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Last week, seven US marshals, in full combat gear, arrested Paul Acre at his home in Houston Texas over a 29-year-old unpaid $1500 student loan. Reports are coming in that other people have been arrested for the same thing, as well.

The Obama administration clearly has its priorities straight. Arrest student loan defaulters, who clearly cannot make significant campaign contributions, take them to the judge, and force them into a legally binding repayment contracts. That’s what happened to Acre.

On the other hand, the Obama justice department has been careful not to investigate or charge with any crime a single Wall Street banker, or any of their underlings. You know those people even if you don’t know their names. These are the folks at Citigroup, JP Morgan/Chase, Goldman Sachs, a variety of hedge funds, and others who can and do make significant campaign contributions. They get the cash to do so through illegal activities, such as laundering Mexican drug cartel drug money, committing fraud, ripping off billions from consumers and investors, tanking the economy with illegal actions, and corrupting the US government completely.

Wall Street investment corporations have been caught doing all of this illegal stuff, and more, and have been fined by the US government, but not a single person has been charged with a crime, or arrested.

We clearly have a duel system of justice; one for the rich and powerful, and one for the rest of us.

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Student loan recipients are defaulting on their student loans in increasing numbers.

Student loans are a scam. Here’s why. Thirty plus years ago the folks on Wall Street figured out they could purchase student loans, and then issue bonds to rich investors that were backed by the student loans. The 1 percent own the vast majority of those bonds. As the government or students make payments on the loans, much of the payments are redistributed to the 1 percent as payments on those bonds.

It was a nice scam since the government guaranteed the loans, which means there is no risk in being a bonds backed by student loans. Think about it. Rich investors are earning money with zero risk. Worse yet, depending on your view point, the students take all the risk, since they have to to pay and pay, with no chance of going bankrupt and getting rid of this burden. They have become indentured servants to the 1 percent.

Wall Street pressured then President Ronald Reagan, as well as Republican and Democratic law-makers, to cut the amount of federal grants the government gave out to its citizens. That forced more members of the 99 percent to take out even more student loans.

This is how political power works and the Bush tax cuts works. Give the rich more money, they buy more politicians of both parties, like Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden, and then their political servants enact legislation that redistributes income from the 99 to the 1 percent.

Are Student Loans the New Subprime Disaster?

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