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Dozens of scientists on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Board of Scientific Counselors and board subcommittees have been informed that they will not be renewed for their roles advising the agency, the Washington Post reported.

The move, which would dismiss 38 of the 49 remaining subcommittee members, “effectively wipes out [the board] and leaves it free for a complete reappointment,” board executive committee chair Deborah Swackhamer told the Post. Representatives of corporate polluters and climate change deniers will likely be appointed to take their place.

Global warming denier Scott Pruitt heads the EPA. He is a staunch supporter of corporations right to pollute. He has always chosen corporate profits over the lives and health of US citizens. He’s also a keen supporter of exterminating the unborn in the womb via pollution, but only if corporate profits can be had in the process. This means the unborn are no better than number two on his list of important corporate objectives like ever increasing profits.

Advisory board members aren’t the only ones facing the end of their time at EPA: the agency also announced Tuesday plans to buy out more than 1,200 employees this summer.

This signals a troubling attitude toward the EPA’s scientific work, according to Ken Kimmell, president of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

“By sacking dozens of scientific counselors, Pruitt (and by extension President Trump who appointed Pruitt to the post) is showing that he doesn’t value scientific input and the benefits it offers the public,” Kimmell said.

“The administrator has an important job to do, and this includes listening to the best independent science and to make decisions that protect our health, our safety and our environment. Instead, he’s delaying important public protections, denying the facts of climate change, and now, dismissing expert researchers who could help EPA do its best work. It’s appalling to see an administrator so directly attack the effectiveness of his own agency.”

Pruitt’s real job as EPA Administrator is to ensure corporate polluters can pollute even more regardless of the effects of this pollution on the citizens of the United States.


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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under Administrator Scott Pruitt has fired at least five members of one of its scientific review boards. Through a spokesman, Pruitt has vowed to replace the scientists with industrial polluter representatives. Of course, Pruitt is an industrial polluter representative. President Donald “Industry Polluter” Trump has vowed to cut the EPA’s budget by 40 percent. Conservative Republican President Richard Nixon must be turning over in his grave, for it was Nixon who signed the legislation creating the EPA as an entity to protect human health from industrial polluters. Now the polluters are in charge of the EPA. It is effectively ineffective at doing what it is supposed to do,

The corporate and Wall Street billionaires prefer it this way. Those pesky rules and regulations protecting human health also cut into profits, share prices and dividends. Getting rid of the enforcer of those rules by making it a puppet and hostage of the industries it’s supposed to regulate means the EPA will no longer be enforcing anything.

By poisoning the EPA and holding it hostage, Trump and Pruitt will loosen up some significant amounts of cash to spur the stock market bubble to new heights, but it also does something more sinister in the process; it redistributes the health of every American to one degree or another to the rich by morphing our health into greater corporate profits.

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How things have changed! Back in the 1960’s, Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring warned about the human health dangers caused by insecticides. Industrial pollution ensured that US lakes and rivers caught fire. In 1970, conservative Republican US President Richard Nixon signed the legislation creating the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA’s job was to clean up the pollution. The result is that much of that US industrial pollution has been exported to China, India and elsewhere.

US business leaders have long chafed under the chains of the EPA. The more pollution these folks are allowed to create, the more profits their corporations earn, the higher corporate share and bond prices rise. So big business has conspired to takeover the EPA, so as to bend the rules to their favor.

Scott Pruitt, a loyal servant of the profit needs of big oil now heads the EPA. President Franklin Roosevelt once said that businessmen had made certain that government had become an appendage of their profit making before he took office. Pruitt is now in position to ensure the EPA does not do its job in the USA. So expect human health considerations to be shunt aside in favor of the profit desires of big oil and Koch Industries, because as Attorney General of Oklahoma, that is precisely how he defined his job, as you can see from the video above.

Most of the politicians governing the US today are among the most corrupt in world history, and that includes US corporate apparatchiks, such as Mitch McConnell and Ron Wyden.

Think about this. Nixon is considered to have been one of the most corrupt president’s in US history. He was a man who’s crimes were considered so great that he was forced to resign from his office. Yet he ignored the advice and bribes of his corporate sponsors to create the EPA. And the crimes he committed pale in comparison to President Bush lying us into war, or to embroil us in the Iran-Contra scandal.

Something has gone terribly wrong with the USA since Nixon. Crimes are committed by people in high office, and there is no concern for punishment, because the criminals are in charge of the white house, the senate, the US house of representatives, and the US supreme court. There’s no one to answer to for ones crimes in government nowadays. The US government is rotten through the core with corruption.

Yet, there is an economic hurricane just around the corner. When that hits, we’ll be able to clean house, like FDR did in 1933. Get ready.

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Monsanto and US Government Corruption

How completely corrupt is the US government? It’s been corrupted by big money for decades, and this corruption has put our lives at risk.

According to Ecowatch,

“Monsanto and officials within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are fighting legal efforts aimed at exploring Monsanto’s level of influence over regulatory assessments of the key chemical in the company’s Roundup herbicide, new federal court filings show.

The revelations are contained in a series of filings made within the last few days in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California as part of litigation brought by more than 50 people who are suing Monsanto. The plaintiffs claim they or their loved ones developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma after exposure to Roundup herbicide, and that Monsanto has spent decades covering up the chemical’s cancer risks.”

Numerous other diseases have been linked to Monsanto’s Roundup, as well as their GMO products.

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Several years ago, studies showed frogs were dying in mass. Plenty of people suspected the cause was global warming. Turns out these folks were wrong. Academic studies showed, however, that atrazine, a herbicide manufactured by GMO maker and notorious liars of Syngenta Corporation, was responsible for the demise of frogs in the United States.

According  to Pesticide Action Network, “Atrazine is good at killing weeds in part because of its stability; it can stick around for up to 100 days in the soil. This also makes it a pollution problem. Once it leaches into groundwater, it can remain there for decades.

Atrazine is installed into seeds and crop plants, like beets, soy and corn, and it prevents  weeds from growing nearby.

Families in the Midwest who get their drinking water from shallow wells are especially vulnerable to Atrazine.

Found in water throughout the Midwest, atrazine shows up in wells in agricultural communities and in pristine lakes and rivers. Drinking water contamination levels typically spike in spring and early summer, as rains flush the freshly applied herbicide. One recent study shows that atrazine also evaporates into the air after application, in a process called volatilization drift. It can then settle back into waterways.

USDA scientists found the herbicide in 94% of the drinking water tested in 2008.”

Scientists not on the payroll of Syngenta and other GMO manufacturers discovered the incidence of human birth defects was greatest during the months of April, May and June, which was when farmers used the greatest amount of atrazine annually.

“Atrazine is an endocrine disruptor. This means that micro-doses can have large, irreversible effects that we are just beginning to understand. New studies link low-level exposure to birth defects, delayed puberty and infertility — all of which are on the rise. Higher cancer risk and environmental toxicity are also of concern.
Birth Defects: Infants concieved during atrazine spray season are more likely to be born with birth defects. Research shows that even low levels of exposure during pregnancy may be problematic; the third trimester appears to be most critical.
Infertility: Documented reproductive harms include male infertility, increased risk of miscarriage, and low infant birth weight.
Cancer: Atrazine may increase risk of breast and prostate cancer. Though some studies have not found a link, the recent President’s Cancer Panel Report calls atrazine a possible carcinogen.
Scientists report that for atrazine, timing of exposure may be more important than exposure levels, and interaction with other pesticides may make health harms more severe.
Evidence of environmental effects is also strong and growing. Recent studies show that atrazine causes genetically male frogs to become anatomically female through a “chemical castration” effect.”

“During EPA’s 2003 review of atrazine, Syngenta representatives held more than 50 closed-door meetings with regulators. In 2011 the company planned a PR campaign to undermine the court that is hearing a case against it in Illinois.”

In addition, Syngenta has a long record for intimidating scientists not on their payroll & the people managing the corporation have pressured policymakers.

“Syngenta has actively attempted to suppress science related to atrazine’s environmental and health problems. Scientists Tyrone Hayes and Paul Wotzka have faced retaliation for speaking publicly about their findings on atrazine.

In October 2009, EPA officially reopened its examination of health and environmental risks of atrazine, in response to new emerging science. PAN and Midwest farmer groups are closely tracking the review to demand a transparent, science-based process this time around.”

However, the officials of the EPA are more concerned with protecting the profits of Syngenta and Monsanto than with protecting the lives of frogs and human beings. This suggests massive corruption in the EPA, as well as massive corruption in the US government.

Professor Tyrone Hayes, of the University of California, Berkeley, was the among the first to discover the relationship between the demise and deformity of frogs and other amphibians and atrazine. See The New Yorker– A Valuable Reputation .

As the academic studies piled up and showed the devastating impacts of GMOs and atrizine, the US corporate press dutifully made the decision to not report the demise of the frogs anymore, as well exposing any of the links between birth defects and atrazine. That’s why one cannot trust the US corporate propaganda machine disguising itself as a news media. The job of the Oregonian newspaper, the Washington Post, ABC News, Fox News and many others are to deceive the 99 percent, and protect the profits of the 1 percent, even at the expense of the health of human babies and the environment.

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