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“German dairy farmer Gottfried Glöckner told F. William Engdahl how the Anglo-Swiss GMO and agrochemicals giant Syngenta tried to crush him after he denounced the company’s products as toxic – recruiting the resources of the German state and legal system to destroy his life.”

Excerpt from the interview

“Please describe for us what you began to see after you were feeding your cows a maize-portion of your feed mix only from GMO Syngenta Bt176 maize.

In the year 2000 I experienced the first incidences of infertility, sicknesses and even deaths as well as severe birth defects in newborn calves.”

This same problem is cropping up in frogs, rats and children due to the products of Syngenta and Monsanto and other producers of GMOs.


Check out the interview with Glockner by clicking on the link below. Also, the link below that is the story of how Syngenta representatives lied in court and under oath about its own test on the GMOs that killed Glockner’s cows.




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The Top Five Regrets of the Dying Are?

You might be surprised at what the top five regrets of those who are dying. It wasn’t anything having to do with materialistic stuff, like “I wished I could’ve bought more cheap plastic crap made in China.” Or, “I wished I would’ve bought me an Ipad.”

Click here for the top five regrets of the dying

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