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US Middle Class Senator Bernie Sanders unleashed his first presidential campaign advertisement on Sunday. It’s playing in Iowa and New Hampshire.

As is common for campaigns, this first ad is thoroughly positive, introducing voters who may not be familiar with Sanders to his biography and background. It begins by calling Sanders “the son of a Polish immigrant who grew up in a Brooklyn tenement,” and displays some shots of him as a child and teenager.

The advertisement plays up Sanders constant battle in the US senate against the war waged by the 1 percent against the middle class. The ad also points out that Sanders voted against the Iraq war, which anybody who wasn’t dumb, corrupt, or naive would have done. The ad doesn’t mention that Sanders main democratic opponent (and darling of Wall Street), Hillary Rodham Clinton, voted for the war without reservation.

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Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders took questions from the press after speaking to 2,000 people in Dubuque, Iowa. The object of the corporate press is to keep the eyes of the 99 percent off the issues. One blogger asked Senator Sanders if he thought his rumpled hair got as much press time as Hillary Clinton’s hair. Sander’s eloquently explained to the reporter that he was running for president on serious issues, and that the question of hair wasn’t something worth answering. He went on to explain what his campaign was about, and in the video, Bernie explains the issues of the day, which few of the candidates for US president this year want to discuss. While Bernie wants to discuss growing income inequality, Hillary and others want to discuss hair and the dangers of ISIS slipping something into your chips and beer during college football season. It’s a great video and worth a look.

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By Scott Galindez of Readersupportednews.org

It was the 2nd day of a three-day trip to Iowa for Senator Bernie Sanders. A student at Drake University asked Bernie, during a Town Hall meeting, “Are you going to run for President?” Bernie started out with his usual response. “I love Iowa, but not enough to just visit and give a bunch of speeches in the middle of winter. I’m considering running for president …” Then came one of those moments that might be the turning point in the senator’s possible campaign.

“Let me throw that back to you, do you think there is the support in this country?” Person after person rose and said the support was there. Bernie said he needed an unprecedented grass-roots movement to do it right. Bernie continued to ask the crowd if the American people were ready to take on the billionaire class.

Click on the video below for more of the story.

Bernie Sanders: “I’m Prepared to Take On the Billionaire Class”–Readersupportednews.org

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The Republican primary is a rigged game. Ron Paul has most likely won the Iowa and Minnesota Republican primaries. Corruption was the reason why he did not initially win. Apparently, the vote counting wasn’t very well done, what with voter and electoral fraud running rampant among Republicans in order to ensure that Wall Street Mitt is the Republican choice. The truth is that the Republican establishment fears Ron Paul; he’s too honest and independent of Wall Street to be allowed to be the Republican presidential candidate in 2012.

It’s interesting to note a poll taken a few months ago that offered registered Democrats a choice of only the Republican primary candidates for president; 54 percent chose Paul. In other words, the Democratic base is looking for an honest candidate, too.

How come Fox News isn’t on top of this story? Oh, that’s right! They’re the propaganda wing of the Republican Party establishment. That’s why MSNBC reported on this story.

Click on the link below to check out the video and story about this sordid tale of Republican Party corruption.

Ron Paul Won Iowa and Probably Minnesota

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