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Caius Rommen was the scientist who invented the GMO potato. GMO stands for genetically modified organism. The GMO potato has been modified to include insecticides and herbicides in them. This way when a bug bites into the potato plant, or worse yet, an underground bug bites into a budding potato, the insecticide inside the potato forces the bug’s stomach to grow until it explodes.

Likewise, a herbicide has been genetically implanted into GMO potatoes. This kills weeds to within three feet of each potato plant.

Quite naturally, you eat the herbicide and the insecticide when you eat the GMO potato. Somehow, at the time of its development, Caius Rommen thought the GMO potato was good for human consumption and health.

Rommens was director of research at Simplot Plant Sciences from 2000 to 2013 where he led development of the company’s genetically engineered Innate potato. But over time, Rommens started to have serious doubts about his work and worried about potential health risks from eating the GMO potatoes, which are now sold in 4,000 supermarkets in the United States.

Rommens wrote the book, Pandora’s Potatoes, which is about how his enthusiasm for genetic engineering turned into doubt and fear as he realized the hazards the technology can create.

In a recent interview with EcoWatch, Rommens told his story.

“I left my position as team leader at Monsanto,” he said, “to start an independent biotech effort at Simplot. During the 12 years I worked there, I designed a genetically modified potato that I believed was resistant to bruise and late blight, and that could be used to produce French fries that were less colored and less carcinogenic than normal fries.”

In his book, Rommens writes that he silenced genes called RNAi. In his interview, Rommens said, “Silencing is not gene-specific. Any gene with a similar structure to the silencing construct may be silenced as well. It is even possible that the silencing that takes place inside the GM potatoes affects the genes of animals eating these GM potatoes. I am most concerned about bees that don’t eat GM potatoes but may use GM potato pollen to feed their larvae. Based on my assessment of the literature, it appears that the silencing constructs are active in pollen.”

Rommens also wrote that silencing the PPO (polyphenol oxidase, a gene responsible for browning in potatoes) gene increases toxins that accumulate in the GMO potatoes. He admits these toxins are harmful to human health.

Rommens said, “Ex-colleagues of mine had shown that PPO-silencing increases the levels of alpha-aminoadipate by about six-fold. Alpha-aminoadipate is a neurotoxin, and it can also react with sugars to produce advanced glycoxidation products implicated in a variety of diseases.

(A Monsanto GM corn variety, LY038, was found to have high concentrations of alpha-aminoadipate, and an application for its approval in Europe in 2009 was withdrawn after regulators raised safety questions.)

He went on. “Similarly, ex-colleagues had shown that the damaged and bruised tissues of potatoes may accumulate high levels of tyramine, another toxin. Such damaged tissues are normally identified and trimmed, but they are concealed, or partially concealed, and much of it is not trimmed in GM potatoes. Therefore, it seems important that Simplot should determine the full spectrum of possible tyramine levels in their GM potatoes.

Another potential toxin is chaconine-malonyl. There is little known about this compound, but ex-colleagues had shown that it is increased by almost 200 percent upon PPO-silencing. This should probably be investigated.”

Rommens also says the potatoes create additional pathogens, infections and the range in levels of toxins such as alpha-aminoadipate and tyramine.

“It is my experience,” Rommens said, “that genetic engineers are biased and narrow-minded. They may not be able to critically assess their own creations.” Of course, when you are making a ton of money producing toxic garbage for human consumption, it is difficult to think of your product as toxic garbage.

When asked, “What is your perspective on genetic engineering now after your work with the GMO potato and misgivings about it?”

“My concern,” Rommens said, “about genetic engineering is that the absence of unintentional effects can never be guaranteed. It may take dozens of years before these effects reveal themselves, and we should be extremely cautious applying the technology.”

Because GMO food products are loaded with insecticides and herbicides, they reduce the labor necessary to grow the food, making them less expensive to produce, and providing the corporate producers with higher profit margins. And that is why they are on the market.

Bayer owns Monsanto, and along with Syngenta, BSAF, Dupont, and Dow Chemical, these corporations are the big six of the GMO poisons. They are so called because they dominate the agricultural input market, that is, they own the world’s seed, pesticide and biotechnology industries.

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Dr. Robert Califf, the Obama administration’s choice for the next commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), was easily approved by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Tuesday, but the candidate’s approval by the full Senate faces an unlikely hurdle: fish.

Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is threatening to block Califf over the FDA’s approval of genetically engineered salmon, or GMO salmon.

“I will not stand back and just watch these genetically engineered creatures be placed in our kitchens and on our tables without a fight,” she said in a statement following the after FDA’s approval of GMO salmon. “I am furious about this decision, but now I must do everything I can to make sure it is labeled—consumers have a right to know what it is they are eating.”

Besides threatening to block Califf’s confirmation, Murkowski “helped insert language last month in a massive federal spending bill, directing FDA to prevent the AquaBounty product from reaching the U.S. market until regulators finalize labeling guidelines. It also tells the agency to spend ‘not less than $150,000’ on that effort,” The Washington Post reported.

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The corporations above spend millions of dollars to ensure you don’t vote to label the GMO poisons in your food, because that’s what they put in the food they sell you. Numerous peer reviewed academic studies demonstrate the harmful health impacts of GMOs.

So why do they stick the GMO poison in their products?

GMO plants have insecticides and pesticides stuffed in them, and you eat that poison when you consume the food. Because they’re in the plants themselves, GMO crops are less labor intensive than regularly produced crops, which reduces the cost of raising GMO corn, soybeans and other food crops, relative to traditionally raised crops, and way less than organic crops. This increases the profits and share prices of the corporations that use GMOs. In other word, your health is less important than ever rising corporate profits to the folks that manage these businesses.

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There are plenty of unbiased studies showing GMOs present massive health risks to human beings. In fact, all studies not financed by GMO corporations show health hazards to humans, even some of the GMO company studies have been leaked showing health hazards, such as one by Syngenta. See https://johnhively.wordpress.com/2013/06/23/gmo-corn-killing-the-cows-whose-milk-we-drink/. See also A Valuable Reputation from the New Yorker Magazine, http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2014/02/10/140210fa_fact_aviv

So then why, when both non-GMO financed studies, as well as studies funded by GMO corporations, show potential health hazards to humans, does the corporate press and the political punditry, such as President Barack Obama, continue to insist that GMOs are harmless to human health? President Obama, ABC and the Oregonian news paper have all lied to us in recent months about this.

The answer may lay in the current mal-distribution of income that has overcome the United States during the last thirty-four years. More and more income is being redistributed via federal legislation from the 99 to the 1 percent. Recent studies show the 1 percent steal from 22 to 34 percent of all the income generated in the United States, compared to 8 percent thirty-four years ago, when the United States economy was far more robust than is the current case, because the 99 percent demanded goods and services they can no longer afford to purchase. During the last few years, the 1 percent have stolen 95 percent of all income growth, mostly via legislation championed by corrupt politicians, such as Wall Street senator’s Ron Wyden, Orrin Hatch and Mitch McConnell. Notice that all Republicans and a large contingent of Democrats support this maldistribution of income and wealth via federal legislation.

As income is being redistributed from the 99 to the 1 percent, the 99 percent have less income to purchase things, such as food.

The use of GMOs in agriculture is done for a simple purpose; it cuts costs, at the expense of human health, making food cheaper than using regular methods of agriculture.

Food companies often tend to conspire among each other to keep prices for the 99 percent rising, a necessary component of keeping corporate share prices growing. Otherwise, rich investors would sell off their shares, causing them to plummet in value, and jeopardizing the livelihoods of the CEO’s of food corporations. GMO’s help to mitigate the problem by increasing profit margins and allowing the executives to keep food price increases lower than would otherwise be  the case.

There is a clear and corrupting link between big money, (as represented by Wall Street, major corporations and the 1 percent) and their abilities to purchase legislation in the political markets benefiting themselves, and at the expense of everybody else.

So it’s politically astute for politicians and the corporate press to lie to us about the health hazards of GMOs, because their use stave’s off food riots, and other politically unstable actions on the part of the 99 percent that would interrupt the continued flow of ill gotten cash and other forms of wealth by the 1 percent.

In other words, to keep the income redistribution from the 99 to the 1 percent scam going, the government and members of the 1 percent would rather slowly poison you with GMO food poison that is banned in over 40 nations.

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The butter’s above are loaded with GMOs, which are poisons. They’re loaded with the Bt toxin. This toxin is embedded into plants. When bugs bite into the plants, the toxin makes their stomachs grow until the bugs explode. 93 percent of all women tested for the Bt toxin have the toxin in their uterus. Studies haven’t shown what the toxin does in the human body. However, all independent studies show dire health consequences due to GMOs. A non-independent study, a GMO corporation called Syngenta tested its GMO laced cattle feed on cows and the cows quickly died. The folks at Syngenta covered up the results of its own study and still sold the grain to unsuspecting cattle ranchers. When the ranchers sued after their cattle died, the folks at Syngenta lied under oath. Later, information about the test cattle dying came out and Syngenta was again sued. That case is now pending in a German court. But think about. The CEOs of Syngenta put GMO grain on the market they knew would kill cattle. Those folks must have a wonderful sense of morals and values.

Click on the link below to find out more about the case in Germany. GMO Corn: Killing the Cows Whose Milk We Drink–JohnHively.wordpress.com

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It boils down to one fact; when you purchase soda, and consume it, you are redistributing your health to the 1 percent via higher corporate profits, dividends and share prices.

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In the video above, Fox‘s Goldberg admits there are no long-term studies on human beings, but that all independent lab tests involving animals are showing atrocious liver damage, kidney problems, and after just three generations of being fed a GMO diet, hamsters are basically sterile. And those are just a few of the health hazards that independent studies are showing. The hosts of the show point out that the main problem isn’t just that GMOs are not labeled, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Even if labeling were to occur, it doesn’t change the fact that GMOs are spreading uncontrollably around the world, contaminating non-GM crops and wild plants.

So what gives? The Democratic Party is strong supporter of Monsanto and other manufacturers of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). The most notable example is President Barack Obama. However, many Republicans in congress also support the industry. This Fox report ends a planned virtual black out by the propaganda news organizations, such as Fox itself, the Wall Street Journal, the Oregonian, the Washington Post and all the other US members of the propaganda network that are erroneously called news organizations. Perhaps the Fox report signifies a breach in the ranks of the 1 percent on this issue. Maybe a member of the 0.05 percent has been denied the opportunity of getting in on the profitable end of the GMO industry. Could this report be their revenge? Who knows?

The important point of this report is that a few more Americans now know that GMOs are poisons, and that the US people are guinea pigs in this not so grand experiment.

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