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The war against the middle class is hitting a high point. President Obama wants Fast Track Authority for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). It is likely the vote in the US house will be this week. The TPP is a massive income redistribution scam falsely marketed as a free trade agreement. Call your representatives in the US House today and let them know you are against the TPP and Fast Track Authority.

Call your representative today by clicking on the following link Stop fast track today. These phone calls help sway your representatives and can be more effective than the billions of dollars big business uses to buy politicians, but only if enough people call. Sure, Wall Street has bought off lots of politicians, such as Senators, such as Ron Wyden, Mitch McConnell and Orrin Hatch. But it hasn’t purchased all of them, not yet anyway. So call now today. Let me tell you why.

We know from leaked documents the TPP will:

* TPP will give incentives for US corporations to export millions of US jobs. The Federal Reserve estimates that 28 million US jobs were exported between 1990 and 2010. Wyden wants to increase this number. Jobs are the biggest US export product. Wyden likes this.

* TPP will increase US income and wealth inequality. The 1 percent have already taken 95 percent of all income growth in the United States since 2009. Currently, the 1 percent are stealing 36+ percent of all income produced in the USA, compared to only 8 percent in 1980. International trade scams and other federal legislation have brought inequality about. For example, when the above jobs were exported, the difference between the old higher US wages and the new lower wages will go straight into the pockets of the 1 percent via higher corporate profits, rising dividends and surging share prices. Wyden is a principle architect of this inequality.

* Those lost jobs will no longer be paying the taxes for our infrastructure, K-12 education, higher education (tuition and fees will go up), social safety nets, schools, fire, police, public transportation, social security taxes, but those lost jobs will push the stock markets higher.

* TPP will effectively eliminate your voting rights on local and state issues since it will unconstitutionally grant investors of the 0.01 percent special privileges to challenge labeling and health and safety local laws and regulations of the 99 percent, which most people call voter suppression, but in this case it should be called voter elimination.

* TPP will eliminate millions of jobs in Latin America, which will drive millions of more people illegally into the United States and depress wages here. See how-the-trans-pacific-partnership-will-destroy-american-jobs-by-destroying-us-exports–Johnhively.wordpress.com .

* TPP will raise pharmaceutical prices by extending patents forcing the 99 percent to pay more for big pharma’s products.

* TPP will override Wall Street regulations, as if the mostly ineffective US regulations inhibit Wall Street profits and illegal activities.

Stunningly, Democrats such as Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden support doing all of the above to the American people. And these things are only a few things we know about. Why are these negotiations so secret? US Senator Elizabeth Warren says it best below.

As for Fast Track Authority, if passed by congress, it will mean there be limited debate in congress when the TPP comes up for a vote. Fast track will also prohibit any amendments to the TPP and eliminate any means to filibuster it in the senate. In other words, fast track rigs the political and economic game against the 99 percent and for the 1 percent.

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“Nearly half of all immigrants detained by federal officials are held in facilities run by private prison companies, at an average cost for each detained immigrant is $166 a night. That’s added up to massive profits for Corrections Corporation of America, The GEO Group and other private prison companies:

A decade ago, more than 3,300 criminal immigrants were sent to private prisons under two 10-year contracts the Federal Bureau of Prisons signed with CCA worth $760 million. Now, the agency is paying the private companies $5.1 billion to hold more than 23,000 criminal immigrants through 13 contracts of varying lengths.”

Why the difference between then and now? Perhaps because it’s more profitable to round up undocumented immigrants nowadays. And maybe the shareholders of Corrections Corporation of America, The GEO Group and other private prison companies are big investors in the presidential campaigns of President Barack Obama. He represents one faction of Wall Street. Mitt the Twit represents the other half. So perhaps Obama has ordered the biggest roundups of illegal immigrants in US history to appease his base, which is among the 1 percent.

Click the link below for the complete story.

Private Prisons Spend $45 Million on Lobbying — Truthout.org

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The Obama administration plans to change the rules to help reduce the time undocumented immigrant spouses and children are separated from relatives that are citizens when they attempt to get legal status in the United States, a senior administration official said.

Currently, undocumented immigrants must leave the USA before they can ask the government to waive a three- to 10-year ban on legally returning. The length of the ban is dependent on how long they have lived in the U.S. illegally.

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Latinos are both happy and sad with the Obama administration. They disapprove by a margin of more than two-to-one of the way the administration is handling deportations of unauthorized immigrants, according to a new national survey of Latino adults by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center. The survey also reveals that heading into the 2012 presidential campaign, Obama and the Democratic Party continue to enjoy strong support from Latino registered voters, despite a decline in Obama’s job approval rating.

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