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Keith Olbermann, Kari Koch and Occupy the Ports

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Former U.S. congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) appeared on Countdown Monday evening to discuss how an audit of the Federal Reserve revealed the private bank giving $26 trillion to U.S and foreign banks without Congress’ authorization.

“For the first time in history, I’m talking the 100 year history of the Federal Reserve, they played favorites,” Grayson told host Keith Olbermann. “They said we’ll give a hundred billion to this institution, another hundred billion to this institution, and so on down the line, when you and I couldn’t even come close to accessing that kind of money of those terms.”

There is something Grayson doesn’t mention in the link below. Goldman Sacs received billions of dollars in loans from the Fed at 0.001 percent interest. Then Goldman lent the money back to the federal government at a much higher interest rate. Shortly after that, Goldman reported record earnings for its rich investors and CEOs thanks to this scam. In other words, the Fed was the architect of a scam to redistribute income from working Americans to rich investors. That’s because the government pays the interest on its debt out of the money it takes in the form of taxes. Some of that tax money went to the rich investors of Goldman Sacs because they’d borrowed cheap and lent it back at the higher rate. This was another corporate/rich person welfare scam engineered by the Federal Reserve and your government looked the other way. Once again the affluent were too rich to be allowed to look stupid in their failure. So the government bailed them out. (John Hively)

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NEW YORK — A US judge Monday rejected a $285 million settlement Citigroup made with US regulators over its marketing of mortgage securities that quickly went sour, saying the bank was getting off lightly.

New York federal court judge Jed Rakoff scolded the Securities and Exchange Commission for agreeing to a deal that he called inadequate and not in the public interest.

He also labelled the huge bank a “recidivist” that viewed such fines as “pocket change” and simply “a cost of doing business.”

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone discussed Monday on Countdown with Keith Olbermann the “unusual” decision of a judge to reject settlement Citigroup made with U.S. regulators over its marketing of mortgage securities.

New York federal court judge Jed Rakoff scolded the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for agreeing to a deal that he called inadequate and not in the public interest.

“He came out basically and said that the SEC and Wall Street have been in a wink-wink, nudge-nudge arrangement for years,” Taibbi explained.

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Click the link below for Keith Olbermann’s interview on this issue with Matt Taibbi.


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Keith Olberman Attacks NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg\'s Crackdown on Occupy Wall Street

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Wednesday night slammed the U.S. Supreme Court’s controversial Citizens United decision and supported legislation to overturn it.

Democratic Sens. Tom Udall of New Mexico and Michael Bennet of Colorado introduced a constitutional amendment on Tuesday that would overturn the ruling, which gave corporations and unions the ability to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections.

Sanders told Olbermann he thought passing the constitutional amendment was possible, despite the inevitable opposition from conservatives.

“I think what we are seeing now, through the Occupy movement and other efforts, is a growing anger and frustration with the power of big money in this country. You’re seeing it just the other day, when people actually defeated the biggest financial institution in America, Bank of America, who wanted to impose the $5 debit fee. We beat em.”

“I think right now, whether you’re talking to a Republican or a progressive, people are saying that that Supreme Court decision, Keith, is basically insane,” he said. “Nobody that I know thinks that Exxon Mobil is a person.”

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On his show Tuesday night, Current TV host Keith Olbermann said talk show host David Letterman was “one of the few entertainers who takes the responsibility of nightly or weekly television comedy seriously.”

During Olbermann’s Monday appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman, the two discussed the “Occupy Wall Street” movement for nearly six minutes.

“I love this,” Letterman said. “I love people causing trouble. I love it when stuff doesn’t go the way it’s supposed to go. And largely, this is the only way we get change anymore in this country. As I’ve said a billion times now… some of the great cultural social issues in this country in the last 60, 70 years have begun via protest.”

Olbermann claimed that Letterman deserved credit for the “extraordinary clarity he applies to politics and culture — to bemoan man’s inhumanity to man.”

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