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Two million jobs were created last year.

The graph above says a ton.

1) 2.17 million jobs were created in 2012, which is the best annual amount since 2005, and is greater than seven of the eight years of the corrupt idiots Bush/Cheney.

2) “During the fourth quarter of last year, with the “fiscal cliff” looming, 201,000 jobs were created per month. “All these concerns that the fiscal uncertainty deterred businesses from hiring, they certainly haven’t materialized,” said UniCredit economist Harm Bandholz.”

3) “74,000 government jobs were lost last year. This includes 9,000 layoffs last month, 2,000 of which were in education. Since February 2010, the public sector has lost 600,000 jobs.”

4) “5.5 million lost jobs have been recovered. As Bloomberg News noted, ‘The economy has recovered 5.51 million of the 8.74 million jobs that were lost as a result of the last recession.’”

5) Roughly 100,000 construction jobs have been created since September 2012. The economy has added 296,000 construction jobs since January 2011, and a third of those gains occurred in the final four months of 2012. Still, construction employment is 2 million jobs below its 2006 peak.

Now here are some things the chart doesn’t tell you.

6) By 2012, a good three years after the end of the last recession, fully 49.1 percent of the US population received some form of government assistance compared to 30 percent in 1980.

7) Under President Jimmy Carter, during the period from June 1980 to June 1981, the economy created nearly three million jobs, more than 230,000 jobs per month, and in a nation that was more than 2/3s smaller in population and gross domestic product than the current economy. What happened to cause such giant differences between then and now? Here is the difference. The 1 percent have stolen ove 30 percent of the total income produced in the US every year, compared to 7 to 8 percent in 1980. The US government was taken over by the 1 percent years ago. The result has been a massive redistribution of income and wealth from the 99 to the 1 percent via free trade legislation, deregulation and privatization scams, as well as profitable wars for the 1 percent and stuff like that. That means the 99 percent have less money to spend, which creates a weaker economy, less jobs and fewer opportunities.

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