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After the Republicans shellacked the Democratic Party candidates in the November elections, the Corporate Democratic Establishment appears to have coordinated a series of attacks against the Republican Party, which it should have done a long time ago. So why is the Democratic Establishment doing this now?

The purpose for these attacks may not be to smear Republicans with their gruesome corruption; one can rightly suspect that it is to entice the growing number of grassroots Democrats who have abandoned the party into returning to the polls and voting for candidates of the Wall Street Democratic Party.

One can rightly suspect that the November elections showed the Democratic Establishment that its base was drifting away, and so the establishment is attempting to reestablish its credibility as a party of the people. These are a series of slick public relations stunts to fool its own base into returning to the polls and voting Democratic next time. Since the elections:

1. The Senate Intelligence Committee released its report on the Bush torture system, excoriating the ex-president and his white house advisers as the war criminals thugs they are. Most of us knew this more than ten years ago.

2. The New York Times followed that up with an editorial demanding these people be brought to justice.

The establishment is trying to show its liberal base that there exists a difference between the completely bankrupt Republican Party and itself. In the matter of war crimes, however, there is virtually no difference between the two parties. During the first year of his presidency, President Obama squashed an attempt by a Spanish judge to prosecute war crimes against members of the Bush administration. In addition, if the Democratic Establishment and the Obama administration really wanted to prosecute members of the Bush administration for war crimes, which would include such top dogs as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, the White House could order its justice department to prepare extradition hearings for those accused. Earlier this month, the New York Times reported that the head of the United Nations demanded the USA do precisely this. The Obama administration refuses to follow through despite the fact that the US is a signatory to international law governing war crimes and is required to do this.

3. President Obama signed a so-called executive order granting amnesty to an estimated 5 million undocumented immigrants. The big question here, if the president can constitutionally do this, which is debatable, why then does he not issue an executive order granting amnesty to the other 6 million undocumented immigrants in the USA, or those that cross the border illegally tomorrow or next year? This action, of course, will appeal to Hispanic voters, so the establishment hopes.

4. The president negotiated a treaty with the Chinese curbing CO2 emissions. The Establishment hopes this will appeal to its waning environmental base.

5. The president opened the door to normalize relations with Cuba. The establishment hopes those of the far left, which isn’t very far left of center during this contemporary period, will return to the party.

6. MSNB created a documentary broadcast via Rachel Maddox showing that oil and not weapons of mass destruction was the reason the President George W. Bush pursued war in Iraq. Most knowledgeable people knew this more than ten years ago. This should appeal to the disillusioned anti-war faction that has seen the Obama administration continue to wage war for profits throughout the world.

Here’s what the Establishment doesn’t want the grassroots to see. The problem is that more and more of the grassroots know what’s going on.

1. The Democratic Establishment is trying to pass the greatest income redistribution treaty of all time: the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). If the treaty passes through congress President Obama has promised to sign it. Trillions of dollars of income will be redistributed from the 99 to the 1 percent via this treaty.

The secretive TPP will grant investors of the 0.01 percent special privileges to challenge labeling and health and safety local laws and regulations of the 99 percent; which will effectively eliminate your votes on local and state levels for and against such things (which most people call voter suppression, but in this case it should be called voter elimination), outsource millions of jobs, offer new monopolies for Big Pharma to raise medicine prices they charge you (which redistributes income from the 99 to the 1 percent), limit food safety standards (which redistributes and transforms your health into the profits of the 1 percent), and block financial regulations aimed at preventing the next financial crisis (which will make it easier for Wall Street to redistribute your income and wealth to the 1 percent). It will also kill the remainder of the US textile industry, destroy millions of jobs in Latin America, drive millions of undocumented immigrants into the United States, and depress wages in both North and South America, all to the benefit of the 1 percent, and all at the expense of the 99 percent. And we can’t forget that it will increase the already massive US trade deficit with other nations, which is supposed to be a bad thing. In other words, this scam is the largest income redistribution treaty of all time from the 99 to the 1 percent. It’s an attack on the middle class.

2. President Obama and the Establishment have worked overtime to see that 95 percent of all income growth since 2009 has gone to the 1 percent.

3. The battle over the omnibus spending bill in December 2014 proves an important point.

Referring to the Democratic Party meltdown in allowing a provision sneakily put in the latest budget bill (by corrupt Wall Street Republican Congressman Kevin Yoder of Kansas) that allows Wall Street investment banks to gamble with taxpayer money and expect to be bailed out if their gamble fails, Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone magazine wrote on December 13;

“If the Democrats actually stood for anything other than sounding as progressive as possible without offending their financial backers, then they would do what Republicans always do in these situations: force a shutdown to save their legislation. How many times did Republicans hold the budget hostage to rescue the Bush tax cuts? But the Democrats won’t do that here, because they’re not a real (political) party. They’re a marketing phenomenon, a big chunk of oligarchical”…”single furiously-money-collecting/favor-churning oligarchical Beltway party…cleverly sold to voters as the more reasonable and less nakedly corrupt wing of a two-headed political establishment.”

4. The budget battle of December 2014 proved a particularly gruesome point; both political parties have been totally corrupted by big money unleashed by the Reagan tax cuts, as well as other tax cuts, and the politicians of the US government are absolutely corrupt, with few exceptions, such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, Jeff Merkley, Alan Grayson, and perhaps David Vitter. That’s why the political and economic game is totally rigged against the 99 percent.

5. The White House coordinated the crackdowns on Occupy Wall Street.

The Democrats, exactly like the Republicans, are all about redistributing income and wealth from the 99 to the 1 percent.

That’s why the Democratic base is leaving the Democratic Party because the Party Establishment left the base behind two decades ago, and continues to favor the rich and powerful over working families, just like the Republican Party. In this respect there is no difference between the twin parties of corruption. And no slick public relations campaign is going to keep the grassroots in line.

More and more grassroots Democrats are leaving the rotted ship called the Democratic Party because the Establishment can no longer direct their attention away from economic issues by appealing to social issues, which is what the latest wave of Democratic Establishment actions are intended to do. These actions may be the last gasp of a sinking skip.


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From Huffington Post,

“Strike Debt, a group of anti-debt activists born out of the Occupy Wall Street movement, said it purchased $3.9 million in delinquent private student debt and immediately canceled it.

The debt, which came in the form of unpaid tuition receivables from Everest College, a for-profit school operated by the Corinthian Colleges chain, was purchased in May for about $107,000, the group said. The purchase was funded entirely by donations.

The Rolling Jubilee Fund, a nonprofit formed by Strike Debt with the sole purpose of buying and abolishing debt, canceled an average of nearly $1,400 in debt held by more than 2,700 students. About 99 percent of the unpaid bills were from last year and 2012.”

Student loans are one of the biggest scams that redistribute income from the 99 to the 1 percent, and this scam was developed by, you guessed it, Wall Street schemers. The schemers figured out that Wall Street investment banks could purchase student loans way back in the early nineteen eighties, and then issue bonds to rich investors backed by the student loan payments made by the loan recipients and guaranteed by the federal government. It was easy money. Wall Street hacks took their case to congress and to President Reagan way back then, and bought favors including sharply reducing federal grants to students, forcing them to take out more student loan debt, and enriching rich investors in the process.

Today student loan debt exceeds $1.3 trillion and surpasses the total amount of credit card debt. Student loans are among the most insidious income redistribution scams.

Click the following link to read more on this. Occupy Wall Street buys and cancels student loan debt–Huffington Post

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In a powerful jab against rising income and wealth inequality, on Monday, June 9 2014 the Seattle City Council voted unanimously to enact a city-wide minimum wage of $15 per hour. Thank you Occupy Wall Street for riveting the attention of citizens throughout the world to this madness of enriching the wealthy at the expense of everybody else. Inequality destroys economies and economic opportunities by depressing demand, and it corrupts federal and state politicians, such as Wall Street Senators Ron Wyden, Mitch McConnell, and Orrin Hatch.

Has anybody actually seen a prosperous functioning democracy where the rich own 40-60 percent of everything and steal 20-32 percent of a nation’s annual income? Of course not.

Check out the story from the American Prospect by clicking on the link below.

How Seattle’s $15 Minimum Wage Victory Began in New York City’s Zuccotti Park.

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The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is the largest freely redistributing your income into the pockets of the rich treaty ever signed. It will jack up prices most people pay for pharmaceutical medications, for example. Wall Street Senator’s Ron Wyden, Orrin Hatch, Mitch McConnell and Wall Street President Barack Obama want you to believe that they are redistributing your income and wealth to the rich on your behalf.  The TPP is sitting in congress as we speak, while President Obama is sitting in the White House, anxiously awaiting senate and house approval of the treaty so he can sign the treaty, before more and more Americans realize what a massive “corporate giveaway,” the TPP is, according to US Congressman Keith Ellison. The president wants to fast track this monstrous assault on the American people. Fast track means no debate in congress, just and up and down vote. If there was a debate, word would get out and the American people would be informed as to what the TPP is, even though the so-called corporate press, otherwise and more appropriately known as the corporate propaganda machine, has done its best to keep Americans ignorant of the TPP, which the Guardian newspaper of England calls “NAFTA on Steroids.”

Big Pharma became involved in the negotiations in a big way. 600 corporate lobbyists have been involved in the intensely secret negotiations of the TPP. What has Big Pharma gotten from Obama, Wyden, Hatch, McConnell, not to mention dozens of other Republicans and Democrats, via the TPP?

“It (lobbying) is an investment that appears to have paid off. The TPP is quite friendly to drug manufacturers, strengthening patent exclusivity and providing protections against bulk government purchasing (should it hurt profits). At the behest of the pharmaceutical industry, the U.S. is also pushing to limit the ability of national regulatory agencies to support generic drug development. All of this suggests that the active lobbying has paid off. The result is going to be higher drug prices for the 99 percent, which will be demonstrated with higher Big Pharma profits, which goes to the 1 percent via higher dividends and share prices. Ergo, the TPP is a big income redistribution scam, and not just for Big Pharma. BTW, Big Pharma is already the number one most profitable industry in the United States. Now Wyden and the others want to make it even more profitable, but at your expense.

The more important question is, Why do Hatch, McConnell, Obama, Wyden and many other politicians want you and others around the world to pay for higher drug prices? Oh, that’s right. On the surface it appears that the TPP is all about profits, and Wall Street gains. And that’s true. But it’s even more true that the TPP is about political corruption on the highest levels of government. The current US government has been one of the most corrupt in history, and we’re talking about thirty years of immense political corruption. That’s why the game is rigged against the 99 percent. Wyden is a classic and most obvious example of this corruption.

Now check out the graph below.

Click on the link below for the full story.

How Big Pharma (and others) began lobbying on the Trans-Pacific Partnership before you ever heard of it–The Sunlight Foundation

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Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden was elected to represent the people of Oregon, but he always represents Wall Street and the 1 percent on all matters pertaining to redistributing income from the 99 percent to the 1 percent and to Wall Street. He has a 100 percent voting record on these issues dating all the back to his days as a US congressman, supposedly from Oregon.

Take the case of the most massive income redistribution treaty of all time, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Wyden supports it, just like he supported NAFTA and all other income redistribution treaties falsely labeled free trade agreements. Wyden has for years told Oregonians in town hall meetings that Oregon is heavily reliant on trade, but he always lies.

According to the US Census Bureau, Oregon’s exports represent only 1.2 percent of the US total. This is down from 1.4 percent since Wyden voted for the South Korea, Panama and Colombia treaties. In other words, Oregon’s economy is not nearly as dependent on trade as the senator wants us to believe. And since he’s voted for the most recent treaties, Oregon has lost a net number of jobs because of them, just like it lost a net number of jobs to NAFTA.

Furthermore, Oregon imports 7/10 of one percent of all the goods and services that are imported into the US. So Oregon is not as heavily reliant on imports as the senator would have us believe, and by a wide margin. Five states import and export more than fifty percent of all goods and services; Texas, California, Florida, New York, and Ohio. Oregon is on the opposite end of this spectrum.

So if the statistics show the senator is lying to Oregonians on this issue, then why does he lie? Perhaps it is because he serves the 1 percent. He supports so-called free trade agreements because they redistribute income and wealth from the 99 to the 1 percent, and Wyden has a 100 percent voting record on this issue.

When a job is shipped overseas because the senator voted to make it happen, the difference between the old higher wages in the US and the new lower wages overseas goes into the pockets of the 1 percent via higher corporate profits, surging dividends, and rising share prices. The same is true of jobs that are created overseas, because this could not have occurred in the absence of these corporate trade treaties. Their primary purpose is to redistribute income. Wyden knows this. He is not the dumb dumb little boy he pretends to be at town hall meetings.

The result of Wyden’s policies for the people of Oregon is that the income of the people of Oregon has risen in real terms 13.5 percent from 1977 to 2007. The 1 percent have received over 80 percent of this income growth. That means the income of the 1 percent grew 127 percent over the same decades, while those in the bottom 99 percent received a two percent increase in wages over the same period. The difference is because Wyden supports redistributing income via trade treaties, privatization scams, tax cuts for the rich, and lots more. In other words, Wyden’s polices are enormously successful in redistributing income.

This income maldistribution is bad for Oregon. That means only one thing. Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden has been bad for Oregon.

Income Distribution for the USA and the States of the USA–Economic Policy Institute

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The primary purpose of NAFTA was to lower wages in the United States and Mexico, export US jobs to Mexico, and then take the difference between the old higher wages and the new lower wages and redistribute them to the 1 percent via higher corporate profits, higher dividends and rising share prices. The scam worked like a peach, thanks to the efforts and support of President Bill Clinton and then Wall Street Congressman Ron Wyden.

Wyden’s argument for supporting the treaty, like so many others, was that it would increase US exports to Mexico and therefore create jobs. That was a carefully crafted lie used by supporters of NAFTA, and Wyden knew it. The US had a trade surplus with Mexico before NAFTA, and immediately after the illegal treaty took effect, the US began to develop the massive trade deficit with Mexico that it has today. And the reason? US corporations, many of whom provided congressman and now Senator Wyden with plenty of campaign contributions and perhaps other perks, exported jobs to Mexico, and then exported the products to the United States. (By the way, NAFTA received only 64 percent of the vote in the Senate, but the US Constitution requires 66 percent for a treaty to become legal. Therefore, the implementation of NAFTA is illegal.)

The treaty allowed US corporations to export their government subsidized agricultural products and poultry and devastated Mexico’s large farming community. Other US corporations exported their Chinese, Indian, and Pakistani made clothes and shoes to Mexico and virtually wiped out those industries.

The Mexican poverty rate is about the same as it was before NAFTA, about 52 percent, but that’s not counting the millions of Mexicans that fled to the US illegally since and because of NAFTA. Mexican GNP growth slowed dramatically since NAFTA, which means that NAFTA destroyed any chance that nation had of moving most of its citizens into the middle class.

Now Wall Street Senator Ronnie Wyden and Wall Street President Barack Obama are trying to ram through the latest income redistribution scam in the midst of the worse US economic expansion of the last eighty years. It’s called the Trans Pacific Partnership and involves twelve nations.

The treaty has been written in secret meetings. We only know a few things about the treaty through leaked documents, and none of them are good for the working people of the world because everything in the treaty is designed to redistribute income from the 99 to the 1 percent, via higher medicine prices, for example. Yes, that’s right. This is a trade treaty that is negotiating higher prices for the 99 percent, as well as massive legal protections for the pirates of Wall Street, and that’s why we call him Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden, a keen supporter of the TPP.

Besides the above, the primary purpose of the TPP appears to be to lower wages in the United States, Mexico, and a few other nations, just like NAFTA was designed to do.

Vietnam is a part of the TPP negotiations and that nation has the worst human rights record among the participating nations, and it also has the lowest wage rates.

Expect jobs to be exported from the United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and other participating nations of Latin America to Vietnam. El Salvador is expected to lose over 225 thousand jobs in the textile industry alone if the TPP becomes law. The US is expected to lose around 200 thousand jobs in the same industry. Industry after industry will export jobs from these nations to Vietnam. The result will be millions more unemployed people in Latin America, driving down wage rates there, and driving millions to illegally seek economic refuge in the United States, which will also be suffering from severe job loss, wage declines, and this will result in a weakening of the tax base, and a massive redistribution of income to the tune of hundreds of billions, and perhaps trillions, of dollars a year, from the 99 percent to the 1 percent.

This is what Wall Senators like Ron Wyden, Orrin Hatch, Max Baucus, Mitch McConnell and Wall Street President Barack Obama, and Wall Street Congressmen Earl Blumenauer, David Camp and John Boehner desire the most.

Call your congresspersons, call your senators, let them know you’re opposed to the Trans Pacific Partnership, and that you’re opposed to Fast Tracking it. Fast Track is what is going to be voted on the House of Representative soon. If congress votes for fast track, it means little debate will be allowed on the TPP, no revisions can be made, and there’s only a straight up or down vote. Fast track is simply another way for criminal congress people to pass a secret treaty they don’t want you to know about.

Check out a similar story below.

Mexicans Regret Twenty Years of NAFTA==the Guardian UK

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From Citizen’s Trade Campaign, January 9, 2014

Words in parenthesis are mine.

Earlier today, Representative Dave Camp (R-MI) and Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) introduced “Fast Track” legislation that would enable the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other free trade agreements (Income Redistribution Treaties) to be signed by the White House before the public gets to see them, and then rushed through Congress circumventing ordinary review, amendment and debate procedures.

Please ensure that the Camp-Baucus “Fast Track” bill is dead on arrival by writing your Members of Congress now.

Literally millions of people throughout the world have complained about the extreme secrecy of the TPP negotiations. They’ve argued that the public desrves the right to know what is being proposed in our names for a twelve-nation pact that will set rules governing an estimated 40% of the global economy — rules that not only dictate tariff levels, but also energy and environmental policy, medicine patents, financial regulations, “Buy Local” preferences, food safety, consumer labelling and more.

While the public has been shut out of the TPP negotiating process, hundreds of corporate lobbyists — representing companies like Walmart, Cargill and Chevron — have had access to the texts. This double-standard has assured that the TPP has been written in corporations’ interests, with little regard for working families, the environment or public health.

Now Representative Camp and Senator Baucus want even Congress to give up its constitutional authority to assure that trade agreement provisions are written in the best interests of the constituents they serve. Tell Congress to oppose this outrageously undemocratic manuevering and demand real oversight over the TPP.

Together, we can defeat this outdated, Nixon-era policymaking process. Thanks to your efforts, last year, over three-quarters of House Democrats and a good number of Republicans signed letters voicing their opposition to Fast Track. We need to encourage those Congresspeople to stay strong in what is certain to be an onslaught of corporate lobbying, and we need to demand that the others side with constituents over Wall Street and the Business Roundtable.

Unfortunately, corporate lobbyists are already on the attack in support of this awful bill. They’re pressing for Fast Track hard, hoping to get their ducks in a row for a quick vote. We need your help ensuring that Congress understands that the Fast Track vote is a priority.

TAKE ACTION: Urge Congress to vote against the Camp-Baucus “Fast Track” legislation.

From me.

One final word needs to be said about President Obama’s war against the middle class. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is his treaty, and besides everything outlined above, this treaty will also redistribute massive amounts of income from the 99 to the 1 percent, in the United States and outside. It will drive millions of Latin Americans out of the textile industry and into the US illegally, also increase the exportation of jobs from the USA, and the difference between the old higher US wages and the new lower wages overseas will go into the pockets of the super rich, thereby destroying much of our tax bases for schools, medicare and other social safety net programs.

Why are our schools destitute for money? The answer is simple. Free corporate income redistribution treaties from NAFTA to CAFTA and the TPP, have redistributed our middle class incomes to the rich, and that means our tax bases have been redistributed to the 1 percent as well. The TPP will only make things worst for schools.

The treaty will also undo what little Wall Street regulation there is, and tie the hands of any future president who might want to regulate the pirates of Wall Street in the future.

The US and probably the world is heading for the worst Great Depression in 80 years, and probably worse than the one in the 1930s. The TPP will only make it worst. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that Wall Street Senator Ron Wyden supports the TPP and Fast Track? Oh, that’s right! He’s Wall Street’s senator!

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This holiday season, buy the perfect gift for that loved one who took a stand against America’s plutocracy: a large print of the Occupy encampment at Zuccotti Park. The poster is “printed on Premium Heavy Stock Paper which captures all of the vivid…

Click on Wal-Mart Monetizes the Occupy Movement for the complete story.

Wal-Mart Monetizes the Occupy Movement (via Moyers & Company)

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Contrary to reports of its demise, the Occupy movement is alive and well. Occupy still protests the rule of the 1 percent, and its parasitic qualities vis-a-vis the 99 percent.

Conservatives railed against the video below. Glen Beck and others claimed that Occupy members worship a golden bull, not understanding the sarcasm and the corporate logos  that adorned the bull. In fact, Occupy members used the video to mock Beck and others who worship the almighty dollar and their corporate masters.

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The US government used the illegal spying on American citizens by the National Security Agency (NSA) to coordinate the attacks by local law enforcement on the Wall Street encampments. President Obama had to have given his okay to this. A new study is out from the Center for Media and Democracy, “Dissent or Terror: How the Nation’s Counter Terrorism Apparatus, in Partnership with Corporate America, Turned on Occupy Wall Street.”

It is highly likely that the US government, with the blessings of Obama, also coordinated the corporate media blitz that smeared the Occupy Wall Street movement, which conveniently and immediately proceeded the government crackdown on constitutionally legal civil dissent. You remember those smears. The occupiers were homeless, drug addicted, thugs, committing petty crimes that focused on the businesses near the Occupy camps. Sure, some of that probably happened, but most of it were outright lies and the editors of these publications knew this, but still reported it as if were everyday facts.

The question is why was there a crackdown against Occupy, why was Occupy viewed as such a threat to national security, and the answer is simple. Occupy thrust the nation’s spotlight on the economic problems of the United States and, especially, the unpunished crimes of Wall Street.

Income had been massively redistributed by government legislation from the 99 to the 1 percent over the last thirty years. The 1 percent currently steal about 32 percent of all the income produced in the USA, compared to roughly 8 percent in 1980. Wealth, which is assets, followed suit. That process continues today. At current rates, the 1 percent should be stealing about 40 percent of the nation’s total income in less than 10 years.

Wall Street’s crimes include massive amounts of fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, and stuff like that. And not a soul on Wall Street has been charged with a crime.

As income has been redistributed over the last thirty-three years to the 1 percent, the 99 percent has less and less money to spend on goods and services. The 1 percent use their money to do things like, buy politicians, buy stocks, buy bonds, rig the housing market so that home prices go up, bid up the prices of goods on the futures markets (which we pay for in the form of inflation, which is another income redistribution scam), and stuff like that. In effect, many of the items purchased by the 1 percent are used to redistribute income from the 99 percent to themselves. These folks are largely parasites, sucking the rest of us financially dry.

Demand is slack because of this situation, so jobs are in short supply, and wage and benefits continue to go down.

Occupy was shining a spotlight on these nasty things. The last thing the Obama administration wanted, especially with its close ties to Wall Street and corporate America, was more and more of the 99 percent paying attention to the Occupy movement. So it acted.

As the NSA and other government agencies illegally picked up information on the movement and the people involved in it, the government coordinated a slimy public relations campaign through the corporate propaganda organs, such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the Oregonian newspaper.

Then local law enforcement struck.

Click the links below for greater information on how the NSA was illegally involved in illegally spying on the US citizens involved in the movement. The first link is an overview. The second link is the report.

How the Government Targeted Occupy A new report reveals the U.S. spent millions spying on Occupiers and other anti-corporate activists–In These Times magazine

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