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From GMO Free USA

NEW PEER-REVIEWED STUDY: Glufosinate Ammonium (GLA), the herbicide sprayed on Bayer’s herbicide tolerant Liberty Link GMO crops, has been found to induce austism-like symptoms in mice after their mothers were exposed to low doses – both pre and post-natal. The study raises fundamental concerns about the ability of current safety testing to assess risks of pesticide exposure during critical developmental periods. Another toxic herbicide in your GMO food.

A peer review study must pass rigorous standards. Multiple peer review studies show harmful impacts of GMOs to rats, amphibians, hams, cows and other animals. This includes such maladies as death by GMO, infertility, sterility, cancer, deformed genitals, and much, much more. The corporate propaganda machine known as the corporate media doesn’t want you to know about this stuff. They insist these studies are under dispute. They are under dispute, but only by GMO corporations. That’s something they won’t tell you.

In the meantime, the GMO corporate controlled USDA has decided not to take the health and safety of the American people into consideration when approving GMOs. The USDA “has approved for the 2015 growing season Roundup tolerant, Bt toxic pesticide producing GMO soy. The latest agrichemical innovation to grace your dinner plate without your knowledge or consent. Approved by the USDA in 2014, this new variety of soy joins two other crops which are also EPA registered pesticides that kill insects – Bt toxic insecticide producing corn & cotton (for cottonseed oil) are already an integral part of our food supply. HERBICIDE ON THE SOY. INSECTICIDE IN THE SOY. What a delightful gourmet treat!” From GMO Free USA

When an insect bites into a plant that is filled with the Bt toxin, its intestines begin to swell until it explodes. In one study, the uterus of 93 percent of women tested were loaded with the Bt toxin. Notice the corporate press is not reporting this. Instead, the corporate press is calling for a congressional vote to eliminate (suppress) your right to vote on state and county levels to label foods with GMO poisons in them.

Your government and the corporate press are corrupted to the core by big money. That’s why the USDA is approving this poison for your consumption, and that’s why they don’t want you to know about it.


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Several years ago, studies showed frogs were dying in mass. Plenty of people suspected the cause was global warming. Turns out these folks were wrong. Academic studies showed, however, that atrazine, a herbicide manufactured by GMO maker and notorious liars of Syngenta Corporation, was responsible for the demise of frogs in the United States.

According  to Pesticide Action Network, “Atrazine is good at killing weeds in part because of its stability; it can stick around for up to 100 days in the soil. This also makes it a pollution problem. Once it leaches into groundwater, it can remain there for decades.

Atrazine is installed into seeds and crop plants, like beets, soy and corn, and it prevents  weeds from growing nearby.

Families in the Midwest who get their drinking water from shallow wells are especially vulnerable to Atrazine.

Found in water throughout the Midwest, atrazine shows up in wells in agricultural communities and in pristine lakes and rivers. Drinking water contamination levels typically spike in spring and early summer, as rains flush the freshly applied herbicide. One recent study shows that atrazine also evaporates into the air after application, in a process called volatilization drift. It can then settle back into waterways.

USDA scientists found the herbicide in 94% of the drinking water tested in 2008.”

Scientists not on the payroll of Syngenta and other GMO manufacturers discovered the incidence of human birth defects was greatest during the months of April, May and June, which was when farmers used the greatest amount of atrazine annually.

“Atrazine is an endocrine disruptor. This means that micro-doses can have large, irreversible effects that we are just beginning to understand. New studies link low-level exposure to birth defects, delayed puberty and infertility — all of which are on the rise. Higher cancer risk and environmental toxicity are also of concern.
Birth Defects: Infants concieved during atrazine spray season are more likely to be born with birth defects. Research shows that even low levels of exposure during pregnancy may be problematic; the third trimester appears to be most critical.
Infertility: Documented reproductive harms include male infertility, increased risk of miscarriage, and low infant birth weight.
Cancer: Atrazine may increase risk of breast and prostate cancer. Though some studies have not found a link, the recent President’s Cancer Panel Report calls atrazine a possible carcinogen.
Scientists report that for atrazine, timing of exposure may be more important than exposure levels, and interaction with other pesticides may make health harms more severe.
Evidence of environmental effects is also strong and growing. Recent studies show that atrazine causes genetically male frogs to become anatomically female through a “chemical castration” effect.”

“During EPA’s 2003 review of atrazine, Syngenta representatives held more than 50 closed-door meetings with regulators. In 2011 the company planned a PR campaign to undermine the court that is hearing a case against it in Illinois.”

In addition, Syngenta has a long record for intimidating scientists not on their payroll & the people managing the corporation have pressured policymakers.

“Syngenta has actively attempted to suppress science related to atrazine’s environmental and health problems. Scientists Tyrone Hayes and Paul Wotzka have faced retaliation for speaking publicly about their findings on atrazine.

In October 2009, EPA officially reopened its examination of health and environmental risks of atrazine, in response to new emerging science. PAN and Midwest farmer groups are closely tracking the review to demand a transparent, science-based process this time around.”

However, the officials of the EPA are more concerned with protecting the profits of Syngenta and Monsanto than with protecting the lives of frogs and human beings. This suggests massive corruption in the EPA, as well as massive corruption in the US government.

Professor Tyrone Hayes, of the University of California, Berkeley, was the among the first to discover the relationship between the demise and deformity of frogs and other amphibians and atrazine. See The New Yorker– A Valuable Reputation .

As the academic studies piled up and showed the devastating impacts of GMOs and atrizine, the US corporate press dutifully made the decision to not report the demise of the frogs anymore, as well exposing any of the links between birth defects and atrazine. That’s why one cannot trust the US corporate propaganda machine disguising itself as a news media. The job of the Oregonian newspaper, the Washington Post, ABC News, Fox News and many others are to deceive the 99 percent, and protect the profits of the 1 percent, even at the expense of the health of human babies and the environment.

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A study in France last year showed the above to be true. However, the study came under a vicious public relations assault that questioned its motives and methodology. Who funded the PR campaign? Monsanto. A study some years back showed a possible link between the growth of allergies in the US and the growth of GMO infected foods on US grocery shelves.

The folks at Monsanto want you to eat genetically modified foods so that they can make more money at the expense of your wallet and your health. In other words, they want to redistribute your money and your health into their pockets.

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