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Nabisco Corporation is the maker of Oreo cookies. Nabisco’s CEO has decided the best way to increase corporate profits is to lower wages. So she has authorized the shipping of 600 jobs in Chicago to lower wage Mexico. The difference between the old higher US wages, and the new lower Mexican wages, will go straight into the pockets of mostly rich shareholders and, of course, Rosenfeld’s wallet, as well. This will be achieved via rising Nabisco profits, surging share prices, and soaring dividends. The losers of those jobs will be lucky to get unemployment insurance for a while, until they get a new, lower paying job, if they’re lucky.

This scenario has been replayed over and over again, ever since NAFTA was enacted. NAFTA has redistributed trillions of dollars from the 99 to the 1 percent over and over again. The 1 percent used to steal only 8 percent of all income created in the United States. Now they’re robbing the rest of us blind, and this Oreo cookie (loaded with GMOs by the way) debacle is just one minor example of how income redistribution scams like NAFTA have played out.

President Obama and his henchmen, such as Wall Street Senator’s Mitch McConnell, Ron Wyden and Orrin Hatch, is pressing to resume negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the largest income redistribution scam of all time. It’s falsely being labeled as a free trade agreement.

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“A runoff that was expected to be a slam dunk for Rahm Emanuel is turning out to be uncomfortably — even dangerously — close, leading the Chicago mayor to ready a scorched-earth offensive to save his job.

Recent polling shows the race between Emanuel and his unknown and underfunded rival, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, has closed to within single digits. With local and national progressive groups lining up behind Garcia and promising to pour cash into the effort to deny Emanuel a second term, the mayor is suddenly scratching and clawing for his political existence.

“In Chicago, politics is a contact sport, and it looks like we’re going to have one of those full-contact battles,” said Bill Daley, a former White House chief of staff whose father and brother each served as Chicago mayor for more than 20 years.”

Rahm has always represented the 1 percent, and so, in Oregon, we have a problem politician.

We need to get rid of Wall Senator Ron Wyden because on all economic issues this guy sides with the 1 percent, especially when his vote matters. We’re building the grassroots here in Oregon that can take this guy down, perhaps within the next election cycle.

Even if Garcia does not become the mayor of Chicago, he’s very close, and maybe the next election Rahm and his Wall Street allies will be gone.

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Chicago Teachers Take On Rahm Democrats–Labor Notes

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The Koch brothers want to sue Chicago after city officials ruled their company must build enclosures around the mountains of toxic petroleum coke which are blowing cancer-causing dust through local neighborhoods. Koch Industries claims it would be an “economic hardship” to enclose the waste, but apparently they have millions to sue the city.

Chicago Tribune–Koch Brothers Demand Delays

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Earlier this month, thousands of fast food workers in cities from New York to Chicago to Detroit hit the streets. Many were wearing “red ‘Fight for 15’ T-shirts – a reference to the popular call for a $15 hourly wage, almost double the current federal minimum.” More protests are planned for the fall.

“We’re frustrated and we’re angry,” says Alex Mack, 33, a worker at Wendy’s in Chicago. “I make $8.25 an hour and it’s impossible to live on. I’m a father, a husband. I’m always robbing Peter to pay Paul, shorting one bill to pay another.” But Mack is optimistic that the strike action will be successful. “If we stick together, it’s not impossible,” he says.

Corporations such as McDonald’s are earning record profits, mainly by cheapening their products and poisoning their customers through the use of less expensive genetically modified ingredients. Under the current circumstances, McDonalds and the other food chains can afford to pay more to their employees, it just means less will go to their investors.

The result will be simple if this scenario happens. The employees will demand more goods and services, thereby strengthening the weak economy. Rich investors will have less money to invest in politicians, such as Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden, as well as derivatives and other things, most of which are geared toward redistributing the wages, benefits and salaries of the 99 percent to themselves.

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Why Chicago Doesn’t Have Enough Money For It’s Schools.

Good corporate drone Democrat that he is, Mayor Rahm Emmanel of Chicago decided to redistribute income from the citizens of Chicago to the rich folks of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. That’s what really occurred. He stole money from working people and the children of Chicago and gave it to his rich buddies.

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50,000 occupiers from all over the world will be converging on Chicago May 1. “The world’s military and political elites, heads of state, 7,500 officials from 80 nations, and more than 2,500 journalists will be there for a rare G8 and NATO simultaneous summit.” They will come with an eye toward planning how to redistribute more income and wealth from working people all over the world to the one percent. It’s that simple. That’s the plan, regardless of how their spokespeople paint the issue. And that’s why Occupy will be in Chicago for a month.

50,000 Occupiers to Occupy Chicago on May 1, 2012

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Chicago police on Monday issued citations to 43 senior citizens and their supporters who linked arms to block an intersection near the city’s financial district.

The action was part of a protest against proposed cuts to Social Security, Medicare and other benefits.

The Jane Addams Senior Caucus (JASC), their supporters and “Occupy Chicago” began the demonstration with a rally outside the office of Illinois Sens. Mark Kirk (R) and Dick Durbin (D). The group, which organizers claimed was nearly 1,500-strong, then marched to the Federal Plaza.

Traffic at the intersection of Jackson Boulevard and Clark Street was blocked for about an hour, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“At every level of society, Americans are under attack,” said Karen Bocker, an “Occupy Chicago” participant and grandmother of four.

“When the economy tanks, social programs are cut, not corporate tax breaks. We are under attack, and frankly, I’m tired of it. The very people who are hurt most from cuts to social services – services that our tax money are supposed to guarantee – are those who can least afford it.”

The protesters were joined by Durbin, and Reps. Jan Schakowsky (D), Danny Davis (D), and Mike Quigley (D) in the morning.

Think about this fact. The Social Security Trust Fund has a $2.6 Trillion surplus. The federal government has borrowed it by selling the trust fund treasury bills. The trust fund is earning about $118 billion dollars a year from its investment in those treasury bills. So what’s the problem? The answer is the Bush tax cuts for the rich. At some point the federal government is going to have to pay back the trust fund to the tune of $2.6 Trillion. That might mean raising taxes on the rich, or letting the Bush tax cuts expire. In other words, the Bush tax cuts for the rich forced the government to borrow a shit load of money from the Social Security Trust Fund. Rather than raise taxes on the rich by letting the Bush tax cuts expire, President Obama and his Corporate Cronies in Congress have decided to cut Social Security payments to impoverished seniors. In other words, cuts in social security are being used to redistribute income from impoverished seniors to the rich. Thank you President Obama!

Watch video, courtesy of independent YouTube reporter John Sheehan, below:

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