”

Watch this video of Street Poet, uploaded Oct. 31, 2011.

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About 130 protesters were arrested at an Occupy Chicago demonstration early on Sunday after they set up tents and refused to leave a public park after closing time, police said.

The protests, which have spread across the United States and to other countries since starting in New York last month, focus on anger over inequality of wealth, government bailouts of big banks and persistently high unemployment.

The breakup of the protest in Grant Park was the second mass arrest of Occupy Chicago demonstrators in the past week. A week ago, about 175 protesters were arrested.

The protesters were charged with violating a city ordinance, the equivalent of the lowest misdemeanor, and most were released after agreeing to appear in court, Chicago Police Officer Robert Perez said.

Grant Park, the site of large protests against the Vietnam War during the Democratic Party’s convention in Chicago in 1968, is supposed to be closed after 11 p.m., police said.

Protesters decry unequal treatment for the 99 percent of Americans who are not the top earners but critics say the groups lack clear objectives.

Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have been arrested in New York since the protests began. There have been numerous arrests in Tampa, Cincinnati, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Denver and other cities.

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Police Arrest Protesters at Citibank in Occupy New York

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