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By John Hively

Pink Martini played at Pioneer Courthouse Square Friday in support of Occupy Portland. There was a bounty of inspirational speakers to help inspire the crowd, and then there was Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Wall Street’s Bitch Boy from Oregon. Apparently, he came to lie to the people of Oregon. What he didn’t say, said it all.

Congressman Peter DeFazio, a staunch patriot of the people, spoke just before Congressman Earl. He talked about increasing regulation on Wall Street, getting rid of the Bush tax cuts for the rich, initiating a tax on stock transactions and stuff like that. Then Congressman DeFazio introduced Congressman Earl as the latter strode onto the stage.

Signs went up about how Congressman Earl had just voted a few weeks earlier to outsource more American jobs via free trade treaties with South Korea and Panama, and how he just voted to ease regulations on Wall Street. He isn’t called a Wall Street Bitch Boy for nothing. As an arch supporter of the one percent, what this boy was doing addressing seven thousand 99 percenters is a mystery.

Congressbitchboy Earl was clearly rattled when members of the crowd began shouting and overwhelming his voice with their chants. The lead singer of Pink Martini got on the microphone and implored the crowd to let Earl speak, as if he had something worthwhile to say. But they did quiet down. Earl spoke and told us a ton of stuff by what he didn’t say.

Congressman Earl told the crowd that we needed to stop buying stuff that profited Wall Street. Unlike DeFazio, he didn’t say anything about ending the Bush tax cuts, or regulating Wall Street. He didn’t say he was sorry for his congressional votes that have outsourced millions of American jobs and redistributed hundreds of billions, and more likely trillions, of dollars from working Americans to the rich. Instead, he tacitly blamed people’s spending habits on the economic crisis when he told us we needed to shop locally and that would solve a lot of problems. That told us a lot.

Congressman Earl apparently plans to continue to serve as one of Wall Street’s Legislative Prostitutes from Oregon (Along with Kurt Schrader and Greg Walden). And he intends to continue to support the one percent against the 99 percent.

Congressman Earl needs to find a new job, maybe as a bootlicking Wall Street lobbyist. He’s had plenty of practice doing that as a politician. So he’s certainly qualified in this regard. The congressman is certainly not a man of the people; he can’t be when he’s a bendover bitchboy of Wall Street.


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