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Arrests as police clear Occupy Boston camp

BOSTON (Reuters) – Police made dozens of arrests early Saturday as they cleared away the remaining Occupy Boston encampment in the city’s financial district in a mostly peaceful action.

Authorities, including more than 100 police officers, swept into the area before sunrise, when many of the campers were asleep, and sealed off the streets. Some 32 men and 14 women, were arrested, mostly for trespassing.

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Occupy Boston Stops Eviction!

Protesters with “Occupy Boston” were still occupying Dewey Square on Friday morning, after the mayor’s deadline for them to leave passed to much fanfare as hundreds flooded into the park to show solidarity with the group.

Mayor Thomas Menino had ordered the protesters to leave the park by midnight or face eviction. So, the majority of them packed up their camp equipment and called for people to come join their “dance party” later Thursday night, then they did just that as police looked on.

The call for support drew about 1,000 people into Dewy Square by midnight, and police ultimately did not move to evict the crowd.

While there were no serious incidents of violence, two were arrested after they moved their tents into a nearby street and blocked traffic in an act of civil disobedience.

The group said they’re planning to hold a general assembly in Dewy Square tonight at 7 p.m.

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Police in Full Riot gear arrest the kitchen sink from Occupy Boston

It is difficult to believe that life has come down to this. When riot police invaded the Occupy Boston encampment on Thursday evening and carried off a kitchen sink that had recently been donated by MIT, the initial reaction was one of outrage.

As described by Brad Johnson at Think Progress, “Police seized the newly donated graywater sink and tossed it into the back of a police wagon, as other police with flex cuffs blocked occupiers. Dozens of motorcycle police arrived. A brief skirmish ensued as some protesters linked arms to block the wagon from leaving. In the ensuing sink seizure chaos, occupier Suzi Pietroluongo was stepped on by a police officer. When the police wagon sped off, the back doors were open and the sink was hanging out.”

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