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Arrests as police clear Occupy Boston camp

BOSTON (Reuters) – Police made dozens of arrests early Saturday as they cleared away the remaining Occupy Boston encampment in the city’s financial district in a mostly peaceful action.

Authorities, including more than 100 police officers, swept into the area before sunrise, when many of the campers were asleep, and sealed off the streets. Some 32 men and 14 women, were arrested, mostly for trespassing.

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Occupy LA protesters braced for eviction

LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa tells Occupy protesters to take down tents or face forcible removal from land outside city hall.

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Judge issues restraining order against Zuccotti Park evictions

From Rawstory.com

After ordering the eviction of protesters from Zuccotti Park, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday explained that the park would temporarily remain closed due to a court order that restrained the city from closing the park.

A ruling issued by Judge Lucy Billings in the hours after the park evictions said that the city is “prohibited from: “(a) Evicting protesters from Zuccotti Park and/or (b) Enforcing the “rules” published after the occupation began or otherwise preventing protesters from re-entering the park with tents and other property previously utilized.”

At a press conference Tuesday morning, Bloomberg said that protesters had only been “temporarily” asked to leave the park “to reduce the risk of confrontation and to minimize destruction in the surrounding neighborhood.”

“We are now ready to open the park but understand that there is a court order, which we have not yet actually received, enjoining us from enforcing [park owner] Brookfield’s rules,” the mayor explained. “And so the park will remain closed until we can clarify that situation. But I want to stress that our intention was to reopen the park and to let people go in and express their first amendment rights to protest.”

He added that protesters would “not be allowed to use tents, sleeping bags or tarps and going forward, must follow all park rules,” something that seems to contradict the court’s restraining order.

“The final decision to act was mine, and mine alone,” Bloomberg admitted. “Some protesters might use compliance with our laws as a pretext for violence. … There have been reports of businesses being threatened.”

He went on to insist that “no right is absolute, and every right comes with responsibility,” suggesting that the First Amendment “does not allow tents and sleeping bags to take over public space.”

The mayor estimated that there were as many as 200 arrests during the overnight police action.

***Update: National Lawyer Guild vows to fight for protesters’ rights***

“This is a victory for everyone who believes in the First Amendment,” Liberty Park Legal Working Group (LPLWG) attorney Daniel Alterman said of the judge’s restraining order. “We will continue to fight for everyone’s right to continue the occupation.”

“The LPLWG has been fighting to ensure their right to free speech from day one of the occupation. The occupiers right to free speech is based in our most core legal principles and we will be here till the end to fight for those rights.”

Watch this video from CNN, broadcast Nov. 14, 2011.


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A Pyrrhic victory (/ˈpɪrɪk/) is a victory with such a devastating cost to the victor that it carries the implication that another such victory will ultimately cause defeat. We just witnessed a minor Pyrrhic victory for the One Percent this morning when the Portland police ousted Occupy Portland from its base at two adjacent parks in downtown Portland. The parks are now empty, enclosed by cyclone fences and guarded by many police officers.

Afterwards, Occupy Portland reassembled in Pioneer Courthouse Square to consider their options, which includes occupying other places, such as Portland State University, Waterfront Park or Pioneer Courthouse Square.

They’ve also invited Mayor Samuel Adams to join their discussion on their options. He is unlikely to accept. One citizen invited the assembled group to his house on Mt Tabor.

Despite losing the parks, Occupy Portland came out stronger in terms of numbers, sympathizers and public relations. In other words, the movement is growing. The Portland police also won in that they handled themselves with greater restraint than their peers in Oakland and New York City.

The One Percent lost a little, and maybe a lot, so this wasn’t quite a Pyrrhic victory; but the clash/eviction they demanded of their mayor was certainly a step in the right direction, but for Occupy Portland, not for the one percent.

You can view a live feed of the assembled meeting in Pioneer Courthouse Square by clicking on the link below.

Live from Occupy Portland

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Perhaps as many as seven thousand patriotic citizens of the United States converged at the last hour to lend their support in defense of Occupy Portland.

A few days ago, Mayor Sam Adams had given Occupy Portland until 12.01 am Sunday morning to leave the two parks they occupy in downtown Portland, just across from the justice building. When the police arrived in force, so did thousands of patriots to block their attempt to destroy Occupy Portland. And justice was served.

The patriots were mostly young, under thirty years old, but there were plenty of older people there, too. Some appeared to be in their sixties and seventies. As the police looked on, at different times our citizens chanted “Our Park,” “Our street,” and “Our Police.”

The police had formed a line along third avenue. It looked as though they were trying to keep the street open. The patriots and the police conversed all along the line and many of our men and woman in blue were smiling. Then things got a little ugly.

The police, of course, were just doing their jobs as tools of the one percent. The chief propaganda organ of the one percent in Oregon is the Oregonian newspaper, which had been a bitter critic of Occupy Portland and of middle class America in general. The newspaper has been a primary supporter of legislation to outsource middle class jobs via free trade treaties, which redistributes income from working Americans to the mostly idle rich of Wall Street.

When I arrived just before midnight, there were thousands of middle class patriots prepared to do battle against the agents of the one percent, the rich people that want to turn the United States into a banana republic by destroying the middle class.

Patriots stood along both sides of Third as cars passed by honking horns in support. Patriots also huddled on Main Street, which separated the two parks in which Occupy Portland was located.

The police brought in horses on Main, formed them into a line, and then like an ancient Macedonian phalanx, they pushed forward against the crowd with grim determination. The patriots stood their ground in the street, and they held firm.

Then the police retreated. By 3:00am, two thousand or more patriots still defended Occupy Portland, but the majority of police had left.

The video below shows the attack of the horses and the refusal of the patriots to budge. It also shows the police in retreat. Sadly, the video is from the Oregonian newspaper, the primary propaganda agent of the one percent in Oregon. It’s as if their editors take their orders from the Koch Brothers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce or Rupert Murdoch. Some of their editorials appear to have been stories written by one of those anonymous sources often cited by Fox News as a credible news source, but which is most likely created by a low paid fiction or fantasy writer sitting in a Fox News cubicle. On behalf of the one percent, the Oregonian editors claim that treaties that outsource jobs, destroy our tax base, pauperize funding for schools, libraries, roads and police; that diminish our wages, pensions, benefits and salaries and raise unemployment, while redistributing income from working Americans to the rich is good for working Americans. They actually want us to believe that. That’s why the Oregonian newspaper is a simple propaganda tool of the one percent.

It’s also why so many people are taking to the streets. It’s why Occupy Oregon is here to stay. The working people of this country have had enough of seeing their futures and livelihoods redistributed to the rich by corrupt government at all levels, including the corrupt corporate wing of the supreme court.

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