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Costco is booming. Profits are up, employee compensation is up, and Costco’s shelves are filled with the future. Every time I shop at Costco, it seems that more and more organic stuff is sitting on the shelves and in the freezers: breads, jams, eggs, chicken, ground beef, and lots of other things.

It’s easy nowadays to hide genetically modified organisms (GMOs), (such as all soy products. Soy is an ingredient in ketchup, mustard and hundreds of other products). GMOs are loaded with  the Bt and Ht toxins, including those labeled “natural.” Shop anywhere and you’ll see this meaningless label. That’s also true at Costco, but it appears that Costco management has decided to go with the future of food, and that’s with safe healthy food called organic.

Many so-called organic stores sell food labeled natural, but which are also filled with GMO poison, such as Whole Foods and New Seasons markets. That’s because GMO ingredients cost less than real natural food, and so enhance the bottom line. In these times of massive amounts of income being redistributed from the 99 to the 1 percent by the government, many people can’t afford to pay higher prices for food. Organic foods cost a little more, but they don’t have the poisons.

There is a difference between real natural and organic foods. Organic growers don’t use pesticides and herbicides. Natural growers use this stuff. Studies show that herbicide and pesticide residuals often remain on natural food in the stores. These things have been found in peoples bodies. For example, the Bt toxin of GMO foods has been found in the uterus of women. It’s difficult, and in some cases, impossible to purge pesticides from your bodies. When a bug bites into a plant loaded with the Bt toxin, the toxin pushes the guts of the bug outward until it explodes.

GMO firms are being sued in Germany because they’ve killed tons of cows fed GMO feed. GMOs are banned in numerous nations throughout the world. They’ve been linked to all kinds of illnesses in rats and humans, such as a massive increase in food allergies among the American people ever since GMOs were allowed by the government to poison the American people.

So here’s to Costco for moving in the right direction. Also, check out the following link for the story on how GMOs are killing the cows in Germany that produce the milk Germans drink. Killing the Cows Whose Milk We Drink–Johnhively.wordpress.com

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A series of lawsuits have been, and are being, brought, against companies labeling their foods “natural,” or all-natural, when they are in fact loaded with GMO ingredients, according to Conan Milner, reporting in the latest issue of Epoch Times.

In July, Naked Juice Co. agreed to pay $9 million to settle a class action lawsuit brought against it for using the “all-natural” on its labels. The products of this company are loaded with Genetically Modified Ingredients. Naked Juice is owned by Pepisco, whose products, such as Pepsi Cola, are loaded with GMO ingredients.

100 percent of studies that are not funded by the producers of GMO products show these things are harmful to human health. As early as 1995, USDA scientists concluded this, as well as concluding GMO will cause allergies.

There’s nothing natural about GMOs. According to Mark Kastel, director of Cereal Crimes, “‘GMOs by definition are not natural, because they’re talking about genetically manipulating a plant, or conceivably an animal, that becomes an organism that’s never existed on this planet before. That doesn’t seem very natural to me.'”

There’s nothing natural about taking a salmon gene and inserting it into a seed that grows into a plant that produces fruit or vegetables. There’s nothing natural about taking a man made toxin, such as Monsanto‘s Bt and Ht toxins, inserting it into seeds plants, and remain in the plant’s fruit when you eat them. What’s natural about that?

One other point needs to be made. Food and dink companies use GMOs because it’s cheaper and more profitable to use these harmful ingredients rather than natural ingredients. Food prices are going up, not down. And yet, the use of GMOs ensures the cost to produce the food is going down. That means profit margins are widening. GMOs are one of the reasons companies like McDonalds are having record profits. In other words, using GMOs is another way for the parasite 1 percent to redistribute income from the 99 percent by simply poisoning us and taking our money in the process.

PS — Normally I would have a link to this story, but I can’t find it. However, it is on the front page of the August 23-29 street edition of Epoch Times.

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