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The Guardian of the UK, normally a straight forward and honest broker of news and commentary, has bought into the lying bull shit of the US corporate press. Some Guardian idiot named Larry Elliot wrote,

“America’s growth figures have come as a nasty shock to Wall Street. For nine months the stock market had been rising on hopes that the world’s biggest economy was on the mend. But the latest data suggests the US recovery is still very much work in progress.”

No, no, no, the stock market was rising because corporate profits are at record levels! Apparently, Elliot doesn’t seem to understand the connection (simple cause and effect) between stock prices and corporate earnings. He’s too dense to understand that the only way those earnings can grow in the face of worldwide declining demand is by redistributing income from the 99 to the 1 percent. Shipping jobs overseas is the easy way to push stock prices up because the difference between the old wages here and the new lower wages overseas increases corporate profits year after year. Studies by the Federal Reserve show that between 1.2 to 2.4 million jobs are shipped from the US to elsewhere every year.

It’s easy to predict slower growth in the US because the demand for goods and services has been redistributed into the fat wallets of the super wealthy. They’ve used their control of the US government to pass legislation that does this. They now take home over 31 percent of total income produced in the US, compared to about 8 percent thirty-three years ago. That leaves the rest of us with little or no money to buy goods and services to the point where economic growth can be vibrant, like it used to be. Meanwhile, the rich invest in things like politicians and derivatives, which does nothing to create demand, but does everything to destroy it. The redistribution process is growing. That means the economy will continuously weaken, although it is possible there might be occasional and abnormal historically weak growth spurts.

At least Elliot did get something right, although not completely:

“The even worse news is that the US economy may slow down in the second quarter. Not only will activity be impeded – perhaps severely – by cuts in federal programs, but consumers are unlikely to continue running down their savings to finance their spending in the way they did in the first three months of the year.”

What he doesn’t say is that consumers are unlikely to continue running down their savings” or use their credit cards when their income is continuously being redistributed to the 1 percent by their government. (more…)

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The Great Worker Speed Up–How Do Improve Productivity

“The big economic news of the past couple of weeks brought a study in contrasts: Hiring has slowed down dramatically, with few people coming off the unemployment rolls, while corporate profits keep climbing. How could this be?” Click on the link below to find out how.”

Working More and Earning Less–The full story

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A deal has been reached between the Greek government and the rest of the Eurozone. Greece will get a series of loans that should save it temporarily from defaulting on government bonds; the deal will also ensure Greece will move deeper into misery and that the current recession that began five years ago will get worse.

Unemployment is already at 20 percent. It will grow because the new austerity measures include slashing pensions and lowering the minimum wage from 751 to 580 Euros per month. That’s called slashing the demand for goods and services. That’s called increasing misery. The Greek government is facing insolvency, dissolution and probably revolution in the coming months.

The Euro is good for the European banksters, but bad for the people of Greece. The Greek politicians know this.

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