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The 99 percent of the United States need a champion in the White House (and a lot more in Congress) and Joe Biden is not that person. Biden is a virtual employee of the super-rich, Wall Street executives and big corporations.

The corporate news media made a big play for Biden’s candidacy both before and when he entered the Democratic Party primary. This pushed Biden out to a big polling lead over the anti-Wall Street progressive candidates, such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Biden initially polled in the mid-40 percent range after he announced his candidacy.

This was never a good sign for Biden because he needed to poll over 50 percent in order to win the Democratic Party candidacy. As the twenty or so Democratic candidates fall by the wayside during the state primaries, the eventual progressive candidate who will oppose Biden will likely receive the vast majority of votes that otherwise would have gone to the failed progressive candidates.

Biden’s poll numbers have gradually dropped to the mid to late 20s as his record as a representative of the filthy rich and as an opponent of the vast majority of American citizens are exposed.

For example, Biden has proposed cutting Social Security benefits for working Americans on three occasions. He has also proposed cutting Medicare. As a US senator, Biden was one of the few Democrats to vote to export millions of United States jobs, and redistribute hundreds of billions (if not trillions) of dollars from working Americans to the rich, when he voted for NAFTA. The difference between the old higher US pay the new lower Mexican pay goes straight into the pockets of the rich year after year for as long as those former US jobs exist in Mexico.

Likewise, Vice President Biden was a big booster of the ill-fated Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement that would have exported millions more US jobs overseas and redistributed trillions of dollars a year from working Americans to the wealthy in the process.

Many American voters are worried about income and wealth inequality in favor of the affluent. Like Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden, Biden is an architect of these inequalities, and he has the record to prove it, though nobody will hear him brag about it unless it is to the billionaires in private.

Biden is the wrong person at the wrong time for the vast majority of US citizens, and more and more Democratic Party voters can smell the stench of Wall Street all over Joe Biden. Billionaire investors have marked Biden and Wyden the same as cats mark their territory and property.

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The video above tells all that is needed for you to know about what the Wall Street Democratic Establishment is planning for the Democratic convention in July, and for the future of the 99 percent.

Like the Democratic primaries, like the future of the 99 percent, the Democratic Convention is being rigged to the benefit of the 1 percent once again.

In other election news, the folks in Oregon who count the votes from last May 17th election haven’t been able to count them all, and won’t be finished until sometime in mid-June. It appears, however, that Bernie Sanders will have taken 60+ percent of the Oregon vote by then, meaning he has improved his mathematical chances of winning the primary election against Wall Street’s darlin’. It ain’t over yet! See The Real Democratic Primary Election Numbers in Oregon–John Laurits

The Democratic Party is not a political party. Rather it is a business establishment that sells government representation and legislation to the highest bidder, and always at the expense of the 99 percent. In that respect, it is no different than the modern Republican Party.

To differentiate differences between the two political parties, the leaderships create false and sometimes incredibly stupid issues. This is always to rally their grassroots and create a facade of solidarity of interest between the Wall Street factions of each party and their respective grassroots. They’ve been doing this for 35+ years.

feel the bern

These issues include bathrooms for transgender people, guns, religion, abortion, wars against women, wars against Christmas, and so much more. The sheep are easily led astray by manipulating their emotions, and this allows the leaderships of both parties to conspire together behind scenes to steal the livelihoods, income and wealth of the grassroots of both parties, and redistribute those things to the 1 percent. The Trans Pacific Partnership is an obvious example of this conspiracy.

Stop being a sheep. Organize against the tyranny of the 1 percent. For Democrats, don’t vote for the Wall Street candidate. This primary season isn’t over.

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Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders was declared the winner of the Democratic Party primary in Oregon. Bernie won 55 to 45 percent. Sanders won every Oregon county save for one. The tally from Gilliam County: Bernie Sanders 100, Clinton 101. With the outcome in Oregon, the senator from Vermont won his third victory in three weeks and put 20 states in Sanders’ column.

After discovering he won Oregon, Sanders told a rally of 11,168 supporters at California State University, Dominquez Hills, “This is the beginning of the final push to win California…There are a lot of people out there who say Bernie Sanders should drop out, the people of California should not have the right to determine who the next president will be,” he said. “We are in this until the last ballot is counted … and then we’re going to take that fight to Philadelphia,” he added.

Meanwhile, in the other primary taking place that night, Kentucky, Hillary Clinton was declared the winner after nearly 2,000 votes were mysteriously shaved from Sanders tally. Perhaps they were given to Clinton, which would then account for her slim margin of victory. Fraud in Kentucky

Bernie was still ahead by a couple thousand votes with 93 percent of precincts reporting. But then, strange as it may seem, Hillary steamrolled past Bernie and won by the narrowest of margins: 212,500 to 210,626.

There have been numerous examples of voter fraud during this Democratic primary, Arizona, Iowa, Nevada, and New York, to name a few. Clinton won every one of these states. There has not been an iota of voter fraud in any of the state’s won by Sanders.

One has to wonder how much voter fraud the Wall Street Democratic Party leadership has had to use to keep the Wall Street candidate in the lead.

– See more at: http://en.institutomanquehue.org/publications/news/msnbc-hosts-almost-shit-their-pants-when-salem.html#sthash.et1KCCjB.dpuf

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By Richard Rodriquez,

It really baffles me how the Democrats have rallied around their wounded candidate ‪#‎WhichHillary‬.

Lowest favorability ratings ever for a candidate at this stage, an ongoing civil lawsuit for freedom of information act (FOIA) violations, an ongoing federal investigation on the miss handling of state secrets, the ongoing ‘little’ question why thousands of emails were deleted off the server she used for official government business (it’s obvious people if you think about it!), the non-release of her paid Wall Street speeches while saying she supports Wall Street reform (you understand why she’s not releasing them right?).

It’s truly baffling.

People are watching though….

I used to be very involved in the Democratic Party. I walked the streets door belling with now U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell (WA), I worked hard for U.S. Senator Patty Murray (WA) (I still like her, she’s awesome!), I went to many Democratic conventions, and I’ve been an elected Democratic precinct person (actually had to fulfill my state constitutional responsibilities once!).

How the party got to supporting this wound candidate is really baffling.

All this while Bernie Sanders supports traditional Democratic values; the environment receiving top priority because it threatens our national security, free public university education, Wall Street reforms, healthcare for all citizens, increasing taxes on the rich, putting a stop to endless wars that deplete our national treasure and the lives of our youth.

Traditional modern democratic values.

I blame it on Debbie Wasserman, Chair of the democratic national committee (DNC). She used to work for Clinton.

It’s like Democrats have entered their own echo chamber.
Despite all the support Bernie Sanders has earned with millions of votes, the Democratic Party has denied Bernie supporters from ‘any’ representation on the important Rules Committee for the upcoming National Convention.

What’s with that?

People don’t like change if it impacts their powerbase. But that is exactly what this country needs right now; change in the powerbase.

We The People have to make this happen.

I support Bernie Sanders as the Democratic candidate for president.
I am not paid by anybody to say that.
It’s just the right thing to do.
Oh yeah, I vote.

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Bernie Wins West Virginia. Now What?

From the writings of John Laurits:

Greetings, my friends! Firstly, I want to offer my condolences to the Clinton campaign and to the corporate media because — as I’m sure you all have heard, by now — a fire of hope has berned across West Virginia and the preliminary reports all confirm that both the media’s narrative and Clinton’s false sense of security were badly damaged in the blaze. This is because Clinton walked away with a mere 36% of the vote tonight and Democratic Party officials fear that these fires may already be spreading both to Oregon and Kentucky and some estimate that they, too, will soon be entirely engulfed with berning flames by the evening of May 17th.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the math and at what today means for us — but, this time, it’s going to take us a few extra steps because, as many of you have probably noticed, there is a piece of the puzzle missing. Fear not! I shall now use the power of numbers to cut through the confusion…†

So — Why don’t the totals add up!?

An excellent question! You may have noticed that Sanders’ and Clinton’s total percentages don’t add up to 100% — take a look:

Sanders | 51.4%
Clinton | 36.0%

There were four other Democratic candidates, like Martin O’Malley.

Now click the following link for more on this story. The Following Link by John Laurits

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The establishments of both major political parties seem to be rallying around Hillary Clinton for president, now that Donald Trump’s opponents have opted out of the Republican primary, and Hillary lost to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in Indiana. That’s what Politico.com is reporting.

The twin party establishments must rally around Clinton or else they will not be fielding a candidate with either party if Bernie wins the Democratic nomination, and it’s beginning to look more and more likely that the race between Sanders and Clinton will go down to the wire at the Democratic convention.

After winning in Indiana last night, Bernie needs to win about 65 percent of the total remaining votes to take the lead in pledged delegates when the convention convenes.

Next up for Bernie is West Virginia. The latest poll shows he’s leading by eight points. The West Virginia Democratic primary is open to independents. Bernie has a 3 to 1 edge there, and his supporters show up at the polls at a higher rate than Hillary’s, so that lead is really about 13 to 25 percent.

In other words, if Bernie and us put the effort into West Virginia, as well as the remaining primaries, we win. That simple. Get on the phones.

Check out Indiana: The After-MATH for more on the math of this election.

So what are the Wall Street twin party establishments going to do to counteract Trump and Bernie, when Bernie wins. You can bet the Republican establishment, at least a great deal of it, is planning now in some dark room on how to stop the Vermont senator by lining up behind the last Wall Street candidate.

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There are 10 states to go in the Democratic Primary. Bernie Sanders needs to win 65 percent of the vote the rest of the way in order to win, and that is plausible considering all of these states will likely vote for him, several of them overwhelmingly.

In the latest poll, Bernie is slightly behind the Wall Street candidate in Indiana 50-46. That suggests Sanders will win the state. Typically, if he’s behind by five points the day before an election, he wins by two or more because more and more people like his message, and Bernie voters turn out in higher numbers for their candidate than the voters who turn out for his opponent, the Wall Street candidate.

After that, Bernie will likely win most of the states by wide margins, except for New Jersey and California. Those two states are critical. Bernie can likely take California with 57 to 62 percent of the vote, but that doesn’t mean he will. But if he can, he’ll be in a hell of a position to take the nomination.

The last New Jersey poll showed Clinton up by nine points, but that was nearly a month ago. Bernie likely has made up lost ground since then. In Oregon, Bernie was up by 15 points in the last poll I saw.

Washington held its official delegate awarding caucuses yesterday, May 1. Bernie won over 70 percent of the vote, and took 25 delegates, to 9 for the Wall Street candidate. Hillary Clinton led Sanders by 310 pledged delegates before then, and now that advantage is reduced to 294. The corporate media decided not to report this result to keep you ignorant.

Take a look at California. There are 475 pledged delegates up for grabs. If Bernie wins 60 percent of the vote there, he’ll take 285 delegates to 190 for Clinton. One state will reduce Wall Street’s candidate’s lead by 95 pledged delegates, meaning she’ll be up by 199. His winning margin could be even greater.

Significant and sizable wins by Bernie elsewhere can completely eliminate Wall Street’s lead in this race. It ain’t over, not yet, but the Democratic Wall Street Party Leadership, and the corporate news media, want you to believe it’s over. It’s not, because the rest of this race is taking place in Bernie country.

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