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In the USA, money reigns over democracy more and more. Politicians ignore the will of the majority whenever it pleases them and the parasites of the 1 percent. That includes their politicians, such as Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden, a notorious liar and servant of Wall Street. He is supposed to represent the interests of the people of Oregon, but he never does when it is at cross purposes with his masters of Wall Street. The corporate propaganda machine defends Wyden by creating illusions about what he is and what he does, rather than the truth. In that way, they keep our eyes off the prize of the American dream that Wyden is constantly redistributing to the parasites of the 1 percent via federal legislation. This makes Wyden, as well as such Wall Street politicians as John Boehner, Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, and about 90 percent of the US senate and House of Representatives nothing but parasites of the 1 percent. That’s why it’s a rigged game against the 99 percent, and there are plenty of examples of how democracy is nothing more than an illusion any more.

According to economist Richard Wolff, “2013 drove home a basic lesson: US capitalism’s economic leaders and their politicians now regularly ignore majority opinions and preferences. For example, polls showed overwhelming popular support for higher taxes on the rich with lower taxes on the rest of us and for reversing the nation’s deepening economic inequalities. Yet Republicans and Democrats, including President Obama, raised payroll taxes sharply on January 1, 2013. Those taxes are regressive; they take a smaller percentage of your income the higher your income is above $113,700 per year. Raising the payroll tax increased economic inequality across 2013.”

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Capitalism and Democracy: Year-End Lessons–Z Communications

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Big Money didn’t win all the time on Tuesday election. In fact, big money lost 15 times against progressive policies and candidates. For example, Bill de Blasio won the New York City’s mayor race “on a platform of reducing inequality and halting NYPD’s controversial ‘stop-and-frisk’ program, he’ll also govern with a more progressive city council, as the 21 new members of the 51-seat body are expected to double the council’s progressive caucus after aggressive campaigning by labor groups and the Working Families Party.”

Check out the story below from Moyers and company.

Under the radar progressive wins of the 2013 election–Bill Moyers and Company

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80 percent of Democrats and 100 percent of Republicans in congress and in the white house represent only the interests of their factions of the 1 percent, corporations and Wall Street. That’s why both parties exclusively create and enact legislation on the federal level that redistributes income from the 99 to the 1 percent, such as free trade treaties.

To divide us against our common enemies, which is both major political parties, they play a game. It’s called divide and conquer via social issues, such as gun control, gay marriage, abortion, flag burning, race, ethnicity, illegal immigration, legal immigration, and everything else you can think of.

The golden rule dictates why this has happened in Washington D.C.; he who has the gold makes the rules. Restore democracy and end dictatorship of the rich by getting money out of politics.

And by the way, it has become quite obvious, that on pretty much all legislation that redistributes income from the 99 to the 1 percent, and any other piece of legislation that helps to sustain this, such as the NSA domestic spying program, the US Supreme Court will always side with big money regardless of what the US Constitution or any US laws say. That’s why we’re playing in a rigged game.  That’s why President Obama sides with Monsanto against the health of the American people, that’s why the government coordinated the attacks on Occupy Wall Street…..etc….

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Senator Elizabeth Warren has introduced a bill in which student loans will be offered at the same rate banks pay the Federal Reserve. They pay 0.75 percent, less than one percent.

“In her Senate remarks introducing The Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act, Warren bluntly states her rationale: “‘If the Federal Reserve can float trillions of dollars to large financial institution, surely they can float the Department of Education the money to fund our students, keep us competitive, and grow our middle class.'”

Naturally, the entire Republican Party and 80 percent of Democrats will oppose this bill because it’s what they do; wage war against the middle class.

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Comprehensive immigration reform may or may not happen. However, a legislative package has been created by eight members of the US senate. For how will this will impact the US economy, let’s take a look at the past.

After the Immigration Reform Act of December 1986, average real wage rates immediately dropped for six straight years in the USA. Wage rates had dropped during the Reagan years, but then they rebounded and were going up. That growth was stopped cold in December 1986. Then real wages began the big drop, and didn’t rebound to their December 1986 rate for eleven years. All of this information is available at the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, http://www.bls.gov.

So it’s possible (and likely) that with comprehensive immigration reform, wage rates will once again be adversely impacted. Who will gain from this?

Wall Street wins and immigrants who move from the shadow economy to the taxed economy will improve their livelihoods. The rest of us will lose in this case.

Wall Street wins because average wages will go down, meaning corporate profits will go up further than would otherwise be the case. This will fuel dividends which pushes stock prices higher. It will also likely strengthen the corporate bond market. Most of those assets are owned by the 1 percent. So it stands to reason that income and wealth will be redistributed from the 99 to the 1 percent with a reform package.

However, there is some good that will likely occur with reform. One will be the likely suicide of the Republican Party, the most viciously anti-middle class warriors of the political elite. Don’t get me wrong. About 80 percent of the Democrats in congress and the white house are anti-middle class warriors on behalf of the 1 percent. However, with the Republicans out of the way, perhaps the base of the Democrats will take a look at how important of a role most Democrats have played in the massive redistribution of income and wealth from the 99 to the 1 percent over the last thirty years.

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