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Oh, where did it all begin? You should be able to pinpoint the complete corruption of government to the Lewis Powell Memo of 1971, which advocated that Big Corporate Money be used to corrupt government, and establish propaganda machines like the Heritage Foundation and the Fox Propaganda Network, come out with rigged reports by newly established think tanks, and essentially take over government and brain-wash the citizens of the United States in the process. Six months after he wrote the memo, President Richard Nixon nominated Powell, an attorney for a cigarette corporation, to become a US supreme court justice. He was a corporate drone, but others like Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia and Chief Justice John Roberts followed. In other words, the Supreme Court will always rule exclusively in favor of Big Money over the Constitution and legal precedence, which it has done repeatedly. The government is massively corrupted, and so now it’s a comedic parody.

Check out the video below for what the US government has become since and because of the Lewis Powell Memo.

Bill Moyers video: The Endgame of Democracy

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Fox News is a Propaganda Machine trying to thinly disguise itself as a news organization.

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The Fox Republican Party Propaganda Network continues to serve the interests of the one percent by using recently released Republican National Committee talking points sent out to its supporters, which includes the Fox Propaganda machine.

click here for Mitt Romney Gaffe's and John Stewart Slamming The Fox Republican Party Propaganda Network

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See link below. Make sure you scroll down.


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