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The Koch brothers want to sue Chicago after city officials ruled their company must build enclosures around the mountains of toxic petroleum coke which are blowing cancer-causing dust through local neighborhoods. Koch Industries claims it would be an “economic hardship” to enclose the waste, but apparently they have millions to sue the city.

Chicago Tribune–Koch Brothers Demand Delays

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As many as 25,000 people marched in New York City Saturday from the offices of Koch Industries to the United Nations to protest a right-wing effort to roll back voting rights. Koch Industries sponsors organizations that work to rollback voting rights. Many supporters of the Democratic Party are poor, which may be why they are being targeted.

NAACP President Benjamin Jealous helped organize the protest. He said, “We’re here today to stand for freedom in front of the U.N., more than 25,000 people from a range of civil rights and religious and labor organizations all outraged about the massive attack on the right to vote in this country. This year we’ve seen more than 30 states attack the right to vote. We’ve seen 268 electoral votes, of the 270 needed to become president, potentially impacted by these laws. Disproportionately in each case, it’s black people and brown people and students who are being impacted.”

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