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US Senator Bernie Sanders is thinking about running for president in 2016. He’s a man of the people and senator from Vermont. His greatest struggle will be raising money, and getting past the Democratic and Republican political machines that want him out. So, he’ll face obstables like Congressman Ron Paul did during the Republican primaries, like pretending he doesn’t exist during the debates, or trying to exclude him. Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich had the same problem during the Democratic presidential primaries.

According the Burlington Free Press, Sanders said:

“It is essential,” Sanders said, “to have someone in the 2016 presidential campaign who is willing to take on Wall Street, address the “collapse” of the middle class, tackle the spread of poverty and fiercely oppose cuts to Social Security and Medicare.”

“Also, addressing global warming needs to be a top priority, not an afterthought, Sanders said.

“Under normal times, it’s fine, you have a moderate Democrat running, a moderate Republican running,” Sanders said. “These are not normal times. The United States right now is in the middle of a severe crisis and you have to call it what it is.”

…“One of the difficulties for someone like me running is … I’m not going to get any money from Wall Street or corporate America,” Sanders said. “We have been successful, but it’s one thing to talk about raising money for a Senate campaign in a small state, another thing running for president of the United States.”Sanders, however, would begin with an already established nationwide network of 700,000 people who have contributed to his Senate campaigns or otherwise supported him.

…Sanders said he would be comfortable with a Warren presidential bid. “I like Elizabeth Warren very much,” he said. “Her beauty is that she is very smart. She speaks English. She can explain economics in a way that everybody can understand.”

The United States is stuck in a low grade Great Depression, and the US government of, by, and for the 1 percent has no intention of doing anything about it. Sanders knows this, and that’s why he’s considering this run for president. Currently, for example, the Obama regime is negotiating a trade treaty called the Trans Pacific Partnership that will jack up prices on the 99 percent, and basically redistribute income and political power from the 99 to the 1 percent. That’s what the treaty is for.

Check out the link about this below from the Burlington Free Press.

Bernie Sanders May Run for President–Burlington Free Press

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