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Vermont’s GMO labeling law will go into effect on July 1, 2016. The food industry spent tens of millions of dollars to try to stop this, but they apparently have given up the fight.

Last year, the Koch brothers controlled congressional representative, Mike Pompeo, attempted to get congress to pass the DARK Act, otherwise known as the Deny American’s the Right to Know Act, which would have stripped Americans voting rights across the United States when it came to voting on labeling GMO poisons.

Numerous independent studies link GMO’s to tumors, asthma, cancer, allergies, birth defects, deformities, kidney damage, liver damage, and several other maladies. For example, a French study showed that massive tumors began growing in rats fed only GMO foods after only three months. The industry studies, however, show that they only allegedly tested rats up to three months, which makes one wonder how many other tests the industry tried on rats that lasted longer than three months. See http://www.cbsnews.com/news/study-on-genetically-modified-corn-herbicide-and-tumors-reignites-controversy/. One has to wonder why the USDA approved GMO poison for human consumption back in 1996 considering they only looked at industry studies.

The industry studies, however, demonstrate absolute safety to humans, except for the studies that have been leaked to the public. See Cows Fed GMO Corn Died–Organic Authority. Also see A Valuable Reputation–the New Yorker.

For more information, click on the following link. Vermont GMO Labeling Law Going into Effect–Ecowatch

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Support An FDIC Whistleblower

I received the following information from a friend. It’s legit. There is a link below in which you can receive more information.

The letter is from the informant.

“Hi –

I’m an FDIC whistleblower, and I need your support.

My Story:
I work at a major national bank with senior executives in New York City.

I had been asked to book a loan, a multiple million dollar loan, when it was inappropriate to do so. These types of actions are the types of things that gave us the most recent financial crisis. Booking loans to make money. Booking loans to make people look good. Not listening to what others have to say.

I’m hiding my face right now because when I make my disclosure to the bank officials and to the FDIC they will want to surly crush me.

Please help me. I need to hire an attorney to defend me against the bank. Your support help will help, in just little way, reduce the likelihood of the next financial crisis. I ask for your support so I may disclose to the bank at the highest level and to the FDIC the types of malfeasance that I have observed.

Thank you.

Adam Smith”

Click here to view the video and support the FDIC Whistleblower

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It should be pointed out that letting workers earn more money via a higher minimum wage would increase the demand for goods and services, thereby spurring job and wage growth. Demand is the only ingredient that grows jobs and the economy. When money is redistributed to the rich via legislation, such as free trade and privatization scams, or via tax cuts, they simply use their money to purchase more politicians and have them pass legislation that redistributes more income from the 99 to the 1 percent, weakening the demand for goods and services and the economy in the process.

This has been going on for thirty-four years now, and yet Wall Street Senators Ron Wyden, Mitch McConnell and Orrin Hatch, Wall Street President Barack Obama, and Wall Street Congressman John Boehner, want to do more of the same via the Trans Pacific Partnership, another one of those freely trading your income to the one percent treaties, which the Guardian newspaper calls “Nafta on steroids.” Look at the mess these Wall Street toadies have gotten us into during the last three decades, yet they want to do more of the same. This is insanity and total nonsense, and makes it obvious; Corruption in the highest levels of the US government and the US Supreme Court IS THE LAW OF THE LAND. That’s why the game is rigged against the middle class.

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The US senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill several days ago. The bill calls for amnesty for somewhere between eleven and twenty-five million undocumented immigrants in the US, which will be granted over a period of thirteen years. Some of the provisions of the bill include the payment of back taxes, increased border security (such as more fences) and an end to family ties as a determining factor for future immigrants.

The bill looks like it was written by Wall Street and the 1 percent, most likely because it was. Wall Street and the 1 percent derive all the benefits; undocumented immigrants and the rest of the 99 percent will pay the price. The propaganda machines of the proponents of immigration reform, some of which are non-Wall Street, are on the march.

A study released by the Center for American Progress says, “Once they (undocumented immigrants) attain legal status, immigrants will be able to contribute to the increased consumption of goods and services that boosts business sales and raises the earnings of all Americans. They will pay taxes on their higher wages and increase the gross state product (GSP). Additionally, immigrants will be able to use their new legal status by integrating their skill set and education into creating jobs and raising productivity.”

Common sense tells us that once undocumented immigrants receive legal status, they will consume approximately what they consume today. It is possible that with higher wages they will consumer more. That will be offset, however, because the rest of us will be consuming less, according to an analysis of the bill by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO). According to the CBO, everybody’s wages and job opportunities will decline with the deal. That means the impact of immigration reform will have little, or no, or perhaps even negative, net impact on the consumption of goods and services. It could even result in a decline of GNP. How could the consumption of goods and services go up if everybody’s wages and salaries are going down? They can’t and so the claim by the Center for American Progress is patently wrong.

According to the CBO, the senate bill will depress wages of all workers for the next twelve years, “raise the unemployment rate,” and “result in higher interest rates.” Notice the corporate news media hasn’t reported these things to you.

Immigration reform will also push the unemployment rate higher than it would otherwise be through 2031. Currently, the real unemployment is somewhere between 13 and 15 percent, which is higher than the official rate of nearly 8 percent. In other words, the 99 percent is living during a low grade depression and the government intends to increase unemployment. Immigration reform will force more and more people to compete for a smaller number of jobs, and this will drive wages down.

This same process also occurred after the amnesty granted undocumented immigrants in December 1986. Wages immediately began to plummet for the next six years and didn’t recover to their 1986 level until 11 years later.

The CBO also reported, “Capital investment would rise primarily because the return that investors would earn on a given amount of investment would be higher under the legislation than under current law.” The rationale for this is given with economic jargon, but basically it boils down to this; lower wages will increase profit margins, and so members of the 1 percent will purchase more corporate stocks and bonds.

In other words, immigration reform has been written to ensure Wall Street and the 1 percent benefit by pushing down wages, salaries and other compensation and redistributing the difference between the old rates and the new lower rates into the hands of the 1 percent. Nice scam, but it gets worse.  That issue will be taken up in part two.

All the government really has to do is enforce the laws written in 1986, or it could pass out green cards to legalize the undocumented, place them in line for legal immigration status, and when their number comes up, grant them citizenship.  That, however, is too easy, and not all that profitable for Wall Street and the 1 percent.

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The Right to Work means the Right to Work for Less

If wages drift down in Michigan because of the new Right-to-Work-for-Less law, the difference between the old higher wages and the new lower wages will be redistributed into the already fat wallets of the super-rich via higher corporate profits, share prices and dividends. Some of that income will be redistributed to Wall Street CEO’s via higher bonuses and greater fees for stocks and bonds traded. Some of the income will be redistributed into the already fat wallets of other corporate CEOs via pay hikes and bonuses. In other words, right to work for less laws redistribute income upward by pushing wages down.

That redistribution of income means higher poverty rates for the 99 percent.

There is also a redistribution of political power going on here. A labor union is a union of labor. A publicly traded limited liability corporation is a collective of rich person’s money. The owners of that money usually don’t have a clue as to what is being produced by their corporation, but whoever controls that money wields much more political power than any one labor union. Essentially, our democracy is being purchased by a series of communist collectives for rich people, otherwise known as corporations.

The Reagan and Bush tax opened the floodgates of rich people’s money into politics, something that could not be matched by the 99 percent. The ability of the 1 percent to form collectives is at the heart of this matter. The floodgates had been carefully built by FDR, Truman and Eisenhower. Now rich people are using their tax breaks and collectives to break what little political power remains with the 99 percent.

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