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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under Administrator Scott Pruitt has fired at least five members of one of its scientific review boards. Through a spokesman, Pruitt has vowed to replace the scientists with industrial polluter representatives. Of course, Pruitt is an industrial polluter representative. President Donald “Industry Polluter” Trump has vowed to cut the EPA’s budget by 40 percent. Conservative Republican President Richard Nixon must be turning over in his grave, for it was Nixon who signed the legislation creating the EPA as an entity to protect human health from industrial polluters. Now the polluters are in charge of the EPA. It is effectively ineffective at doing what it is supposed to do,

The corporate and Wall Street billionaires prefer it this way. Those pesky rules and regulations protecting human health also cut into profits, share prices and dividends. Getting rid of the enforcer of those rules by making it a puppet and hostage of the industries it’s supposed to regulate means the EPA will no longer be enforcing anything.

By poisoning the EPA and holding it hostage, Trump and Pruitt will loosen up some significant amounts of cash to spur the stock market bubble to new heights, but it also does something more sinister in the process; it redistributes the health of every American to one degree or another to the rich by morphing our health into greater corporate profits.

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Wall Street Mitt gets it wrong about a ton of things all the time. One of these is the auto bailout. Whether you agree with the bailout or not is immaterial. The majority of the public views the bailout as a success. Romney has been critical about the bailout again and his points on the issue are incorrect, too. No matter what anybody says, the bailout was a success, at least according to the majority of Americans, so Romney is once again on the wrong side of the issue. What a Wall Street Dumb Dumb!

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