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Wall Street Banks and the Big Government Handout: These banks give out high dividends from the taxpayers to their rich welfare-shareholders and CEOs. The game is rigged against the 99 percent because the 1 percent own the goverment, lock, stock and barrel. Just ask Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden.

Do you want to see how much Wall Street has gotten from the Federal Reserve? Check out this link; https://johnhively.wordpress.com/2011/12/05/breakdown-of-the-26-trillion-the-federal-reserve-handed-out-to-save-rich-incompetent-investors-but-who-purchase-political-power/

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By 2012, a good three years after the end of the last recession, fully 49.1 percent of the US population received some form of government assistance compared to 30 percent in 1980. The under President Jimmy Carter, the economy had just staggered out of a severe recession. During the period from June 1980 to June 1981, the economy created nearly three million jobs, in a nation that was more than 2/3s smaller in population and gross domestic product than the current economy. What happened to cause such giant differences between then and now?

The US government was taken over by the 1 percent. The result has been a massive redistribution of income and wealth from the 99 to the 1 percent via free trade legislation, deregulation and privatization scams, as well as profitable wars for the 1 percent and stuff like that. The result is that the rich have stolen via legislation about 30 percent of all US income, whereas they received 7-8 percent in 1980.

That means the 99 percent only receive 70 percent of the total US income, and the result is they have less money to spend. More of them need government assistance to get by, and that’s why the economy is so weak, as well as why more and more people receive some form of government assistance.

By the way, the 1 percent are stealing 93 percent of all income growth in the US, at least since 2008. That means more people are going to be on government assistance in the coming years; the demand for goods and services by the 99 percent will diminish. This will weaken the economy more and result in an epic economic disaster. This process continues under President Wall Street Barack Obama. Most likely this disaster will begin in the next few years, but it could be ten years away. In reality, the economy is teetering on the edge of disaster as I write this, and we are most likely in the midst of a slow motion collapse.

One more point needs to be made, most of the rich are rich because of the ability to control government legislation. They can purchase the votes of politicians like Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden. The ability to buy the votes of politicians like one could purchase the services of whores on the streets is the biggest government welfare program of them all.

By the way, since the ascendency of Richard Nixon as president in 1969, Jimmy Carter is looking like a hell of president compared to either the elder or the younger and dumber Bush’s, and compared to Obama. Let’s get something straight, next to Reagan and Clinton, by any measurement, Carter is probably the third best president since 1969. He might even be number one.

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