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When the government increases taxes on the rich, they have less money to purchase politicians, which means government can pretty much follow policies the majority of voters want, such as creating jobs by spurring the demand for goods and services. Minnesota’s next-door-neighbor is Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker slashed the state’s budget and programs in order to make room for millions of dollars of tax cuts for mostly out-of-state billionaires and millionaires. The result was a decrease in demand for goods and services and nearly last in the nation in job creation.


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Actually, everybody among the 99 percent are helped by raising the minimum wage, because raising it increases the demand for goods and services. This creates jobs, which is why the US economy is made stronger by raising it. There is one more reason why we all benefit by raising the minimum wage.

An increased minimum wage leaves the 1 percent with less money of our money, making it less likely they can buy more legislation to redistribute more income from us to them, cause that’s what they do with the money they steal from us.

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