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Tangier Island is 92 miles southeast of Washington D.C. It’s in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, or rather it will be for a while longer, but not much longer. And, no, the island isn’t packing up and moving to the mainland, although the numbskull corporate drones at the Fox Fake News Network will have you believe this. This small piece of land and its 500 residents are barely above sea level, and pretty soon the residents are going to be sleeping underwater and riding sea horses since the island is going to be located below sea level. The island isn’t sinking. The sea level is rising.

First settled in 1686, the island at times had over 1,200 residents and during the War of 1812 it served as a staging area for British soldiers.

Now fishing restrictions, erosion and rising sea levels have resulted in most of the younger members of this tightly knit community looking for opportunities elsewhere.

The BBC’s Franz Strasser went to Tangier Island to see how the remaining islanders are coping with a difficult future.

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