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The polls closed in Greece on Sunday and Syriza has become the first anti-capitalist party in European history to win a national election. The party won 149 seats in the parliament, and will work with another smaller right-wing party to ensure a majority. Syriza is more anti-bailout than anti-capitalist.

Alexis Tsipras was sworn in at a ceremony this morning. The 40-year-old former Communist party youth activist, student leader and firebrand, becomes Greece’s youngest prime minister. He has also broken with tradition by not being sworn in by the head of Greece’s orthodox church, Archbishop Ieronymos. A self-described atheist, Tsipras, who also refused a religious marriage ceremony with his long-time partner, Betty, made a courtesy call to the cleric at 2.30 pm.

Syriza promises to wipe out the debt imposed by bankers and reverse cuts to social services that have resulted in misery. Now corrupt bankers will go on trial, we hope. Democracy will reign once again in Greece, austerity for the 99 percent is at an end, and let us hope that justice will be served and austerity for the corrupt 1 percent, and prison terms as well, will be meted out.


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