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Good question! Why ain’t there no jobs? Let’s see? Wall Street, corporate CEO’s and other rich folks took a bunch and shipped them away, thanks to free trade treaties. But there’s still a ton of jobs in the United States! Right? You can bet your house on that! Oh, my bad. Everybody already did that and they lost their home equity to the rich. On the other hand, we’re all working more and earning less. That’s great for increasing the nation’s productivity, but all the benefits from working more and earning less have gone to the wealthy, mostly via higher corporate profits, rising dividends and enhanced share prices.

That’s why the stock market is such a good way of gauging how well the economy is doing. When it goes up, the 99 percent is worse off, when it goes down, it’s often because the 99 percent is doing a little better. Click on the link below and see how bad working folks have it. That’s why the economy is a rigged game. The results were fixed by your legislators and corporate bigwigs a long time ago.

12 charts from Mother Jones magazine that will make your blood boil

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