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Below is a campaign video of a presidential candidate, almost any presidential candidate. All of the candidates continue to say the same generic bullshit, with the exception of two candidates. Check out the video below.

With the exception of Donald Trump and US Senator Bernie Sanders, all of the presidential candidates pretty much are backed by the same corporations, whether it’s big oil, or Wall Street. That’s why they all all kind of sound the same. There is virtually no difference in what they support between Hillary and Jeb, although the Bush man did oppose border fences. With exception of the deep pockets of Trump, and the massive grassroots network being developed by Sanders, the other candidates are toadies to big business, of one kind or another. This suggests that Trump and Sanders are the only two candidates with any independence from the big money boys. Stunningly, both Sanders and Trump support raising taxes on the rich, and for Trump, that means raising his own taxes. Hillary and Jeb are part of presidential dynasties and are worth millions. Bernie, by comparison, is a pauper whose total net work is close to the average citizen. Trump’s billions allow him to say anything to anybody since he is the principal financier of his campaign. Everybody else needs to be careful about who they offend.


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Did Romney Get the Curse of Political Death?

A Bush family member may have destroyed Mitt Romney’s chances of ever being elected president. Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, officially endorsed Romney today. The Bush family is well for being among the most corrupt and incompetent elected officials in the history of the United States.

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