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GMO-Free USA reports, “Over 60 Rodent feeding studies find harm after feeding Roundup Ready and Bt toxin insecticide-producing varieties of genetically modified foods that are in our food today. Harmful effects included: Stomach barrier damage, increased risk of intestinal infections, high cholesterol, high blood sugar; reproductive issues including lower birth weight and increased mortality of offspring; organ disturbances in the pancreas, liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, ovaries and testes; other disturbances including disturbances to the immune system, blood biochemistry and functioning of the digestive system. No wonder there is no consensus on the safety of GMO foods. Feel like a lab rat?”

Your government continues to allow US food corporations to sell that stuff to you as being safe. Your government and the politicians that rule it is completely bought off by big business. Always increasing profits are more important than people.

You can find GMO ingredients in mustard, corn, potatoes, milk, beef, chicken, ketchup, processed foods, cereals, just about anything with corn, canola or soy in them. Unless labeled “organic” or “non-GMO” assume you are eating GMO foods.

GMO products are more cheaply produced than non-GMO products because insecticides and herbicides are placed directly into crop seeds. So, for example, corn producing plants have the Ht herbicide in them which kills any other plants within three feet of them; those plants also have the Bt toxin. When a bug bites a corn plant with the Bt toxin, their bellies begin to swell until they explode. When you consume the corn that is genetically modified to have the Bt and Ht toxins in them, you are also consuming those toxins.

And yet, in 1995, the US Food and Drug Administration under President Bill Clinton, one of the most corrupt presidents in the history of the United States, allowed the product into the US food chain. Reportedly, the USDA accepted the studies done by the GMO corporations, such as Monsanto, which reportedly only provided the results of GMO tests on rats up to three months, but not a second more than that. The corporate researchers and CEOs most likely knew what their product did to rats after three months.

For a complete list of studies of GMO’s on rats (other than the corporate GMO studies, and we all know how corrupt those studies were) click on the following link. Then click on “see more.” https://www.facebook.com/GMOFreeUSA/photos/a.468695639837571.108816.402058139834655/1958564994183954/?type=3&theater&ifg=1

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Over 60 countries around the world have mandatory GMO labeling laws, if not outright GMO crop cultivation bans. But here in the USA, many of our elected Representatives are working for Monsanto instead of the People that elected them into office. CALL YOUR REP NOW AND TELL THEM NOT TO SUPPORT HR1599 – the mother of all Monsanto protection acts: 202.225.3121

Agrichemical corporations and Big Food don’t want us to know if our food has been genetically engineered because no one would want to buy the GMO food-like products once they’re educated about what GMOs are. Who would want to eat unnatural, lab-created, insecticide-producing crops that are, themselves, EPA-registered pesticides that are then coated with more insecticides before being planted, and then doused again and again with toxic herbicides as they are growing? The EPA, for example, has labeled corn as a pesticide. That’s because the corn plant is loaded with pesticides and herbicides when they’re seeds.

When bugs bite into the GMO corn or the corn plant with the Bt toxin, it ingests the insecticide, which then expands its abdomen until the unfortunate bug blows up. When you eat GMO corn, you’re eating the Bt toxin. Those same corn stalks are filled with herbicides, which kill rival plants for up to three feet from the stalk. When you eat GMO corn, you’re eating herbicides.

Numerous scientific studies link GMOs with health issues in rats, cows, hamsters, amphibians, and humans. See 10-scientific-studies-that-prove-gmos-are-toxic. Those studies are just a few of the studies showing the harmful impacts of GMOs.

Monsanto and its congressional representatives, such as Representative Mike Pompeo, are backing a bill, HR 1599, which was written by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (made up of members like Monsanto, Kellogg’s and Nestle), will keep Americans in the dark about the GMOs in our food. More properly known as the DARK Act (Deny Americans the Right-to-Know), the official name of HR 1599 is intentionally misleading and is deceptively called “The Safe & Accurate Food Labeling Act.”

This DARK Act would outlaw States’ Rights to enact mandatory GMO labeling and prohibit mandatory GMO labeling at the federal level. It would overturn GMO crop cultivation bans passed at the county level such as those in Jackson County, Oregon, and in many counties in Northern California. It would allow GMOs to be labeled “natural” and allow some GMOs to be labeled as Non-GMO. And to further deceive the American People, it would do away with the independent nonprofit Non-GMO Project Verified label in favor of a corrupted USDA non-GMO label.

HB1599 is anything but safe or accurate.

Tell Congress to Stop Doing Big Food and Monsanto’s Dirtywork: Americans Need to Know if It’s GMO. Sign the petition: http://tinyurl.com/StopTheDARKAct

Then contact your Reps directly and tell them to vote NO on HR1599 and YES on DeFazio’s HR913 bill that would require mandatory labeling of GMOs. WE NEED TO KNOW IF IT’S GMO. Find your Reps here: https://salsa4.salsalabs.com/o/51225/getLocal.jsp

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From GMO Free USA

NEW PEER-REVIEWED STUDY: Glufosinate Ammonium (GLA), the herbicide sprayed on Bayer’s herbicide tolerant Liberty Link GMO crops, has been found to induce austism-like symptoms in mice after their mothers were exposed to low doses – both pre and post-natal. The study raises fundamental concerns about the ability of current safety testing to assess risks of pesticide exposure during critical developmental periods. Another toxic herbicide in your GMO food.

A peer review study must pass rigorous standards. Multiple peer review studies show harmful impacts of GMOs to rats, amphibians, hams, cows and other animals. This includes such maladies as death by GMO, infertility, sterility, cancer, deformed genitals, and much, much more. The corporate propaganda machine known as the corporate media doesn’t want you to know about this stuff. They insist these studies are under dispute. They are under dispute, but only by GMO corporations. That’s something they won’t tell you.

In the meantime, the GMO corporate controlled USDA has decided not to take the health and safety of the American people into consideration when approving GMOs. The USDA “has approved for the 2015 growing season Roundup tolerant, Bt toxic pesticide producing GMO soy. The latest agrichemical innovation to grace your dinner plate without your knowledge or consent. Approved by the USDA in 2014, this new variety of soy joins two other crops which are also EPA registered pesticides that kill insects – Bt toxic insecticide producing corn & cotton (for cottonseed oil) are already an integral part of our food supply. HERBICIDE ON THE SOY. INSECTICIDE IN THE SOY. What a delightful gourmet treat!” From GMO Free USA

When an insect bites into a plant that is filled with the Bt toxin, its intestines begin to swell until it explodes. In one study, the uterus of 93 percent of women tested were loaded with the Bt toxin. Notice the corporate press is not reporting this. Instead, the corporate press is calling for a congressional vote to eliminate (suppress) your right to vote on state and county levels to label foods with GMO poisons in them.

Your government and the corporate press are corrupted to the core by big money. That’s why the USDA is approving this poison for your consumption, and that’s why they don’t want you to know about it.


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85 percent of all corn grown in the United States is GMO, and loaded with bug killer. When a bug bites into a portion of a corn plant, it ingests the Bt toxin inside of the plant. The toxin inside the bug begins to expand in the abdomen until it explodes. In one study, 93 percent of all women tested have the Bt toxin in the uterus. Monsanto Corporation produces the Bt toxin, and it is extremely profitable. And so, what we have, is the health of the women of the 99 percent is being redistributed and morphed into profits for the 1 percent.

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ABC News recently reported, “Though genetically engineered crops are common and no mainstream science has shown they are unsafe, opponents contend GMOs are still experimental and promote the use of pesticides. They say more testing is needed.”

The Oregonian newspaper and numerous other major corporate propaganda machines continue to echo the same lie.

Numerous university and government studies show the harmful effects of GMOs, but apparently, university and government studies are not “mainstream” enough to qualify as legitimate for the censors of the corporate propaganda machines, which are most often falsely called the mainstream media.

On face value, it would appear only studies on the safety of GMOs will qualify as mainstream if they’re funded by the GMO giants, such as Monsanto and Syngenta of Switzerland.

However, even that’s not the case. It appears that any studies on the safety of GMOs have to show that GMOs are completely safe to human health because a study by the folks at Syngenta show how unsafe GMOs really are.

Back in the 1990s the folks at Syngenta tested one of their GMO grains for cows and discovered it quickly killed its test subjects. It hid the results of its test and promptly began selling the killer grain. In Germany, the cows of a farmer who bought the grain died. The farmer sued Syngenta and its representatives denied under oath that its grain was harmful. After Syngenta was found innocent, a leaked document exposing the test results on cows and cattle performed by the folks at Syngenta made its way to the farmer, who promptly sued again. That case is still bending, but all of this information is available, but the folks at ABC News, like the rest of the US corporate news and propaganda machines, were willing to tell the truth to the public, and there are lots of independent tests that tell the whole story about the dangers of GMOs to public health. This story all over the world, including in major news media, such as the Guardian UK, but there was a complete blackout on the story by the US corporate press.

Certain studies don’t count as mainstream, such as a study by Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, at the University of Sherbrooke Hospital Centre in Quebec, Canada, which showed that 93 percent of all newborn babies are contaminated with the Bt toxin which is product of the GMO crops. In England, this study was reported by the mainstream press, such as the Daily Mail. This story was reported by major news media all over the Earth, except in the US.

There are plenty of other mainstream studies that show the health hazards of GMOs.

It appears the only so-called studies on the health impacts of GMOs the mainstream corporate propaganda machine, such as ABC News and the failing Oregonian newspaper, want you to see are those that only show how safe GMOs are, and those are all funded by the GMO giants.

Check out the links below.

Syngenta Coverup–Natural News

The Daily Mail–UK

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Now here’s the real deal. The Bt toxin that Monsanto engineered plants have in them don’t kill the worms, but the toxin is transferred into people’s bodies. One study shows that 93 percent of all women tested for the Bt toxin have it in their uterus. The liar’s at Monsanto, quite naturally, have claimed that the Bt toxin is removed from the human body by acids it must pass through during consumption. See the story at GM Food Toxins in the Blood of 93 Percent of Unborn Babies–Mail Online

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