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US Congressman Alan Grayson explains in the video above how the regime of free trade is destroying the middle class by redistributing its income to the 1 percent. The fourteen largest trade deficits in the history of the world are the last fourteen US trade deficits. That neatly corresponds to the current imbalance in income and wealth inequality. That’s because they’re connected, tightly entwined, like the fibers of ropes, or the financial links between politicians and their financial backers.

Grayson asks, “What sane person could look at the trade deficit numbers and conclude that America needs more free trade?”

Yet many politicians support the Fast Track Authority and the TPP, mostly due to political corruption. So is their support of increased income inequality and rising trade deficits caused by insanity or corruption or stupidity? Try the second reason.

I disagree with some of Grayson’s conclusions. One of the things he doesn’t understand is that the US trade deficit is largely caused by US corporations, which ship jobs overseas, and then export these products to the United States. The difference between the old higher wages and the new lower foreign wages goes straight into the pockets of the super rich via higher corporate profits, rising dividends and share prices.

This is why the US trade deficit fits neatly in with growing income inequality. Trade deals are a nifty and shady way of hiding this income redistribution and how the 1 percent achieve it.

That means trade deals have never had anything to do with trade, except as a coincidence to legally paving the way for US corporations to ship jobs overseas, or to create jobs over there rather than back here.

So when a trade deal comes along, like the Trans Pacific Partnership, and this deal will likely increase the already massive US trade deficit, it’s a sure sign that it negotiated to redistribute income from the 99 to the 1 percent, and income inequality will increase correspondingly, and this is what the TPP is all about, and nothing more.

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The magic of the market of goods and services sets neither the lowest wages nor the highest. The corruption of the government is what sets the highest and lowest wages, as well as everything in between. When the government is subsidizing record corporate profits via welfare to corporate employees year after year it’s a good sign government corruption is behind the low wages, whether it’s anti-union labor legislation, legislation that exports US jobs, or immigration policies that lower the wages of US workers whose jobs cannot be exported. This is called income redistribution from the 99 to the 1 percetn. The government has rigged the economic and political games against the 99 percent on behalf of the 0.01 percent.

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“Land grant universities’ dependence on industry money has corrupted the independence of public science, as academics align their research projects with the ambitions of the private sector. Industry funding also diverts academic resources and attention away from projects that benefit the public, including research that challenges corporate control of food systems.
Donors can and do influence the outcomes of research to meet their business needs. More than 15 percent of university scientists acknowledge having “changed the design, methodology or results of a study in response to pressure from a funding source.”

Paid by Monsanto–farmwars.info

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Labor unions are associations of working people pooling their labor so as to demand better working conditions, as well as pay and benefits. About 99.9 percent of all US citizens produce goods and services.

Publicly traded limited liability corporations are associations of rich people pooling billions of dollars together so as to avoid having to compete against one another in separate business entities, to be better able to bribe politicians for political favors, and to fight hard for worse pay, lower benefits, and less safe conditions for their employees. About 0.1 percent of all US citizens produce nothing but political and economic power in order to redistribute income from the 99 to the 1 percent.

Guess which group your government supports.

Support organized labor because it’s the only way to defeat organized money and their corrupt government.

This message brought to you by a member of the 99 percent.

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“MSNBC host and labor advocate Ed Schultz blasted the Obama administration for not standing up for labor workers on “The Ed Show” Tuesday.

One day after Scott Walker dealt another blow to unions by signing right-to-work into law in Wisconsin, Schultz said Obama and the administration have been a “no show” since taking office.

“I have wanted to say this for a long time,” Schultz started. “’All of the sudden President Obama and Vice President Biden are concerned about the depletion of union membership in America and the general attack on unions.'”

Schultz also castigated the president, as well as other democrats such as Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden, for supporting Fast Track Authority and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP); the latter is a job killing, income and political power redistribution scam falsely marketed as a free trade agreement. It has almost nothing to do with trade. It’s about redistributing the income and voting rights of the 99 to the 1 percent. It’s about bypassing Wall Street regulations, which will allow investment banks to drive the US economy into the next Great Depression, which coincidentally, the economy is already bracing for.

The TPP is the most secretive treaty of all time, and we know very little about it since what we know has been leaked.

If congress gives the president Fast Track Authority, then there will be almost no public input and congressional debate on the TPP, no amendments will be offered, and no senate filibuster will be allowed once TPP is introduced into the legislature.

Check out Ed’s show on these issues at the link below.

President Obama is a No-show on Labor Union Issues–Daily Caller

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