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Are Republicans as stupid and anti-American as they seem to be? They claim we should cut back on government spending and for a while pointed to Europe and especially England as the way to go. They’re not doing that comparision thing much anymore because England and Europe are in recession because of goverment cuts. But the GOP still insist the best way that lead to growth is cutting social progams, and oh yes, giving more economically disastrous tax cuts to the rich.

That policy is a massive failure wherever it has been tried.

“ust as many had predicted, austerity during a declining economy doesn’t fix anything. It only makes the problem worse, by cutting off critical finances and services when they’re needed the most. It’s much cheaper for governments to borrow the money and keep money moving during soft economic periods like this.

Conservatives laughed off criticism of austerity, but it’s clear they were wrong.” Check out the rest of the story by clicking on the link below.



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England has moved into a double-dip recession thanks to government budget cutting during a time of economic weakness, owing to the redistribution of income from working people to the one percent over the last thirty years. In other words, the corporate economic system of England may no longer be able to stand on its own. In other words, the economy of England is collapsing, slowly.

Austerity Policies Drive England into a Double Dip Recession

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