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A few days ago, the FBI confirmed the destruction of genetically modified (GMO) beets in Jackson County, Oregon by American patriots last month. The FBI is calling it “Economic Sabotage.”

This is a prime example of how the US legal system and government have become nearly 100 percent corrupt. When the pollen from GMO plants are carried into conventional or organic crops by the winds and contaminates the non-GMO crops, which then can no longer be sold as organic or conventional crops, and which are banned in nations such as Japan and South Korea, the court system calls it “patent infringement.” Monsanto and other manufacturers of GMO plants and seeds are able to sue the victims because of the wind. The only recourse the victims have is to commit “Economic Sabotage.” That’s how stacked the legal system and the government are against the 99 percent.

According to the Spokane-Review, “Genetic engineering is an issue in Jackson County, where growers of organic crops such as sugar beets and alfalfa say they want to guard against cross-pollination.

A vote is scheduled in May 2014 on a measure to bar genetically modified crops in the county, except for research. It calls for county inspection and would allow citizen lawsuits. A message left with the sponsoring group, GMO Free Jackson County, was not immediately returned.

The Legislature is considering a bill to pre-empt such local regulation. The Senate has approved it, 17-12, and it’s currently in the House Rules Committee as the Legislature nears its target date for adjournment.

A group of advocates for biotechnology, Oregonians for Food and Shelter, offered a $10,000 reward for information about the Jackson County case.

Scott Dahlman, executive director, called the destruction disturbing and said it was the first instance of destruction of genetically engineered plants in the state.”

Notice that there’s a vote coming up in Jackson County to bar harmful GMO poison, but Monsanto has already bought off many Oregon legislators, who are working hard on behalf of Monsanto and other GMO manufacturers to make it valueless for the citizens of the county to vote against Big Agriculture poisons. Now that’s all you need to know about a legislatively stacked deck. Luckily, the bill died in committee two days ago.

By the way, a Swiss corporation, Sygenta, owns the beet fields that were burned. GMO beets are banned in Switzerland, where buying a politician, presumably, is much more expensive than in the US.


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Carlos Montes faces 22 years in prison for throwing a can of soda at police during a demonstration way back when, in 1969. But that isn’t the real reason the sixty-four year old is facing prison. His political activities have gotten him the attention of President Barack “Wall Street” Obama.

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A 64-year-old leftist activist turned retired Xerox salesman raided by the FBI over protest-related felony charge from 1969

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