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Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primaries in Idaho and Utah yesterday, and although he lost in Arizona, the Vermont senator cut into Hillary Clinton’s lead. Most of the corporate propaganda machine didn’t mention this later issue. The Oregonian newspaper noted that Clinton won Arizona, and made certain not to mention Bernie’s victories in Idaho and Utah.

For the night, Bernie won 67 delegates and Clinton 50. Clinton’s total lead is down to slightly above 200, not counting super delegates. Clinton has a big lead in pledged super delegates, but those are not binding. Those folks can change their mind. In addition, if Sanders continues to win and surpasses Clinton in non-Super delegates, it’s not likely all of those delegates will stay pledged to the Wall Street candidate.

If the Wall Street Democratic establishment wants to deprive Bernie Sanders of victory using super delegates, should he win the delegates that are voted on, the party will be showing a keen disdain for democracy within its own ranks, and make a farce of the democratic process. The result will likely fracture the Democratic Party permanently, and Wall Street will never likely gain control over whatever replaces it.

The Wall Street party establishment knows this, and may not have the stupidity or guts to bring about an end to the party. So it is likely the Super-delegates will switch should Sanders win the delegates that are voted on.

As noted in the Huffington Post after Sanders lost five states in one day, Bernie has a clear path to victory. It isn’t over, until it’s over.

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